Chapter 270 – The Top Person Of The Feng Family Part 3

After searching Nangong Zi Feng’s memory, she found the location of that child. Since she was already in the Central Continent, she would bring him back regardless of whether he were related to her and Wu Chen or not.

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly, a cold sneer on her face.

“Nangong Zi Feng, Feng Jing Tian… There really are a lot of obstacles in Wu Chen and I’s path. Even so, I’ll eliminate all of these obstacles and be with him forever!”

Nobody could tear them apart.


Feng Jing Tian hadn’t shown up since the day he’d brought her to the Feng family. Thus, it was a peaceful period which elated Mu Ru Yue who just spent her time cultivating. If she wanted to break the seal, the only method was to break through to the Xiantian Stage.

Perhaps Feng Jing Tian issued an order, as after that maid was chased away nobody came to disturb her again. However, this peace was obviously just temporary.

A familiar aura surged in front of her, causing her to open her eyes abruptly. There before her, a flower-like smile blossomed, one that was filled with charm.

Mu Ru Yue, without any hesitation, punched mercilessly toward this face which was owed a beating. Who knew that before the punch landed, it would easily be caught by him?

“Woman, you’ve been in the Central Region for such a long time now. I’ll bring you out for a stroll.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head away, unwilling to look at this enchanter’s blooming smile. “Not interested.”

“Woman…” Feng Jing Tian’s heart became slightly gloomy. He couldn’t understand why Mu Ru Yue’s coldness made his heart clench suddenly. It felt as though he was going to lose something forever.

If he hadn’t sealed her powers, how else could he have made this woman stay in the Feng family?

“Let’s go out!”

Feng Jing Tian’s handsome face inched closer toward Mu Ru Yue. His large hands then gripped her shoulders. He had an amiable smile on his enchantingly perfect face.

Feng Jing Tian, the successor of the Feng family, was showing such a gentle smile to a young girl. If other girls were to know about this, those numerous maidenly hearts would shatter.

He was also being as sweet as syrup…

“Let go of me!” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened, and she said coldly, “I will say this again—I won’t develop any feelings for you. Feng Jing Tian, you will definitely regret what you’ve done.”


Feng Jing Tian smiled bitterly. He didn’t understand it himself. As the heir of the Feng family, what kind of women couldn’t he possess? Since the past, there were always several noble ladies that tried to climb onto his bed… But he just had to fancy such a cold woman. Could this be that so-called masochism?

He couldn’t help but try to get closer to this person who treated him so coldly. Even now that this woman hated him to such an extent…

“Actually, I’ve already regretted.” Feng Jing Tian chuckled bitterly. With a trace of sorrow in his phoenix eyes, he continued, “I, as the eldest young master of the Feng family, can’t make any decision for myself. The only thing I really want control over is my marriage. Even after I met you, I still met with many women, but they were only tools for me to sate my lust. Only you… are the one I want to cherish and protect. If you are unwilling to be my lover, then I will marry you as my wife. I also don’t mind your past. I know you are unwilling to share your husband with others, so I promise you that you’ll be the only woman for me from now on…”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. She just cast an icy look at Feng Jing Tian.

That look made Feng Jing Tian’s heart panic abruptly. Those large hands gripping the young girl’s shoulders started to quiver slightly. He wanted to continue speaking, but he just shut his mouth in the end.


After searching Nangong Zi Feng’s memory, she discovered the location of that child, and since she was in the Central Continent, she would bring him back regardless of whether he was related to her and Wu Chen or not.

Mu Ru Yue slightly lowered her gaze, sneering coldly.

“Nangong Zi Feng, Feng Jing Tian… There really were a lot of obstacles on my and Wu Chen’s path. Even so, I’ll eliminate all the obstacles and be with him forever!”

Nobody would be able to tear them apart.

Miki smiled and said, “Aye~ Miki guarantees it, even if she had to use special means. Eyes narrowed”

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