Chapter 37 – Preparation

“Titan’s Fury?”
Calron whispered as he heard the name.
“Yes, it is the first domain ability of the Blood Legacy. It will create a special area around you that will trigger a mental suppression of any enemies within that area, and boost your physical strength by a certain factor!”
Elias calmly stated towards Calron.
“Wow! Master, I want it as well!”
Fatty exclaimed as he heard the impressive ability of the domain.
Turning his gaze towards Fatty, Elias strictly said.
“Roran, this domain is not something that either of you can handle right now. Although by some stroke of luck, Calron was able to break through the seal placed on the third step, but under no circumstances are you allowed to activate it. Is that clear, Calron?”
Seeing the firm look on his Master’s face, Calron visibly gulped and responded.
“This disciple understands, Master!”
“Eh? But why can’t he activate it? It sounds so awesome!”
Fatty ignored the look on Elias’s face and continued complaining.
Realizing that he had just taken on a troublesome new disciple, Elias answered with a soft sigh.
“It’s true that the domain will boost your physical strength, and at the early stages, it will increase your power by at least two times, but at its peak, the domain will increase your power by over ten times your original strength!”
Elias stated with a fierce fire in his eyes. Just as Fatty was about to interrupt, Elias forcibly continued.
“However, it comes at a price. The domain will consume your own blood as soon as you ignite it and the longer you keep it activated, the faster it will consume your blood. Although the Blood Legacy gives you an extraordinary regenerative ability, if it can’t recover enough blood, I don’t think I need to tell you what would happen next.”
Both boys shuddered as they thought of this ability that could directly consume one’s blood!
Seeing the pale looks on the faces of his disciples, Elias shook his head and continued.
“I did not think I would have to talk about this domain this early… logically speaking, Calron should not have been able to break that seal, as it requires the strength of a Vajra stage expert or above! Once you’re at the Vajra stage, your body would have naturally been able to endure the physical strain of the domain without endangering your life.”
Hearing those words, Calron asked a question.
“Master, I thought the domain only consumed blood? It puts strain on the body as well?”
“Calron, the blood in your body is the essence of life. It sustains your muscles, bones, and your entire existence. If your blood were to slowly drain away, it will affect your physical condition as well! However, if your body was already strong to begin with, you could endure the strain of the blood loss caused by the domain.”
Nodding his head at the response, Calron sincerely replied to Elias.
“Master, unless I’m in a dire situation, I promise I will not activate the domain.”
Knowing that was going to be the best he would get, Elias sighed in resignation.
“Hmm, Master can I also ask you a question?”
Fatty interrupted for the second time with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
Seeing the boy’s expression, Elias slightly hesitated, but he knew the boy would not give up until he got his way, so he nodded his head in consent.
“Since I still have a long time until I can break the third seal, big brother will get to enjoy the domain way ahead of me! I only request that my most esteemed Master to show this poor disciple what the domain looks like!”
Fatty finished with an elaborate thump to his chest.
Meanwhile Calron sighed as he shook his head at Fatty’s idiocy.
This kid… He’s already learnt to manipulate people with flattery and praises!
Elias slowly smiled as he pondered these thoughts within his mind.
“Interesting proposition… I have a better idea. I will show you the domain once you master the Formless Fist. I think Calron only took a few days to perfect it, so it shouldn’t take too long for you as well.”
Elias said with a twinkle in his eyes and gave a discreet wink to Calron.
Hearing Elias’s words, Fatty sulked at his failed plans and muttered to himself.
As if suddenly remembering something, Elias interjected.
“I almost forgot! You both will have the Ranking Tournament coming up in a few months, so you need to prepare immediately!”
“Huh? I heard about a tournament for the disciples before, but do we have to participate? I don’t think I can win against the other disciples without using the Blood Legacy or the Azure Lightning… ”
Calron abruptly exclaimed.
Calron had learnt from the recent fight with Chax that it would be extremely difficult to win with merely his physical body. Although Calron had a much stronger constitution than others his age, compared to the immense power other’s elements provided, there was not much of an advantage.
However, things would be completely different if he could use either the Azure Lightning or the Blood Legacy. Within Calron’s entire generation, none would be able to contend with him if he used his true strength!
“Hmm, I think it would be fine if you use the Blood Legacy just a little bit.”
Elias said with a slight upturning of his lips.
“You mean… ”
Calron dumbly stared at his Master!
Was Elias really letting him use his true strength?
“Don’t get me wrong, you are still not allowed to use your complete strength, but I will permit you to use just the Formless Fist. With the current level of control you have over the source energy, I assume you will be able to not leak any more than you should?”
Elias inquired with a raise of his eyebrow.
“YES! I mean, I will follow your instructions, Master”
Calron excitedly shouted before regaining his composure.
Calron could not believe that his Master was actually letting him use the Blood Legacy in front of others! Although he was only permitted to use the Formless Fist, it would still be unmatched against the other disciples his age!
A low stomach growl resounded in the area.
Both Elias and Calron turned towards the source of the sound.
An embarrassed Fatty stood there while furiously blushing.
“What? I haven’t eaten for a few hours and you guys have been continuously talking without involving me, so of course I got hungry! Stop staring!”
Not understanding how their talking would make Fatty hungry, both Elias and Calron let out a combined sigh at the same time and shook their heads.
“Hey! Stop doing that… it’s freaky!”
Both Calron and Elias burst into laughter upon seeing the expression on Fatty’s face.
After a few minutes of bickering back and forth, Calron and Fatty were finally interrupted by Elias.
“You boys should go get lunch before all the food disappears. Oh, by the way Calron!”
Elias shouted just as the boys were about to leave.
“Yes, Master?”
Calron curiously responded.
“We will begin your training in the Blood Mist Step in a few days, so come prepared.”
With that, Elias turned around and quietly entered his hut, leaving behind a stunned Calron.
“Big brother, what’s the Blood Mist Step?”
Fatty questioned as he poked Calron on the shoulder.
“Ah? Fatty, if the Titan’s Fury is the third layer of the Blood Arts, what do you think the second layer is?”
Calron faintly voiced his words.
“You mean…”
“Yes, the second layer is known as the Blood Mist Step!”
Calron confirmed to the astonished Fatty.
“This is so unfair, why does big brother get all the cool stuff!”
As Fatty whined, Calron grabbed him by the arm and started to drag him towards the gathering hall for lunch.
The whole way there, Fatty tried to glean some information as to what the Blood Mist Step was, but Calron simply evaded all his questions and told him to be quiet.
Just as the two boys were walking towards the hall, the nearby disciples all gaped at Calron and Fatty.
Feeling uncomfortable with all the stares, Fatty whispered to Calron next to him.
“Hehe, big brother, it seems you got really famous in a few days!”
What Fatty had not realized was that the disciples were not staring at Calron, but instead were gaping at Fatty himself!
Fatty completely forgot the drastic physical changes he underwent during the Blood Legacy’s transformation!
“You idiot! Look at your current body! The one they’re all staring at is you!”
Calron whispered back, as he smacked Fatty on the back of his head.

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