Chapter 193: Shocking Event

The next instant, sounds of heavy panting and the moans of a lady broke the silence of the pavilion. Under the agitation of rage, Little Fatty battled for a whole hour before he was finally satisfied. At this moment, Mu ZiRong only had the strength to breathe, to the point she could not even lift up her hands and stop Little Fatty from violating her.

Despite how pitiful a state she was in, fear was never seen on her face. Instead, she revealed an expression of a successful scheme.

Little Fatty first drew the water from the lake to cleanse himself. Then, he put on his clothes while saying coldly, “Do you now know the prowess of this daddy?”

“Haha!” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, she laughed out maniacally, “Darn fatty, do you think it is so easy to play with me? Today you stole my virginity, tomorrow you will pay for it with your life!”

As Little Fatty heard that, it took him a while before he could process her words, “Darn it, you purposely made me ** you. Then you can go and lodge a complaint, right?”

“Haha, you’re smart. But it’s too late already!” Mu ZiRong said with delight, “You have already taken my virginity and have no way to deny it. Haha, the Mystical Sky Yard will be extremely lively for sure! There hasn’t been a pervert for over hundreds of years already. Who would have imagined that the next one would be a darn fatty like you? How do you think my grandfather will take care of you? I guess he will definitely slowly slice you into meat sashimi! But, I will not let him do that to you because that is going too easy on you! I will ask him to pass you to me so that I can slowly torture you to death. But, I will not allow you to die, I will let you lead a life worse than death! Muahaha!”

Mu ZiRong’s vicious words gave Little Fatty quite the scare. After thinking about the consequences, he could not help but develop a killing intent in his heart!

However even though Mu ZiRong noticed Little Fatty’s intentions, she mere spoke calmly, “Why? Do you want to silence me? HAHA, then you better make sure you do it cleanly. My grandfather left an imprint on me. If anything happens to me, he will arrive immediately. At that time, you would still have to die!”

“But at least you will die before me!” Little Fatty retorted.

“Hmph, so what? This lady here is tired of living already. It is considered worth it if I can drag you down with me!” Mu ZiRong then said with a cold laughter, “Come, come at me if you have the balls!” As she said that, Mu ZiRong raised her heads to the skies as she spread her arms out wide, as though she would allow Little Fatty to do anything to her.

At this moment, Mu ZiRong was still bleeding down there. Her chest was also filled with teeth marks and handprints. Her eyes were red and swollen, with hints of tears in it, looking extremely pitiful. Despite how much Little Fatty hated her, he could not help but feel compassion towards how pitiful she looked. He could only bitterly laugh, “Forget it, just take it that I’m an idiot. You’re nothing but a lunatic, why should I even be angry at a lunatic?” As he said that, he put on his clothes and proceeded to fly away on his sword.

Seeing that, Mu ZiRong began to shout, “It’s either you or I die today! Let me tell you, don’t think that I will spare you because you let me off today. I will definitely get my grandfather to take revenge for me today!”

“Heh!” Little Fatty disdained with a cold laughter, “Up to you, I’ll wait for your revenge!”

“What?” Seeing how Little Fatty was so indifferent, Mu ZiRong could not help but ask with shock, “Darn fatty, you’re not scared?”

“What’s the use of being scared? Anyway, you will lodge a complaint towards me no matter what, but~” Little Fatty then said with a laughter, “Your grandfather still has to use me to deal with the Four Big Metal Brothers. Thus, even if you lodge a complaint against me, I will only be sent to isolation and will not die. At that time, I can just enter into closed door cultivation for a few decades and enjoy a peaceful life. For you to give me such a chance, I still have to thank you for it! Haha! Thanks!” As he said that, he cupped his hands towards Mu ZiRong and flew away without a care in the world!

Seeing that, Mu ZiRong began to mumble with a twisted look, “You want peace? Hmph, not a chance! How is it possible for me to be so easily bullied? Darn fatty, just wait for me to toy with you to death!”

Thinking about this, Mu ZiRong struggled up to clean herself before changing into a fresh set of clothes. Then, she took the clothes torn by Little Fatty as evidence and flew away.

A few moments later, Mu ZiRong found Daoist HuoLong who was currently in meditation. Then, she knelt in front of him and cried pitifully, “Grandfather, grandfather, your granddaughter has been bullied. You must seek justice for me!”

As she said that, she took her stained and torn clothes for Daoist HuoLong to see.

The moment Daoist HuoLong saw the bloodstains, he immediately knew that his granddaughter was raped. He immediately exploded with anger, “Dammit, who is the bastard who did it? I must skin him alive for sure!”

“Grandfather, it is SongZhong that darn fatty!” Mu ZiRong hurriedly lamented.

“SongZhong?” Hearing this particular name, Daoist HuoLong lapsed into shocked silence. After which, his eyes shone strangely as he asked, “My good granddaughter, are you sure it was him?”

“Definitely him, I will recognise him even if he turns into ashes!” Mu ZiRong continued to cry.

But Mu ZiRong never even imagined that Daoist HuoLong would instead burst out in laughter while saying, “Good, this is excellent!”

Mu ZiRong was shocked silly. She thought that Daoist HuoLong did not understand something and hurriedly explained, “Grandfather, that darn SongZhong raped me!”

“What are you talking about?” Daoist HuoLong instead seriously replied, “What rape? That sounds so horrible. It is probably because you are both in love with each other and can’t control yourselves, right? Although that darn fatty is a little rash, you shouldn’t take it too seriously! It is normal for a guy and girl to **. Don’t say rape so easily, that reflects badly on you if it’s spread out!”
(CCT: Ahahahaha that plot twist)

“Ah?” Mu ZiRong was immediately dumbfounded as she asked in amazement, “Grandfather, this darn fatty took advantage of me. Not only are you not taking revenge for me, you are even lecturing me?”

“It isn’t necessary for revenge. But don’t worry, I will definitely seek justice for you. This wonderful husband is definitely yours!” Daoist HuoLong replied with a loud laughter, “Good granddaughter, you are indeed powerful! I thought that this darn fatty is definitely going to be HongYing’s husband. But, I never you expected you to jump the gun! Haha, good! Very good!”

Mu ZiRong was completely at a loss as she hurriedly explained, “Grandfather, grandfather, I have never liked that darn fatty before. He ** me, he ** me!”

“He ** you because he likes you. If he does not like you, why would he ** you? If so, wouldn’t it be easier if he went to ** some swine?” Daoist HuoLong then attempted to persuade her, “Since he likes you, then isn’t it a great blessing for you to marry him?”

“What great blessing? I don’t like that darn fatty!” Mu ZiRong screamed.

“Then you can go and like him now!” Daoist HuoLong immediately said, “This doesn’t need to be rushed. At the very most, we can delay the wedding a few years. It wouldn’t be too late for you to marry him after you like him!”

“Goodness!” Mu ZiRong almost went crazy as she shrieked, “Grandfather, this darn fatty ** me, how can I ever like him? I even have to marry him? What kind of a logic is that?”

“Why not?” Daoist HuoLong immediately said, “Look at me, among my 7 wives, I went to bed with 6 of them before marrying them. They were all unwilling at first but are all willing now~”

Hearing how Daoist HuoLong was desperately persuading her, Mu ZiRong almost felt like fainting. She just could not believe what she was hearing. It was as though it was only right for Little Fatty to ** her.

As though he could see the frustration and doubt in Mu ZiRong, Daoist HuoLong continued to explain, “My good granddaughter, you should not be so rash and think far instead! Being my beloved granddaughter, I have spent a lot of time and effort on you. I definitely won’t marry you out for sure. Thus, your husband must definitely be an elite of the Mystical Sky Yard. Although there are many people in the sect, there are only a few who can hold a candle to you. First was your senior brother Zhang (Little White Dragon), but it is a pity he died in the Jade Green Screen. Apart from him would be your senior brother Li (Peerless Sword Deity) and junior brother Song. Of course, those Four Big Metal Brothers can be said to barely pass the mark. But, I am enemies with their master and you will definitely suffer if you marry them. Besides, I don’t think you will like a bald person also right?”

“En!” Mu ZiRong nodded unknowingly.

“That’s right. So, you can only choose between that Li brat and the darn fatty. But, the person I think the most highly of is that SongZhong!” Daoist HuoLong said with a smile, “Although his name is a little unlucky, but he is powerful and crafty. Furthermore, he even dares to fight with me and has enough guts! Thus, he is the best choice for you!”

As Mu ZiRong heard that, she almost lost consciousness. How was it such that the words used to degrade someone became words of compliments after passing through Daoist HuoLong’s mouth. It was as though he was so happy that his son-in-law was a ruffian!

Frustrated, Mu ZiRong could only retort, “But I think senior brother Li isn’t too bad either. At least he is more pleasing to the eyes than that darn fatty!”

“Don’t mention that bastard Li!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he immediately spat out, “I thought that he was considered good in the past. But who would have thought that he would become so cocky after learning a few moves? He even has the cheek to call himself the Peerless Sword Deity. F**k, if he is a Peerless Sword Deity, then what would I be?”

As Mu ZiRong heard that, she was completely at a loss for words.

However, Daoist HuoLong continued to vent his frustrations without a care, “In the battle in the Jade Green Screen, your junior brother Song was completely in the limelight. First, he fought Han Bing’er. Although he lost, he still risked his life to save her later. He fought with more than 10 cultivators at the same level as him for a whole night until reinforcements arrived, killing all the disciples of the devil sects. This was an achievement that have not been achieved in even a hundred years! After that, he killed a JinDan cultivator and even injured a YuanYing cultivator, shaking the whole world! But what about your senior brother Li? Not to mention the fact that he did not even get a single Mystical Spiritual Fruit, he even got inflicted with some curse and had to lie in bed for a few years! If not for the wits of your junior brother Song to catch old man Feng, both you and him would still be lying on the bed now!”

“This~” As Mu ZiRong heard that, her heart shook. As the saying goes, one does not know the achievements of a person until they are being compared with others. The moment she compared the two, she realised that there was already such insurmountable gap between them!

Daoist HuoLong continued to ramble, “Let us not talk about anything far but the most recent event. Ever since Mister First and Mister Second arrived, the Four Big Metal Brothers are already considered to be invincible among the foundational cultivators apart from ShuiJing. Your senior brother Li is also a foundational cultivator with a magical artifact on hand. But, where has he ran to at such a critical time? He ran straight into closed door cultivation! Look at Little Fatty, crippling 2nd brother Silver the moment he came out. Tomorrow, he is even going to fight Eldest brother Gold. There is such a good guy here whom you don’t want, who else do you want then?”

Hearing the former praise Little Fatty so, Mu ZiRong immediately showed off her stubborn side, saying: “I will take anybody but that darn fatty!”

Hearing her speak so, Daoist HuoLong immediately said unhappily, “Let me ask you, who makes the decisions in this family? As long as I am still the head of the family, you will have to marry him!”

“Grandfather, that darn fatty ** me. Not only are you not going to seek justice for me, you are going to force me to marry him? Am I really your blood kin?” Mu ZiRong could not help but wail agonisingly at her grandfather’s stand.

“It is precisely because you are my granddaughter that I am doing this!” Daoist HuoLong said, “Isn’t this all for your own good? That darn fatty will definitely have a great accomplishment in future, you just need to follow him and bask in that glory together!”

“But~” Just when Mu ZiRong wanted to say something, Daoist HuoLong interrupted her and said, “Enough, you need to know when to be contented! Actually, I have long wanted to engage you to him. But, my senior brother just wants to marry HongYing to him. I thought that I would not have a chance anymore. But, I never expected that there is still light at the end of the tunnel and you were ‘conquered’ by him! Haha, the heavens are really helping me! Now, it is no longer up to him and he will have to marry you for sure! Lass, you just be happy in secret!”

“Ah?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she almost fainted and could not help but shout, “Goodness, I was already ** by that darn fatty, do you think I will still be happy in secret? Grandfather, do you have a screw loose?”

“How can you be so rude!” Daoist HuoLong said seriously, “Go back and rest, this matter is settled. After he takes care of eldest brother Gold tomorrow, I will engage him to you. With this matter today, he wouldn’t dare to say no!”

After finishing his piece, Daoist HuoLong gently sent Mu ZiRong away and continued his cultivation. Seeing that, Mu ZiRong knew that Daoist HuoLong was definitely going to marry her to Little Fatty. Although she was unresigned in her heart, she was unable to change Daoist HuoLong’s thoughts. Helpless, she could only leave with a stomach full of anger and frustration.

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