Chapter 190 – The White Crystal

“That’s right; one would undergo a qualitative transformation. The power of one’s old internal energy would increase but it will also gradually dilute itself and be replaced by a more powerful energy.”

“How… how could such a thing happen? How come I can’t comprehend what you’re saying?”

Romon calmly explained: “In fact, cultivators and Immortal Cultivators are all under the same heaven but Immortal Cultivators are just a bit more mysterious. Anyone who touches the path of cultivation can be regarded as an Immortal Cultivator, but the experts who are able to traverse the hardships and condense their Gold Cores are next to none. According to a different set of standards, Immortal Cultivators can be split into various stages such as Foundation Building, Enlightenment, Inedia¹, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Fusion Soul, Soul Splitting, Boundary Transition, and finally Mahayana² which makes up the nine stages. Those that haven’t reached the Gold Core stage are considered mortal cultivators. If we compare them to the martial cultivator’s reference, the First Order and Second Order Warriors are in the Foundation Building stage. The Third Order and Fourth Order Warriors are in the Enlightenment stage, and the Fifth Order and the level benefactor is currently at – Sixth Order, can be considered the Inedia stage. Once you break through that stage, then you can successfully condense your Gold Core and achieve immortality. Of course, I haven’t been in contact with anyone above the Gold Core stage except for my father. The power of these Immortals has reached the level of being capable of destroying the heavens and the earth.”

Lei Yu was a bit confused but he was able to understand most of it. He then asked: “Your father? Is he still alive?”

“Of course! He’s currently protecting Her Majesty Queen Telephassa whom has already entered the stages of an Immortal Cultivator. In fact, the reason I’ve stayed behind here is to wait for your breakthrough.” Romon replied.

Lei Yu felt a “buzzing” noise appear in his mind and suddenly felt dizzy. Could it be that the beautiful goddess Telephassa was still alive?

“Are you okay?” Asked Romon when he saw the change in Lei Yu’s expression. Romon actually didn’t know the relationship between Lei Yu and Telephassa at all.

“Ah? Oh, no, I am fine.” Lei Yu shook his head and determined that he wasn’t dreaming. But he who already had a girlfriend suddenly felt he was too much and had become a dirty pervert!

Romon looked again before nodding in assurance when he determined that there wasn’t anything wrong with Lei Yu.

“Oh yeah, why is Her Majesty’s crown in the hands of the Pope? Also, the Ares boots that I’m currently wearing, shouldn’t they belong to your father?”

Romon smiled, “Well… once you reach the Immortal Cultivator stages and see those two, you will understand everything.”

“When I see them?” Lei Yu’s heart started beating faster, could he really be able to see the world’s most beautiful goddess again? All of this had really made him have difficult time believing.

“That’s right. In fact, if the conditions are met, they should be definitely waiting for you. But they’ve all made their breakthroughs over five hundred years ago and you haven’t even been born during then, that’s why they couldn’t wait anymore. As for that old devil Kalchas, he also wanted to wait for you but he couldn’t suppress it anymore after stepping into the Gold Core stage, that’s why he had to leave as well.”

Today, Lei Yu completely understood the term inconceivable. Every single one of Romon’s words were things Lei Yu had never imagined he would hear, it’s almost similar to him hearing a mythical fairy tale. “You’re saying Prophet Kalchas hasn’t died yet?”

“Of course not. I returned to the Vatican to spread the news that he was dead, then I haven’t made any further appearance after that. I have been improving myself because according to father’s words, I knew the day you were born was not far away.”

“Understood, I completely understand everything!” It was like Lei Yu suddenly had an enlightenment. “So the next thing I need to do is to concentrate on cultivating and improve myself. Oncence I condense my Gold Core, I can see them again right?” Lei Yu was rather looking forward to this.

“Correct, that’s how it should be.”

Lei Yu was excited as he exhaled while tremblin, there was no reason for him to stay in the United States any longer. He originally come here to get rid of Hasegawa, but he never expected this continuous chain of events. Since the Dark Council had been destroyed and Dr. Tony’s dream had been shattered, it was time to return home and concentrate on cultivating.

After hearing Romon’s words did Lei Yu understand that in the eyes of those in the Immortal World, he was merely an infant that had started crawling and still needed to be nursed. There was still a long road ahead of him!

The two returned to the first floor hall. After seeing how respectful Romon was when he was looking at Lei Yu, the Pope’s mouth naturally opened as he gaped at them. Regarding Romon’s prior demonstration of power, the Pope’s heart had already thrown itself at Romon’s feet and prostrated itself in admiration. What the Pope didn’t expect was that Lei Yu, whom he had always tried to draw to his side turned out to be Lord Romon’s benefactor. As for how this benefactor business come about, probably he’ll never get to know the truth.

“Want to get out of here? If we don’t leave soon, I’m afraid a gust of wind might blow this place off the cliff soon.” Lei Yu joked.

It’s unsure how the Pope mastered such an ability but he started to float towards the opposite side of the cliff. As for Lei Yu and others, they stood on top of Romon’s huge pillar while Romon flew them across the ciff. Lei Yu actually had a great time with this process because it felt more stimulating than skydiving. He was determined to ask Romon later on how to grasp this flying ability.

As they were flying across, Lei Yu was surprised to feel that something was inside the abyss. It had a very unique powerful energy which didn’t belong to the destructive type, and the energy wasn’t the type that was created by someone. Lei Yu turned around to tell them what was going on and leapt off the cliff. Romon was afraid of an accident occurring so he followed right after.

The death of Primus Hogue was certain, so there’s no way he was still alive. One of the things Vampires feared was having something penetrate the top of their skull.³ And when Romon’s staff slammed down, it shattered his skull so he was deader than a doornail.

This powerful energy was coming from the area where Primus Hogue’s body landed. Lei Yu was using one hand along the side of the cliff to slow down his descent before landing at the bottom.

“Yes! It’s coming from somewhere around here!” Lei Yu arrived at the mouth of a deep hole and discovered the flashing of a faint white light. Lei Yu looked inside and realized that with his eyesight, he couldn’t see what it was.

“Let me do it!” Romon grinned before suddenly slamming his copper staff into the ground. The ground shook and sent the body of Primus Hogue bouncing out of the hole.

Lei Yu blinked a few times, “You are really too strong…”

Very quickly, the two of them found what was making the flashing light. It was a bead that was hanging against the chest of Primus Hogue. The bead was very similar to the Spiritual Bead of Longevity from before, but it wasn’t the same thing because this was a white crystal. As for what its uses were, they had no clue.

Lei Yu simply yanked the bead off. “Do you care if I take this?” Lei Yu asked while waving the crystal.

“Why would I care? I don’t even know what this thing does.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrow jumped before he stored the bead inside his storage ring. The two once again rose into the air and returned to where the crowd was waiting.

Two days later, Lei Yu brought Black Panther and everyone else to Dr. Tony’s base. Inside, they found some experimental data on many viruses and bacteriums, including some data code which they couldn’t read. Since the things they found at the Yamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters were so useful already, then this old devil Dr. Tony’s things should not be too bad either. Lei Yu collected everything!


¹ – Inedia is a belief that a person can live without eating food, so that means Lei Yu doesn’t really have to eat now to stay alive?

² – Mahayana is a Buddhist practice and the author uses this as to say this Immortal has achieved the highest ascension possible.

³ – In this world of the author, Vampires appear not to be afraid of stakes through the heart but stakes through the head?

【Author’s comment: I would like to make a statement so don’t get pissed. Ai Er hasn’t made a lot of appearances but her focus will be highlighted in the Immortal Realm. I have already thought of the story’s outline and it should be good. Ai Er is a very important character, so important that Lei Yu’s fate might turn to a different path. Please be patient and additionally, Lei Yu hears about Telephassa but can they really meet again? That’s a secret for now.】

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