Chapter 235: Direction

The cave was filled with sounds of extreme pain and stress. No one had ever seen Luo Yuan show such emotion before. Even when he had been badly injured and vomiting blood, he had still looked as if nothing was happening to him. He had acted just like a normal person.

This kind of pain had pushed him to his limits, though.

"Will he be alright?" Zhao Yali was worried.

"Besides the pain, he should be fine. Luo Yuan isn’t reckless. He’ll probably be okay soon," said Huang Jiahui after giving it some thought. She knew that even if something happened to him, there was nothing she could do about it. All they could do was let God take the wheel.

The pain was so intense that Luo Yuan was rolling on the ground, soaking it in his sweat. Everyone felt scared as they looked at him. Cao Lin was shaking as she asked, "Then… should we drink it?"

Zhao Yali opened her mouth as if something was stuck in her throat. "I think we should put this on hold. We can decide after Luo Yuan has recovered," she said.

Although she did not say it, there was some hesitation in her words. She was usually afraid of pain. She could bear a common wound, but this was a kind of pain that even Luo Yuan could not stand. Even thinking about it gave her goosebumps.

"Boss Luo will make fun of us, right? We all lied to him," said Wang Shishi. She glanced at the orangish-yellow liquid she was holding as Luo Yuan struggled on the ground.

She admired Luo Yuan the most, so what he thought of her mattered to her a lot. Plus, he had taught her a lesson on boasting earlier. Everyone was silent ever since Wang Shishi had spoken. "Let’s drink it. It’s not poison, anyway. The pain will just last for a little while. It shouldn’t be too much for me. I’ve gone through childbirth after all," said Huang Jiahui. She was usually a lady, but she would man-up at critical times.

Just as she was about to drink though, the others exclaimed, "He’s up!"

Everyone was both stunned and scared at the same time. Huang Jiahui went to him immediately. Luo Yuan was struggling to stand up, clenching his teeth as his facial muscles were having a mild seizure. His eyes were blood-red, and he looked as if he was going to eat someone.

"What’s wrong, Luo Yuan?" said Huang Jiahui, ignoring her fear and running towards him.

"Go away! Everyone leave this place right now!" Luo Yuan waved his hands, pushing Huang Jiahui away. His voice sounded like it was being forced out of his teeth. The sound it made was like the wind blowing. It gave everyone goosebumps.

"Boss Luo, are you okay?" Wang Shishi asked.

"Stop talking! Everybody get out of my sight right now!" His body was flickering like a dim light, an oppressed vibe spreading out from him.

"Go! Let’s leave this place! Luo Yuan can’t hold it back any longer!" Huang Jiahui shouted anxiously. She knew that when one reached their pain limit, their sanity crumbled to the point of insanity. By then, it would be extremely dangerous for them to stay.

Scared, everyone ran out of the cave immediately. Their momentum increased as a strong sense of fear rose in their hearts. They backed off until they were 50 meters away. Just as they stopped, a loud noise came from far away before the continuous sound of an explosion was heard. Those 50 meters had saved their lives. From the outside, the cave looked blurry, as if the air was boiling at a high temperature. Everything seemed like an illusion.

Although they were standing outside, they could feel a strong sense of repression. Cao Lin felt a quake under her feet. Her face turned pale as she thought, "Could a human do that?"

It looked like thunder was rolling inside the cave as dust and sand were flying everywhere. The whole image was a blur. It was like a beast was growling. What shocked them even more was how the dust and gravel trembled in the air at high speed. It was just not normal.

Since the upgrade, Luo Yuan’s sword technique had already reached expert level, which was level 5. His application of his force field was god-like. In that mysterious force field, the air was thick and oppressive, with an intimidating vibe. If a mutated beast was surrounded by it, they would die instantly.

In the midst of the thick, rolling dust, a blurry human shadow was bumping into things. There was a screeching sound produced by every hit, leaving deep holes on the cave’s walls. Using his force field, Luo Yuan made the air sway along with his movements. It was a perfect combination, which made the effect even better than what he could usually achieve.

His speed was extremely fast. Before long, the cave’s wall was filled with holes and cracks that looked like spider webs. Surprisingly, the collision of his fists with the rocks did not hurt him. There was not even any redness on his hands. On a closer look, there was a layer of a dim glow around his body. The glow was as thin as a moth’s wing, but it was as tough as if it were tangible. No matter how he moved, the glow showed no signs of cracking.

He was hit by another wave of pain. It was as if he had been thrown into an oven set on high temperature, and at the same time was being stabbed over and over again. It was driving him crazy, and he was clenching his teeth really hard. A cracking sound was heard, and suddenly there was blood flowing from the sides of his lips.

"Ahh!" he screamed, the veins on his forehead bulging. Teeth filled with blood dropped on the ground. The sound was like metal falling. He had bit off his own teeth. He sat down eventually. He held his fists tight and started punching the ground with all his might.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Rocks were scattering everywhere, and soon there was a deep hole on the ground. His strong Will was the only thing giving him the strength to survive, but it was obviously reaching its limits as well. Every time he moved, the glow on his body would dim.

It went on and off for more than a minute before disappearing completely. He let out a groan and crashed down on the ground. His body was shaking and he was rolling on the floor as he moaned in devastation. Soon, the pain started to subside. The extreme pain he had been through was nothing compared to this. He was numb to this kind of pain.

A few minutes later, he slowly stood up.

"I really miscalculated this time. I hadn’t expected the effect of the Wailing Herb to be this strong. I almost died from it." Luo Yuan was pale. Fear was still lingering on his face.

The incident had not been risk-free. When one went beyond their pain threshold, death was always possible. Fortunately, he had survived. Except he felt that something was wrong. He touched his face, only to realize that a few of his teeth were gone, and the rest were all loose. He spit out blood unhappily.

There were no hospitals, so it seemed like this was it for his teeth. He was not sure if his +14 Physique could make them grow back. He looked at the area around him and realized it was a mess. Not only were there cracks on the walls, but even the tables and bowls had been completely crushed.

Luo Yuan sighed. "Seems like we need to move to another cave!"

He walked towards the pond. The water was muddy, but tolerable. There were only some stone chips at the bottom of it. He figured that the water was not drinkable anyway, so he took off his clothes and jumped in.

The pond had been dug by the giants, so it met the giants’ standards. It was so deep that the water reached his throat. He let out a breath. Since the apocalypse, he had never taken a bath like this. Water was too hard to find, and the danger in the wild did not allow him to bathe in peace.

Knowing that the women would come to his aide soon, he took a quick dip before he got up and washed his clothes thoroughly. He shook his body, and water droplets fell. Soon, he was all dried up. Once Luo Yuan has fully clothed again, the women came in.

"Are you okay? That was terrifying!" Seeing that Luo Yuan was okay, Huang Jiahui was relieved.

"Don’t worry. It was just pain, there was no poison," Luo Yuan said casually.

"What happened to your voice?" Huang Jiahui asked curiously. She thought his voice sounded airy.

"Boss Luo, you lost some teeth!" said Wang Shishi, looking at the teeth on the ground. "Look, there are four of them, and they’re all your laniary teeth!" she said loudly.

Luo Yuan glanced at Wang Shishi. He looked really unhappy.

"Alright, let’s pack our stuff and move to the cave next door." Huang Jiahui looked at Luo Yuan’s unhappy expression. She thought it was funny, but she changed the topic fast.

Actually, there was nothing much to be packed because most of their stuff had been destroyed by Luo Yuan. All that was left were the weapons and salt that had been placed in the corner.

The new cave was much smaller than the previous one, but it was still spacious enough to fit most of them. After all, it had been occupied by giants. After cleaning, the team that had gone hunting came back with some shocking news.

"You saw an airplane?" Luo Yuan asked in all seriousness.

"To be exact, it was a heavy-duty transportation aircraft on the same mission as us," said Commander Xia.

"Which direction was it flying in?" asked Luo Yuan.

"Approximately 30 degrees northwest. I made a draft," said Commander Xia, handing him a carved piece of bark.

Luo Yuan looked at the draft. Although it was rough, it was still clear. "Looks like the magnetic storm has subsided!" He thought about it again before he said, "Everyone please pay close attention to the sky to see where the reconstruction area is!"

The reason they stayed in the forest was mainly because they had no idea where the reconstruction area was. The Kunlun Mountains were wide and had thousands of kilometers of roads. Nobody knew how many cliffs, alps or lakes there were. The signal could be lost during a magnetic storm, but aircrafts always had a channel deviation. However, even if the channel functioned right, they could still lose their way.

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