Chapter 193: Collapse

“That’s it?” Commander Xia asked shockingly and said, “It’s not even two minutes!?”

“Precisely. It is about 90 seconds and the battle was probably only about 20 seconds.” Xiao Fei said as he looked at his watch repeatedly.

“Seems like the people in the military base were real!” Commander Xia said. “I thought that was just a marketing strategy. The world has changed and we might be eliminated soon.”

“Stop your jealousy! Our genes are too stable and very difficult to be mutated. Some people could evolve just from consuming a piece of flesh from a light blue level mutated beast. However, people like us might not be able to evolve even if we get injected with pure mutated blood. Also, stop dreaming about retirement, it’s almost impossible now." Xiao Fei said, and then he whispered, “There are wars every day in the rehabilitation region and the military department is recruiting new soldiers every moment. We might be sent to the front line as well after completing the current mission.”

Commander Xia looked depressed. He took out a packet of cigarettes and put one into his mouth and said, “Hopefully we will have a longer break after this. I haven’t gone home for almost a year! I don’t think my own daughter can recognize me now.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t attend the speed dating party in the camp. Else, I’ll be just like you now.” Xiao Fei said. He seemed to have worsened the commander’s situation and made him feel even more depressed. The Commander then wiped his eyes and said, “Sigh, let’s stop talking about it. The guy is coming.”

The marine monsters slowly appeared in front of them. The marine beasts must be taken seriously as even the weakest one is already dark blue level and most of them are light green level. Luo Yuan could no longer kill them alone and had to fight together with Mu Wenwen so that he could reserve some energy for a more critical time.

She worked well with Luo Yuan and it was so easy for them to kill all the light green marine monsters. Most of them were stabbed by Luo Yuan in their brain. However, Luo Yuan realized there were some weaknesses in Mu Wenwen’s powers. Most of the time, she needed a few seconds just to get ready to use her power. She would be putting herself in danger whenever she readies herself.

She could easily kill marine monsters which usually move at a slow pace on land but it is difficult for her to kill those which are used to living on land. It was not recommended for her to be within 100 meters of any beasts as she would easily die if she is not careful enough. Land-type mutated beasts are as fast as Luo Yuan and due to their physical size, 100 meters is equivalent to just a few steps for them.

Her power serves as a supportive attack only and she can hardly survive independently. Most of the marine monsters appeared alone instead of in a big group and they were moving very slowly. Thus, it was not too bad for Mu Wenwen. Wang Shishi helped occasionally too and she killed a light green mutated marine monster by herself.

Her flying shuttle was at green level after being modified using the eggshells of the Archelon. It is now sharper and stronger than Luo Yuan’s Zhanmadao. The marine monster was unlucky as it slowly came up to the land with the help of its tail and a pair of fins but was immediately killed by Wang Shishi’s flying shuttle.

Fatty Xie’s power was restricted by the marine monsters. He could not do anything but observe from afar. Time had passed and the sky was darkening. There were a few stacks of carcasses all over the place and the ground was red in color. The air smelled awful due to the blood.

Many equipments were being kept in containers as they were ready to return to the base. The soldiers and Luo Yuan finally felt relaxed and they did not expect the mission to be completed in such a short time.

“I’m really grateful that you were willing to come, otherwise, we would have given up on them.” The Commander said.

Luo Yuan wanted to say a few humble words but suddenly frowned as he realized his heartbeat was fluctuating.

“What happened?” The commander asked.

“Hold on, something is wrong.” Luo Yuan looked very serious and asked, “Do you feel the ground shaking?”

Commander Xia shook his head. Luo Yuan looked at the rest to confirm Commander Xia’s answer. None of them felt anything. He was probably more sensitive to the changes underground as his power is related to the earth. He felt something moving in the ground and it was making its way to the surface.

“I don’t feel it. Do you sense something wrong?” The commander asked doubtfully.

Luo Yuan did not say anything and closed his eyes to focus. Everyone looked nervous now as they believe Luo Yuan had very powerful senses and would not joke around with these sorts of things.

“Move backwards! Everyone, moves backwards!” Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked very serious. He then quickly grabbed Wang Shishi and kept her in his arms. He then started running backwards frantically.

The rest immediately sensed something and quickly stepped back, however, it was too late. The ground about 10 meters in front of them suddenly exploded! A few of the soldiers got hit in the face by sand and rocks and immediately became the corpses. In the next second, a snake-like giant silver creature rushed out from underground. Half of its upper body was floating in the air as its eyes were watching the soldiers on the ground.

Everyone was under extreme stress from what they just witnessed. Most of them looked very pale and their limbs were numb. Luo Yuan almost stopped breathing when he saw the scene. The entire body of the monster was silver in color and very shiny under the sunlight. Its body looked long even though the lower part was curled up. There was some colorful fur at the end of its tail and there was a red comb on its head like the crown of a king.

The creature had evolved from a snake and most parts of its body looked very similar. It looked amazingly beautiful and majestic but everyone was frightened including Luo Yuan.

The gigantic silver snake looked at Luo Yuan for a second with its clear eyes and then looked at the stacks of carcasses scattered all over. No one knows how long it has been hibernating underground but they guessed that it was attracted to the smell of blood. Everyone was still to stunned to do anything.

Then, one of the soldiers lost his control due to extreme fear and pressed the trigger of his machine gun. Numerous 3mm bullets fired at the body of the silver snake, however, it had very little effect besides a few pieces of its scales falling to the ground.

“Damn it! Fire! Fire! Attack!!!!!!!” The Commander immediately ordered the soldiers to attack. He was lucky that he did not get hit by the rocks earlier, but there were several blood spots on his face from the injuries caused by the sand and mud.

At this point, the soldiers would not stop firing even if he did not give any orders as they were so near to the God of Death that they almost peed their pants.

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