Chapter 97 – Predictable

Following that, something even more bizarre happened. After Miss Shui Jing dodged the 5 spikes, she immediately raised her right hand, bringing it to her right side. Facing a slightly downwards direction, she condensed a two feet thick water shield.

Just when the water shield was formed, a few chopstick-sized earth projectiles shot out from the ground where her right hand was facing. This was an extremely strange Earth type spell. Because of its small size, it could be shot out from anywhere from the ground. Although it wasn’t strong, but it could take a person by surprise and was hard to defend against. But today, the moment the spikes shot out from the ground, it was immediately blocked. This was just too bizarre.

You have to know, under normal circumstances, a spell like the water shield which could only defend against a single direction was usually cast only after the direction of the attack was determined. But today, in the eyes of everyone, Miss Shui Jing cast the water shield first before waiting for the spikes. It was as though she already knew that the spikes would come out from that direction.

If it was only these 2 incidents, it could still be passed off as a coincidence. But following that, Miss Shui Jing let everybody understand that it was not merely a coincidence. This is because, every time she dodged or defended, she was always a step ahead. Such a scenario was as though she was able to read the opponent’s mind.

In these circumstances, despite the countless number of strong spells: spikes, traps and falling rocks, Miss Shui Jing still dodged it with ease. She did not seem like she was dealing with a ferocious attack at all, it seemed as though she was taking a relaxed stroll!

Seeing this scene, not only were the XianTian cultivators in the surrounding compound stunned. Even the JinDan cultivator’s face began to change. As for the Earth magic cultivator, his face was completely colourless and could not believe that this was happening at all.

Seeing this scene, Little Fatty was also stunned and thought to himself, ‘Don’t tell me this girl is not strong because of her spells but her ability to predict the future?’

Just at this moment, Miss Shui Jing smiled gently and said, “Senior brother be careful, I’m going to make my move!”

As the Earth cultivator heard that, he was immediately startled. He immediately stopped all his attacks and focused completely on defence. After that round of intense attacks, a large amount of his spiritual Qi was already exhausted. However, he was completely unable to even trouble the other party, which shook his spirit completely. Thus, he was extremely cautious at this moment and took out all of his abilities to defend.

As for Miss Shui Jing, it was as though she was not in a rush to attack, but oddly giving the opponent time to catch his breath and adjust. Only after he was done preparing did she wave her right hand. Seven fist sized water balls were condensed in mid-air, and with a push, she shouted softly, “Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon!”

Following her soft voice, the seven water balls became seven streaks of lights and smashed towards the opponent extremely quickly, following a predetermined path.

Seeing this, everyone in the surrounding was immediately stunned. They were not stunned by how strong her attack was, but the opposite, how simple her attack was.

You have to know, Water-type spells were not known for their offensive abilities. Plus its attribute of being soft, it was extremely difficult to achieve a strong attack. As such, strong Water-type spells usually too the shape of a water dragon, water wall, which would easily require thousands of catties of water. As for such a small water ball, although it was compressed by a special method, the might of it wasn’t great. At best, it would only have the might to smash apart a normal hill.

However, her opponent was protected by the Earth Divine Armour which was without flaw. You have to know, the defensive abilities of the Earth Divine Armour was extremely high. Plus, together with the fact that Earth suppresses Water, it would probably take a few hundred of these water balls in order to break his defence. But, Miss Shui Jing only made seven of them. What use would that be? It would not even tickle him!

Even the Earth cultivator did not understand what she was doing and thought that Miss Shui Jing intentionally went easy on him! Thus, he did not dodge and just stood there to receive the blow.

In the end, the seven water balls successfully smashed into the Earth Divine Armour. After a not very intense exchange, all the water balls were smashed and turned into water droplets.

However, a shocking event happened at this moment. What was said to be the strongest spell in defence, the Earth Divine Armour, completely dissipated following the collision.

At the same time, Miss Shui Jing’s right hand activated another spell. All the water droplets which came from the previously smashed apart globes gathered to form a head sized water ball and smashed towards her opponent.

Because of the short distance, he did not even have the chance to react to having the water ball smash right into his nose.

You have to know, this is not an ordinary water ball, but one condensed from a spell. It was strong enough to smash apart rocks. Even though a cultivator’s head was much stronger than an ordinary person, a magic cultivator was not a bodily cultivator. The head could not compare to the hardness of a rock. Thus, if this attack were to hit squarely, even if he did not die, he would become a vegetable.

Thus, when the water ball arrived, he was completely scared stiff. He trembled as he thought how his future would be finished! However, the water ball stopped at the last minute when it was half an inch away from his nose. The wind generated from the stopping of the water ball mussed up his hair and woke him up from his shock.

Seeing the water ball which was so near to him, and his pathetic expression in the reflection, this Earth cultivator had the feeling that he just escaped death.

Following which, Miss Shui Jing kept the spell and the water ball landed on the floor, returning to a puddle of water and slowly seeping back into the ground.

Only until now did the Earth cultivator finally understand that he had lost! He had lost from the start to the end. Without any suspense, without any doubt, he lost convincingly!

He was also a righteous person, plus, Miss Shui Jing had already shown mercy. He would naturally not try to deny it either. Thus, he laughed bitterly and cupped his hands to Miss Shui Jing and said, “Thank you for showing mercy, I am convinced about my loss!”

“Senior brother is too kind, you went easy on me!” Miss Shui Jing replied calmly. It was as though she was entirely unconcerned about this victory. After the pleasantries, she flew away on her sword. From the start to the end, she did not utter anything unnecessary and did everything swiftly and naturally! It inevitably fascinated everybody!

Only after they saw Miss Shui Jing leave did everyone react as they started discussing what just happened.

“Does anyone know what happened? Why could seven ordinary water balls break the Earth Divine Armour?”

“Don’t tell me that he was only putting up a strong front, and the Earth Divine Armour was only a hoax?”

“That’s not possible, the spiritual Qi on his Earth Divine Armour was extremely thick. He had definitely trained tirelessly in it, it could not be faked. However, was Miss Shui Jing’s water ball hiding any form of killing technique?”

“I’ve used my spiritual sense to investigate it, it was only an ordinary water ball which isn’t very strong. No matter what, it should not have broken the Earth Divine Armour!”

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