MGA: Chapter 133 – Poisoned

Although the palace that Su Rou was living in was not big, it was very exquisite. The decorations within the palace were quite unique and grand. As fragrance was emitted everywhere in the palace, one could tell that it was the residence of a girl in an instant.

“Young master Chu Feng, please drink some tea. This is fragrant tea of the highest quality and the second lady specially asked me to prepare it for you.” The servant served a pot of tea.


Chu Feng ate quite a bit of food and drank quite a bit of wine in the feast. At that moment, tea was something that Chu Feng needed. The fragrance of the tea was very special and there was an indescribable attraction.

“Ha~~Nice tea.”

Chu Feng finished the cup of tea with one gulp but he still felt thirsty. So, he raised the entire pot of tea and poured it into his mouth. After finishing the entire pot of tea, he still wished for more as he wiped his mouth and said, “Where is the second lady?”

“The second lady said she is waiting for you on the top floor.” The servant smiled and said.

“Oh? I need to go up?” Chu Feng felt that it was a bit strange. Why did she invite him yet not personally welcome him? Instead, he needed to go up himself to find her?

However, after some more careful thinking, Chu Feng could understand it. Although Chu Feng was a guest in the Su family, at the end, Su Rou was an elder in the Azure Dragon School. No matter if it was on the topic of identity or strength, she was above him so it was normal for him to look for Su Rou himself.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng started walk up the stairs. The servant smiled strangely, closed the door to the palace and silently left that area.

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