Chapter 256: Settled

Name: Luo Yuan
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Birthplace: Jiangnan Province, Donghu City (To be confirmed)
Ability: Earth-based unique evolved human, Speed based evolved human (Additional confirmation needed)
Level: 5 (To be confirmed)
Earth-based evolved human
Danger level: A (included in key surveillance target)

The sound of bombings was rumbling outside, while the air was filled with smoke. Mayor Wu remained calm on his seat while meticulously going through the document. The information on the document was too brief and lacked the details he needed. Most of them were described in uncertainties. As a matter of fact, ever since he received the fax in the afternoon, Mayor Wu had been reading this piece of document several times already. He could even memorize the whole thing by now.

Level five, this was a level five evolved human. His secretary was a level four evolved human. Although it was just a level apart, putting the difference of strength aside, there were 10,000 level four evolved people in the entire country, and only 100 to 200 level fives. Such people were indeed rare. Most of them were stationed in the military site, key industrial bases or major mineral areas. He had never seen one in his life.

At that moment, there was a knock on his door.

"Mayor, they are here."

Hearing the secretary’s voice made Mayor Wu rejoice, "Invite them in now!"

He tried his best to calm himself down but there was a sense of urgency and tension in his voice.

The door was opened, a gang of them walked in together along with a thick smell of smoke. The narrow office had now become crowded.

"You guys have come a long way; we didn’t expect any survivors to be still out there. Come sit, please make yourself at home! Little Zhen, make us some tea right now." Mayor Wu stood up, he was smiling while observing the gang.

He did not know which one of them was Luo Yuan, but the latter’s magical vibe made him very recognizable.

He was tall and handsome, with smooth skin. He gave out a clean impression but he was definitely not a pretty boy. In fact, he looked majestic and a tad unapproachable.

Although the office was small, there were two long benches. Luo Yuan sat down and said, "We don’t need tea, we don’t drink that anymore. It would be great if we could have some water instead."

Mayor Wu was open-minded, "Water is still the best, tea leaves nowadays can be tasteless."

Water was then served immediately. Luo Yuan picked up a glass, took a sip and finished it.

Mayor Wu was taken by surprise, as the water was still boiling hot.

Luo Yuan put down the glass and asked, "Let’s be straightforward. There’s something that I don’t understand. As mayor, you should be very busy, especially at this hour. Why did you call us here in the middle of the night? I don’t think all survivors receive the same treatment, do they?"

Luo Yuan had his own speculations, but it was best to be upfront about it and to seek clarification. With his increasing ability, he was more inclined to solve issues right away. His voice was sweet and soft, the pace, tone and manner was just right, yet it exuded a stressful vibe.

Mayor Wu was tense; beads of sweat dotted his forehead. He said immediately, "That’s not true, we have been following you since your arrival, as Mr. Luo’s impressive ability can hardly be ignored. You need to know that this is a high-surveillance district. As such, there are cameras monitoring anytime and anywhere. We have already gotten news even before you came."

"Oh, I see!" Luo Yuan was not surprised at the answer. Once he stepped foot into the reconstruction area, he had already noticed the many unmanned aerial vehicles flying in the sky. At that point, he did feel slightly uncomfortable, as the feeling of being constantly monitored wasn’t exactly his cup of tea.

Meanwhile, the bombing sounds outside did not stop at all, including the wailing and screaming. There was an uproar in a specific area one kilometer away from them, and the ground was shaking. Mayor Wu could not help it anymore, as he begged, "You know how bad it is out there. I hereby represent Desert City to officially ask for Mr Luo’s help!"
"Please call me Luo Yuan. Although I would love to help, but I reckon there’s nothing I can do." Luo Yuan sighed and shook his head, "There are bombings everywhere, I will not risk my life out there, unless you are willing to withdraw your army."
There was a change in Mayor Wu’s facial expression, "This…"

There were bombings all over the place on the battlefield, and it was really unfair to ask such a favor of him. After all, he was only a civilian who had just recently arrived as a survivor. It was too much to ask for such a sacrifice. On the other hand, it was definitely a major risk to withdraw the army. If anything happened, he would be the one to be blamed.

He could not make up his mind, and was pacing around in the same spot with his facial expressions changing swiftly. The secretary walked to him quickly and said something to him. Mayor Wu hesitated and asked Luo Yuan, "Mr. Luo, can you guarantee that you are able to kill all the crypt worms? This is a massive responsibility, especially in the political sphere."

"What’s wrong with you? You are asking Boss Luo for a favor, and should the task fail, you want him to be responsible for it? What a way to shirk your own responsibility." said Wang Shishi, indignantly.

Everyone was unhappy.

"I’m so sorry, that’s not what I meant. I just wanted to be sure. Of course, I will not ask Mr. Luo to undertake such a responsibility." Mayor Wu was embarrassed. As a politician, those words were merely formality.

"Don’t worry about it. I have killed a few of them before coming here, so it shouldn’t be a problem!"

"Okay, okay, I’ll make a phone call now." Mayor Wu said in excitement. He then took out his mobile phone and started dialing.

"What? Our superior has just instructed us to withdraw… this isn’t practical joke, right?" A soldier whose face was covered in black soot asked angrily.

"This is an order. We will need to withdraw immediately, and cease all fire," an officer said, while looking at the time, "There will be someone taking over soon."

"From which team?" another soldier asked. "Isn’t that robbing? If heavy artilleries were not forbidden, we would have killed all the damn crypt worms from the beginning."

"Why do you ask so much? Move faster, stop wasting any more precious time."

Soon, the bombing in the district stopped.

Just when the army was gradually withdrawing, a silhouette of a human flew by. The soldier on the edge could only feel a strong wind breeze past him. When he turned around, there was nothing.

"Did you see a person running by?" A soldier asked as if he saw a ghost.

"You must be thinking too much!" Another soldier quipped.

"Keep quiet, that’s an evolved human." The officer knew more than they did, as he was very well aware that there would be strong evolved human coming. He was curious at first, to see what kind of evolved human managed to pique their superior’s interest. But before he could even see clearly, the person had disappeared into the darkness.

He was still deep in his thoughts, and suddenly, there was a loud screech not too far away, "So fast?"

The debris in front was thrashed upon heavily, scattered the junk everywhere, and by this time, the officer had noticed that the crypt worm was already cut into half.

The crypt worm had been fighting with humans for a long time now. It had familiarized itself with human techniques and built some experiences around it. The crypt worm had actually been hiding itself within the debris in the building. With the help of some planks, it was devouring dead bodies blatantly. The small cannons that they used were not helpful at all. Despite a number of attacks, the crypt worm was barely harmed.

Little did they know that this evolved human who had just arrived, was able to give this crypt worm a critical hit. What happened next shocked them even more. It was a blurry shadow that shone like a flash in the dark, one that was impossible to discern. The crypt worm that was cut into half, was now cut into four in a blink of an eye.

The shadow stopped. It looked towards their direction and disappeared from where it was.

"I… I’m not dreaming, am I?"

"Stop talking nonsense!"

The officer spoke into the speaker; his voice was shaking, "An evolved human… was… here, the crypt worm in District A2 has been vanquished!"

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