Chapter 34 – Secret Unveiled

An azure bolt of lightning pierced through Elias’s hand with almost no resistance, causing the elderly man to be greatly shocked!
Elias knew exactly how tough his body was, and for a third rank cultivator to   pierce his skin so easily, he gawked at the Azure Lightning in wonder.
Meanwhile, Fatty felt similarly, but he seemed to be a lot more confused than shocked.
“Huh? What is this blue stuff? I thought big brother’s lightning was gold?”
Just as Fatty was curiously wondering, an agonizing groan was emitted from Calron’s mouth.
“Master! What is wrong with big brother?”
Fatty wanted to go near Calron, but each time he tried to, an azure bolt would violently attack him. Unknowingly, Fatty felt an instinctual fear whenever the azure lightning drew close to him.
Ever since he had met Calron, Fatty had the impression that his perception of the whole world seemed to turn completely upside down! Fatty had felt that mysterious aura around Calron from the very first day he gazed upon him, but it was only after seeing Calron reveal his Martial Arts, that Fatty realized the truth about his new big brother.
Watching that berserk azure lightning around Calron, Fatty did not know what to think anymore. Let alone the fact that he had never heard or seen an element like Calron’s, it was obvious that a normal lightning bolt of an elementalist was nothing compared to the aura of the vicious azure lightning crackling around Calron.
“Calm down, Roran. That thing is protecting him, so it shouldn’t be the one causing pain to Calron. Let’s wait for while, and if things get worse, I have a final last resort.”
Elias softly stated in a solemn voice.
Fatty did not know what his Master’s last resort was, but he could guess from his tone that it would not be pleasant.
Elias forced his racing heart to calm down and tried to keep the intense shock he felt from showing on his face.
Agatha was one of the weaker continents in the vast lands. Here, Heavenly stage experts were treated like Gods and exalted beings, while they were only the most common of cultivators in the other continents!
Unlike Fatty, Elias had travelled to other continents besides Agatha and had a lot more experience of the world outside, so how could he not know about the special elements that existed under the heavens!
These were children blessed by the laws of the world, and each one would grow up to become an emperor among humans! Only the most sacred and exalted families gave birth to these children, as the blessing of the heavens was an inheritance of blood, and not luck!
Elias recalled the stories of people with special bloodlines who awakened to a supreme element, and he could not help but tremble in fear as he realized what trouble it will bring to Calron if this was revealed to the outside world.
The other heaven’s blessed children were born in large powerful clans or sects, but what about Calron? He would have none to protect him, and Elias’s own power was pitiful compared to the might of the large clans and sects!
However, in all his travels, Elias had never heard of a special bloodline existing under the lightning element! Even in the Royal Xurian library, only four types of special bloodlines existed!
Elias finally came to understand some of the mysteries surrounding this eight year old boy, as his godly talent in cultivation and Martial Arts did not befit the limitations of the lightning element. This also explained why the boy was always so hesitant to talk about his rapid breakthrough to the third rank!
Knowing that the boy had been bearing this burden on his small shoulders the entire time, Elias felt a deep sorrowness within his heart. After losing everything and everyone he had, the boy had to force himself to keep more secrets without having anyone to share his burden. As his Master, Elias regretted that he was not able to help his disciple sooner.
Giving a sad smile to the pain-stricken boy on the ground, Elias patiently waited with Fatty for Calron to wake up.
Within Calron’s mind, a wave of raging azure bolts crackled around the bridge as it tried to contain the backlash from the Blood Legacy!
After Calron had touched the second seal, a tsunami of source energy attacked his mind and tried to forcefully extinguish his conscious; however, at the exact moment before the collision, the Azure Lightning burst forth and repelled the violent energy!
Calron cursed in agony at his stupid mistake, as he realized that if he had willed his own source energy to approach the seal, things might have gone differently. The seal on the second step had thought Calron was an intruder and maliciously attacked him.
To break the second seal, his Master had stated that one must balance the source energy completely within the body and then slowly peel away the seal, but Calron had foolishly rushed into it without thinking.
If not for the Azure Lightning stepping in at the correct moment, Calron’s mind would probably have disintegrated!
Gazing at the surge of lightning crackling around the bridge, Calron felt intense gratitude for the Azure Lightning. He did not know why it chose him or even what it was, but each time he was in a life-threatening situation, the Azure Lightning would always protect him.
After gathering his will and focusing his thoughts, Calron slowly drew the source energy to his body and circulated it with a perfect balance of power! Within the realm of the Blood Legacy, this control seemed to come easier to Calron than outside.
Calming his breath, Calron then directed his source energy to strike the second seal!
As he barraged the seal with his source energy, Calron felt the symbols on the second step slowly erode away as a glimmer of mist rose from it.
That mist appeared oddly familiar to him, and after Calron scrutinized it in more detail, he was stunned!
It was the same exact crimson mist that exuded from his palms when he attacked Fatty today!
Intently focusing on breaking the seal, Calron once again increased the intensity of his source energy and rushed into the seal.
However, after a while, Calron started to feel tired and mentally drained. Calron’s mind was already exhausted from the seal’s initial onslaught against him, and with the second seal increasing its pressure on him, a trace of despair started to grow within Calron’s heart.
Just as he felt that all hope was lost, a torrent of azure lightning crackled around him and suddenly merged with his source energy!
The lightning appeared to be almost absorbing the source energy, as its body got thicker and thicker by the second. The core of the lightning bolt was still an azure color, but the entire outside was now a thick blood colored lightning.
It was clear that the lightning had not completely merged with the source energy, but even the small amount of their fusion radiated an immense surge of brutal power!
Right then, the new Azure-Crimson Lightning fiercely crashed into the second seal and pierced straight through the symbols!
It was as if the seal had not resisted in the slightest, and willingly surrendered itself to the savage lightning in front of it.
After a moment, the second step faintly emitted an azure glow similar to the rest of the bridge, and after the glow brightly flashed for a brief second, it returned back to normal. The bridge now had two steps under its control as the rest of the steps remained dull and lackluster.
As soon as the seal was broken, Calron felt the second step quiver for a moment and suddenly it released a dense blood colored mist!
The mist slowly floated around the step for a while before finally swarming into Calron’s body.
Calron did not resist in the slightest, as he knew that this was part of the Second Layer of the Blood Arts. As the final wisp of the mist entered Calron’s body, he felt a sense of familiarity with it and slowly he absorbed flashes of information on what the mist truly was!
It was a movement type skill called the Blood Mist Step!
This skill would let the user drift similar to a mist and prevent enemies from grabbing the user’s real body! It was incomparably swift and would leave a trace of the blood mist whenever the user moved from one place to another.
Once mastered, The Blood Mist Step would actually make the physical body of the user explode in a smoke of crimson mist and reform the body within a few seconds!
Although it was not teleportation, its speed was almost comparable to it!
Turning his attention back to the scene in front of him, Calron knew his hands were shaking from anxiety!
Watching the source energy revolve around the Azure Lightning, Calron felt his heart trembling from the pressure it currently emitted. Calron realized that if he called back the lightning into his body right now, it would utterly destroy him!
The current power of the lightning was not something a third rank cultivator like Calron could safely handle. He was just glad that the lightning was his protector and not his enemy.
After seeing the second seal break, Calron should have been elated, but the next scene shocked him even further. It seemed as if his soul would collapse from the constant jolts he felt today, but Calron just reaffirmed his determination to survive this obstacle.
The Azure-Crimson Lightning wildly roared within the source pool as a savage aura suddenly burst from its surroundings! Even the bridge seemed to quiver under its might.
Calron felt his mouth drying up, as he suddenly realized what the lightning was about to do.
With a final explosion of thunder, the Azure-Crimson Lightning thrust directly into the third seal!

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