Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82: Soul Envoy (Part ½)
Luo Nan did not dare to make a move. His entire body was frozen like a block of wood.
But he couldn’t just stay frozen for it wasn’t just his forehead. He felt a tearing sensation come from the flesh of his scalp, cheeks, shoulder, back and many other places. And the sensation continued to spread.
It was as if his body had suddenly turned into a thin bag filled with blades. Just the slightest movement would cause a myriad of blades to pierce his body as a result.
His body and soul were gravely out of harmony!
Luo Nan’s insight and knowledge had made great progress. He was able to capture the root of his troubles in an instant. He recalled having heard He Yueyin mention his critical issue of his mind and fleshly body being unbalanced and overspecialized. It was only a conceptual understanding at the time, now he had experienced it personally at last.
His soul and fleshly body were from the same source, merged as one body. Energy and information intercommunicated and interoperated in a synchronized operation. There was a natural, relative, and harmonic tempo. Even if something somewhere may overstep its bounds, it had been still possible to adjust it back in range.
But then the strength of Luo Nan’s soul had received the gains of two altars in a row within the span of a night, increasing his strength greatly. He also understood the mysteries of soul breathing. The corresponding operation of energy and information was simply a transformation. And this transformation was rapidly fed back into his fleshly body upon uniting the two as one.
It was good that the strength of his soul had increased and soul breathing was something even better. Soul breathing gave the current Luo Nan the ability to interfere with the material and mental plane, the ability to utilize the operation of energy and information to the highest effect.
The problem was as follows: The foundation for body and soul were different when all was said and done.
It could be seen from the Tower of Babel of the Dynamo Core. The soul, this thing, was pretty much a structure that was the combination of energy and information. It just needed a fundamental framework to operate under and things would be good. It didn’t matter how complicated the adjustments were, often times only a thought was needed.
But the fleshly body was limited to basic matter. Every functional system, organ, and tissue had different carrying capacity, tolerance, and etc. To transmit energy and information would require the use of various chemical carriers. This was an extremely complicated comprehensive system.
Luo Nan had started with his nervous system. He had used all sorts of nerve drugs to roam along the line between life and death. He used a full five years to modify the structure of his body and barely reach the needs of the format “My heart’s a prison”.
How would it be possible for him to catch up to a new tempo with soul breathing within a second?
Only through contrast could one see the difference. Right now Luo Nan could see where Rui Wen’s godlike talent lay. She didn’t look particularly strong, but she was able to catch up and adjust to the changes to her soul tempo from beginning to end. It didn’t matter how extreme the circumstances, she was able to maintain it. This was a function that far exceeded what ordinary people could do.
Envy was pointless right now. That one instant only lacerated his muscle, so Luo Nan should be rejoicing. If it was his weak and susceptible nervous system, if something went wrong with his hormone system, the system of his body would likely crash on the spot. Or unpredictable changes in development would occur.
Rejoicing was also useless. If the situation were to continue, Luo Nan’s worries would have an enormous probability of coming true.
“Hello, little Nan. Lost in thought?”
Mr. Bai’s void transmitted over the HexaEar, making Luo Nan recall that “he” was by Mr. Bai’s side heading towards the hospital. They could see the building of the hospital by now.
Luo Nan let go of the head-aching matters over here for the time being. He had already thought of an excuse: “There seems to be a response with my main body……”
“That’s great!” Mr. Bai was a bit surprised, but he was very happy, “This shows that the connection between your soul and body is extremely close. We can eliminate many issues. Come. Let’s strike while the iron’s hot.”
Mr. Bai opened the car window upon speaking, indicating to Ink to fly outside: “Go back to your main body right now. See if you can do it. I’m going to greet the contacts of the Society within the hospital and get a temporary identity. We can talk openly later and keep in touch in the future.
This was all within Luo Nan’s expectations. He gave Mr. Bai a word of thanks on the spot and spurred Ink to flap its wings and soar towards the direction of the hospital.
Ink found Luo Nan’s ward quite accurately, stopping outside the window. Then he gave Mr. Bai the good news two seconds later: “There are no problems on my end anymore!”
And so, the entire show went flawlessly…… If one were to ignore the huge problem with the imbalance between his body and soul.
Mr. Bai chuckled in laughter: “It’s best that it was a false alarm. Right now it’s already past midnight. You should rest, recuperate for a bit. Let us meet again during the early morning rounds. You should call me by Professor Bai with a yell at that time.”
Luo Nan really wanted to ask this authority on soul science for guidance on this issue with his soul body imbalance. But his show had developed to this degree. Some words were truly hard to speak.
In the end, he was an introvert. He had already responded automatically after a moment’s hesitation: “Okay. Thank-you Mr. Bai.”
The communications between the two were ended for now. Luo Nan then made a call with He Yueyin and Crag Burst to ease their worries. He focused his attention back on his own body after a round of notifying. The lacerating sensation in his muscles had spread a step further.
This was something that could be concretely felt. If the pain nerves of his inner organs didn’t have this situation, there wouldn’t be anything to describe.
Luo Nan sighed a breath. He had to act very carefully when performing this mere action. Otherwise, something else somewhere else would be lacerated within him. Obviously, this couldn’t go on. He was paralyzed. He was super paralyzed……
What did that moment’s hesitation cost him in the end!?
Luo Nan felt that he had committed his own folly. In the end, he wasn’t a genuine idiot who stubbornly assisted on his own ideas. He knew that he absolutely couldn’t be stupid under these circumstances. He had to go contact Mr. Bai again at once.
But then the Wraith Sign’s information was sent back from the nightclub several kilometers away at this moment. There was a change in the situation there. The Bloodflame Order’s Mo Lun had ordered the Human-Faced Arachnid into action.
This was not the original Human-Faced Arachnid. Right now only a shell remained of the method the Bloodflame Order instilled on the arachnid. It made the Wraith Sign, who was lacking intelligence, have some difficulties understanding Mo Lun’s intentions.
Luo Nan sighed again. His soul went out of his body, temporarily casting off the restrictions of his fleshly body. He went all out to respond to the change in circumstances there yonder.
Luo Nan had an approximate understanding of the situation through the Wraith Sign. Mo Lun had ordered the Human-Faced Arachnid because two soul envoys had arrived.
Mo Lun didn’t know that the ability user society had no intention of continuing their hunt for him. He still conducted evacuation plan in accordance with the secret order.
The so-called soul envoys looked to be a young man and a young woman who liked to have fun. They were now mingling in the nightclub with its great number of people. They didn’t look out of place at all.
But this pair, after entering into the room where Mo Lun and the Human-Faced Arachnid were at and verifying their locations, immediately kneeled to the ground and prayed in silence, even though they could not see anything on the mental plane.
The two people’s bodies swayed inexplicably during their prayer. They went dazed, immediately falling to the ground, losing all consciousness.
Luo Nan saw this very clearly. The moment they went into a coma, all conscious activity was lost. Right now the man and woman on the ground were just two empty shells of flesh. Or perhaps one could say “two vessels”.
Mo Lun’s plans so far were absolutely clear.
As expected, Mo Lun then “controlled” the Wraith Sign to have it enter the body of the female soul envoy, borrowing the air of life to mask the arachnid to the largest degree.
As for Mo Lun himself, he threw himself into the fleshly body of the male soul envoy without any restraint at all. The male soul envoy was unconscious, his body still in shock to the point of collapsing on the ground in weakness. A fine bloody hole split open at his temples. The surrounding veins pulsed and throbbed.

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