Chapter 214: Special Mission

Carrying the 200-kilo sack, Luo Yuan walked forward step by step. He did not run so he could save energy, but his speed was still much faster than a normal person.

It was about noon, and the scorching sun increased the temperature, making Luo Yuan feel as if he was in a steamer, despite the fact that he was shaded by layers of trees.

He was not sweating profusely yet. There was only a sheer layer of sweat on his forehead due to the heavy weight he was carrying. If it were not for that, given his excellent Physique, he would hardly ever sweat, even during the hottest hours of the day.

Their camping site was not far from the logging area. Although Luo Yuan was not rushing, it only took him about 10 minutes to reach the destination.

Soon after he got there, Luo Yuan turned serious. He was no longer in a relaxed state.

He carefully walked forward, looking more solemn as he progressed. The logging area was huge. He roughly estimated that there were already about 1,000 cut trees, each tree about two meters in diameter. Suddenly, he heard a vague noise, a heavy sound with various complicated tones. Obviously, these were not common mutated beasts. He knew that he was getting closer to his destination; he carefully went over the sloping land and climbed up a giant rock at its highest point before he finally stopped.

He could everything from up there. There was a small valley at the bottom, but it looked different from the other areas, which were covered in dense trees. The valley was barren, and there were lots of tree stumps in it.

Further up front, there was a big heap of logs.

It was scorching hot, yet numerous large grey giants were carrying big heavy logs, yelled loudly and walking deep into the valley. That was obviously the log transfer station.

The giants were about five meters tall and grey in color. They did not have much hair other than on the back of their necks, which connected the head to the caudal vertebra. The rest of their bodies were completely smooth. Some giants had beast skins tied around their waists. Judging by their large bodies, those were obviously adult giants. Most of the smaller giants had nothing on them.

The majority had various weapons hanging from their waists, obtained mostly from mutated beasts, such as claws or teeth tightened to a stick using rattan.

Although the giants were man-like, there were also traces of a beast on them. For example, they did not have eyebrows, but they had two dark holes on their noses, and large U-shaped mouths as well as a lip that extended to their cheeks, making gripping and tearing meat easier.

Luo Yuan grimaced. Although he had been prepared for this, he still felt a chill go down his entire body when he faced them. It was not due to the fact that the giants’ looked very strong. In fact, even if it had been a group of light green or green beasts, Luo Yuan could still have retreated and gotten away from there, and he definitely would not have felt as tense.

However, these were not common mutated beasts. These giants were a group of beings with a certain intelligence; they had formed a relatively primitive society and had learned the basics of utilizing tools. They might have even created their own language, and their number was not small by any means. From what he could see, there were already hundreds of them, and there might be even more deep inside the valley. These giants were strong, and their intelligence level was not low either. If they reproduced at a faster rate, they might even be able to challenge the status of humans at the top of the food chain.

Luo Yuan looked serious. Within two short months, he had already seen two kinds of intelligent species. The first encounter was only that one mutated beast, though. This was a large group. The frequency of these intelligent beasts appearing was increasing, and those were not the only ones he had seen. There might be even more out there that he hadn’t come across yet.

Would civilization transmigrate? Maybe after hundreds of years, there would be a new species on the Earth, going through what human beings were currently going through.

Luo Yuan took a deep breath and tried to suppress his thoughts as he kept observing the giants.

These giants were extremely strong. They were so muscular that a huge, 10-ton log only required seven to eight giants to be carried easily. They also seemed to react fast and their rhythm of action was fast as well, so their Agility had to be high. He estimated a minimum of 12 to 13 points, but he was not sure if that was during a battle.

Their weapons could be used from a short distance, but beings with high intelligence could use stones to attack, so Luo Yuan still had to be careful.

Overall, the giants’ abilities could be ranked between dark blue and light green. Provided that none of them surpassed the light green level, they would not be a threat to his safety, so he only needed to be concerned about their numbers and the fact that an attack by him could cause a chain of reactions. However, he still thought he could run away if he was unable to beat them. Considering his speed, he believed that he would not be overtaken.

Suddenly, there was a notification sound from the system. The mission this time was a bit different than the previous one.

“E Level Special Mission: Wipe out the Grey Giant Tribe and kill all intelligent beings in it.”
“Tip: This is a Special Mission, so the actual difficulty has been lowered by one level.”
“Time Limit: None”

“Special mission! What’s happening? Is it related to that intelligent species?” Luo Yuan wondered doubtfully.

However, he did not have any more time to ponder it. The mission had been downgraded to E-Level, and he was not sure whether an E-Level Mission was equal to light green beast difficulty, which was no longer a threat to him.

He restrained his urge for a killing spree, put down the sack with the short spears and slowly took out one. The distance between him and the heap of logs was about 150 meters, which was a good shooting range for him. Besides, he was standing on a higher ground, so it was definitely the best place for him to attack.

Shooting and killing them one by one would not cause a sense of danger on the group, which might cause them to escape in all directions. Instead, it would provoke them into retaliating. He clearly understood the difficulty of this mission. He didn’t just have to defeat them. He had to wipe out the entire tribe and leave no survivors behind.

He took out a short spear and stood up. The next moment, his body moved in a blur. and the short spear in his hand was gone. From the spot where he stood, it seemed like it had exploded and caused a violent gust of wind.

The spear produced a sonic boom as it plunged forward. In the blink of an eye, the whole spear had landed and sunk completely into the ground, up to its very grip. The nearest giant had been about 10 meters away.


Sweat dripped down Luo Yuan’s forehead as he shook his head and took out another spear.

However, the attack had shocked the giants nearby and many of them, who had been carrying logs, dropped them, causing the logs to roll onto other giants and create a commotion. More giants became vigilant as they took out their weapons and repeatedly checked their surroundings.


There was another loud noise.

After slightly adjusting the force used in his muscles, Luo Yuan had finally hit his target. The giant nearest to him suddenly jolted, the short spear exploding into dust causing it to create a smoke ring on its chest as it sank quickly, transferring the terrifying force through the giant’s flesh, until it exploded on its back, creating a hole the size of a washbasin.

Such a wound could make even a 5-meter tall giant feel lethargic.

The giant’s eyes were wide, and its mouth was open, a large amount of blood oozing out as the giant fell heavily to its knees on the ground.

The wood that Luo Yuan had chosen as a material for his short spears was not very hard. In fact, its light blue rank made it very fragile. However, when it was moving at a high speed, anything the spear hit turned into a dust made of wood due to its strong momentum, the kinetic energy being completely absorbed by the target. As a result, it didn’t just have a terrifying amount of killing power, but the size of the wound it produced was also very large.

There was another explosion, and a giant who was still perplexed by the sudden attack suddenly felt a pain on its leg. By the time the giant slumped down to the ground, its whole leg had already disappeared.

Loud crashes could be heard one after the other, as if there was thunder somewhere in the distance. One by one, the giants fell down. Although Luo Yuan had slowed down on purpose to prevent the giants from escaping out of fear, he still managed to slay seven giants within a mere 30 seconds.

There were growls of anger, screams of fear and howls of pain. The scene was a total mess. Suddenly, one of the giants spotted Luo Yuan and pointed in his direction, growling like thunder.

The surviving giants looked in that direction and saw a small silhouette standing upright on the hillside, its hand slowly pulling out a strange-looking weapon.

The look on the giants’ faces gradually became ferocious, their fiery aura spreading.

After a letting out a howl, the giants who were still able to stand bellowed and launched themselves towards Luo Yuan. They kicked up a large amount of dust, causing the Earth to tremble slightly. There was only about a dozen of them left, but their force was like that of a stampede as they rushed over.

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