Chapter 190: War

Her explanation was not good enough. None of them actually believed her. Luo Yuan did not believe a person could remain kind and honest after going through so many tough times in their life, especially during wartime. Just like him, most of them had not completely revealed their powers. He had not told them that he was actually very good at using a knife, or that there was a weakness to his power.

It was difficult to fully trust anyone, and the fact that the woman had the power to control minds only increased their fear of her. Wang Shishi naturally moved a little closer to Luo Yuan while she kept looking at the woman critically. The soldiers also kept looking at her in alert.

The atmosphere was obviously heavy. The Colonel suddenly said, “Mu Wenwen, I heard that you’d been brought into the base by a team. Your performance has been quite good, which shows that you’re a reliable person. Power and attitude are two different things. As long as you don’t break the rules, you’ll be fine.”

The woman, whose name was Mu Wenwen, remained silent. She only raised her chin and looked at them, before quickly lowering it again. Her eyes were so beautiful and charming that Luo Yuan found them irresistible. He immediately warned himself when he realized that he had been captivated. That woman kept a very low profile. He had not even noticed her until the recruitment.

That was the first time he had met someone so powerful. She was even more powerful than Wang Shishi. She was not just able to control mutated beast, but light green mutated beasts. Light green mutated beasts were horrible. Luo Yuan had only managed to kill one himself.

As he thought of the risk of the current mission, he hesitated and asked, “Ms. Mu, your power will be very helpful to us. Could you please explain some more about it so I can adjust to accommodate you?”

It would be really good if the woman could help him from time to time. Even if she could only control mutated beasts for a while, that would be enough for him to kill them. If she could also control a green mutated beast, then they basically would not have to worry about the mission anymore.

Perhaps Luo Yuan had made a good impression on her, because she was actually willing to respond this time. She did not raise her head. Instead, she said softly, "Actually, I haven’t fully mastered how to control light green mutated beasts. Sometimes I’m not even able to do it when my emotions take over. I get distracted easily, and I can’t control them for more than 30 seconds."

Judging by her voice, she had to be around twenty or thirty years old.
“My power is quite similar to hypnosis. Many conditions need to be met. I can do it for longer if the creature I’m trying to control is a dark blue mutated beast,” she said.

“What about a green mutated beast?” Luo Yuan’s heartbeat became faster.

“I haven’t come across a green level mutated beast, but I think I wouldn’t be able to control it. Mind control increases the burden on my brain. I can hardly control light green mutated beasts, and green mutated beasts must be a lot scarier. I might go into a coma if I try to do that,” Mu Wenwen explained.

“In fact, the same applies to humans. We get more frustrated when we have more complex problems to solve, but we are a lot stronger than mutated beasts, so you don’t need to worry about me controlling your mind,” Mu Wenwen explained with a sigh.

“How many mutated beasts can you control?” Luo Yuan asked again. He was disappointed that she could not control green level mutated beasts.

“Only one at a time,” Mu Wenwen said.

“What about energy consumption? How many mutated beasts would you be able to control if you only needed to control them for three seconds?” Luo Yuan asked her as he thought about it.

"I’m not really sure, I’ll have to experiment. I’ve never bumped into that many light green mutated beasts before. Is that your last question?" Mu Wenwen did not think that the current mission would be as bad as Luo Yuan thought, and she started to get irritated by his endless interrogating.

“I’m just asking so we can prepare and plan for the safety of others. I hope you can fully support me later on,” Luo Yuan said as he looked into her eyes.

Mu Wenwen agreed softly and then went silent once again. Everyone thought that Luo Yuan was overthinking things. Light green mutated beasts were hard to come by. Even the soldiers had not seen that many of them. In fact, they had only killed seven light green mutated beasts and one green mutated beast in the past two months when they had decided to check on the area nearby to reduce any potential risk. The helicopter was moving very fast. They were going to reach their destination in about ten minutes.

“Everyone get ready and take your parachutes with,” the Colonel reminded them.

“The helicopter is not going to land on the ground?” Fatty Xie asked in shock.

Everyone was shocked except Luo Yuan. Jumping out of a helicopter from such a high altitude was not something anyone could accept calmly.

"This is just in case of an emergency. Get your parachutes, please. A helicopter crashed against the ground this very morning, so we need to take some safety precautions in case the sea monsters have any special powers," the Colonel said.

Everyone felt slightly relieved, but they became nervous once again when they realized they could not see what was happening outside.

“I can see the targeted tower. The situation is under control. I’m ready for landing, ready for landing,” the pilot said loudly.

“Hold on! There are some minor problems I need to solve,” the man on the other end replied.

The helicopter was slanting and shaking vigorously. They could hear the booming sound of weapons and the roars of mutated beasts.

“Problem solved. The coast is clear, I’m landing now,” the pilot said.

Everyone felt relieved, but Luo Yuan was still holding onto his Zhanmadao. Thirty seconds later, they had landed safely. The soldiers opened the door of the cabin and everyone disembarked quickly. The rotating blades of the helicopter started spinning once again as the helicopter flew away. They looked at what was supposed to be a lobby made of glass, with a big steel frame hanging above its roof. Luo Yuan checked their surroundings.

“Hurry up! Follow me! Where is everyone?” the Colonel said as he rushed towards the entrance.

Luo Yuan and the others followed him quickly. A booming sound came from afar along with a roar. Apparently, there was a very serious battle going on. The soldiers looked physically strong. They were probably stronger than Huo Dong and the rest of Luo Yuan’s group. Their status was around 12 points, and they were wearing some kind of protective suits as they moved at a very high speed. Luckily, Luo Yuan was holding Wang Shishi, otherwise she might not have been able to keep up.

Mu Wenwen’s physical condition was quite good. She was following them closely, and so was Fatty Xie, who was fit enough to keep up with them.

They were running towards another building. The place was spacious, and a layer of cement covered the ground. It was obvious that the area had previously been a park, because they could see weeds growing at its edges. The building nearby was well-maintained. There was not much damage to it other than the glass, which was mostly broken.

“What is this place?” Luo Yuan asked.

“The computer center,” the Colonel said while he gasped.

“What’s that?” Wang Shishi asked. She did not understand.

“A place where all the computers are stored,” the Colonel explained.

“The rehabilitation center couldn’t store the computers anymore?” Wang Shishi asked in disappointment.

The Colonel did not know much about that, so he wasn’t sure how to explain.

"It used to be a global supplier. A computer is actually a very complicated device, so most of its parts are imported from many different countries. However, trading has now been terminated. Although there will be a new batch of computers with a lower grade of functions, it definitely can’t compete with the other ones in such a short time. In fact, all these computers are very precious. They act as a catalyst for the growth of technology, which is much more valuable than the devices themselves," Fatty Xie explained while he ran in the back.

He used to be the owner of a software company. Although he was not an expert on the industry, he was quite familiar with it and he was very observant when it came to computers. He understood the importance of computers to the technological development of a country.

He had been to the computer center before for a visit. He remembered that there had been three machines supporting the programming services of the whole region. They had only run for about two minutes, but the booming sounds were already getting lighter. A few missiles passed in the sky above their heads while the armed helicopter was still flying in the air. The cannon launched the missiles, leaving two very long clouds in the sky.

A giant, 8-meter tall monster with numerous bones and thorns on its body was roaring furiously. Suddenly, it got shot in the head by a machine gun, blood gushing out of its skull as its head exploded in less than three seconds.

There were about 7-8 piles of carcasses on the ground. There were also two auto-cannons and three tanks, but most of them remained stationary. Every once in awhile, they would fire, but the situation was still manageable. Luo Yuan was stunned. He did not think that they needed any more assistance. They had more than enough weapons already.

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