Chapter 187 – Lord Romon

Upon seeing this newly arrived individual, Primus Hogue removed his grasp on Lei Yu’s neck. Lei Yu dropped to the ground and coughed a few times before backing away.

“You have already condensed your Gold Core? You’re the rumored ascetic cultivator who appeared on Vatican’s side?”

“Primus Hogue, have you finally chosen to die today? You damn f*cking asshole!” Romon cursed.

Lei Yu, the Pope, Ai Er, and everyone present, including Primus Hogue, had their mouths agape in shock. No one present had expected that such a powerful entity would have such a dirty mouth.

“What did you say?!” Only a while later did Primus Hogue come back to his senses. Hearing someone curse at him, he angrily condensed the dark energy around himself and pushed it towards Romon.

In an unhurried gesture, Romon casually flipped his palm. The large copper staff similar to a pillar flew up by itself and stabbed into the ground in front of Romon with a “bam”, blocking Primus Hogue’s attack.

“Lord Romon! Please save the Vatican and your followers!” Seeing how strong Romon was, the Pope’s courage also increased. He ignored Primus Hogue and went up to Romon.

“Save the Vatican? Is the Vatican headquarters even here? If you died here, there will always be a next generation Pope so is it even necessary for me to save anything?”

Romon’s words almost made the Pope die from choking on his own saliva. Since he didn’t know what else to say, he could only lower his head and silently retreat to the very back.

“Then what is your purpose for coming here? Did you just come here just to insult me?” Even though Primus Hogue wasn’t very tall, his increasing momentum made up for it as he tried to regain his face.

“You? You’re merely enjoying a bit of dog shit luck and succeeded in condensing your Gold Core during your demonic cultivation. You want to fight against me with your current strength? You’re still not qualified!”

Lei Yu and everyone else gasped. “Not qualified?” Lei Yu’s brain seemed to have short circuited. Could Romon be stronger than Primus Hogue by a lot? Lei Yu had already experienced the Primus Hogue’s enormous strength; its terrifying power made a person unable to breathe. No one had expected Romon to actually say such a thing. Could it be that there were even more ranks once a person surpassed the Sixth Order?

“What did you say? You’re courting death!” Primus Hogue was completely enraged. Like a ghost, he pounced at Romon. The crushing momentum made the Pope and others feel like they’d lost control of their bodies and were about to drop to the ground.

The golden aura surrounding Romon suddenly brightened. The moment Primus Hogue drew near, Romon casually said: “Benefactor, we’ll chat after I get rid of him.” After saying that, Romon picked up the copper pillar and retreated backwards at a speed even faster than Primus Hogue.

Everyone had a surprised look on their face as their gaze fell on Lei Yu. “Benefactor? Wha… what does that mean?”

Black Panther wrinkled his nose as a bit of snot dripped down. “Young… young master, how many people have you actually saved before? How come wherever you go, there’s someone calling you their benefactor?” It wasn’t surprising to see how shocked Black Panther and others were. They could understand if an ordinary person called Lei Yu a benefactor, but the person who said this had surpassed every powerful expert on this entire planet. So how could he call Lei Yu his benefactor?

Lei Yu scratched his head and blinked a few times. “I… I have no clue! I’ve never seen him before!”

Looking off into the distance, those two powers were engaged in a fierce battle. The most eye-catching was definitely Romon. Holding that large copper staff made him look like the mythical legendary being, Sun Wukong (Monkey King). The ease that Romon displayed when manipulating the copper pillar really did make him look as if he were using the Monkey King’s Ruyi Golden Staff.

When the staff had previously smashed into the ground, everyone present could already picture how much it weighed. But now that it was in Romon’s hands, it looked as if it was as light as a feather.

With Romon’s airtight defense, Primus Hogue’s frequent attacks were unable to even get near his body.

A confrontation between supreme experts was beyond anything Lei Yu and the others would have imagined. This fight had completely been fought with internal energy this far, and the collision of the dark force with the golden force had made craters all over the ground. It was fortunate that both parties hadn’t used their full strength, or else this place would have just turned into a giant hole in the ground.

Lei Yu’s mind had drifted off somewhere else. He was wondering how it would feel to possess such great strength, like those two.

The battle between was getting increasingly fierce. From the ground to the air, from east to west, the energy shockwaves produced by their collisions created gale-like winds. No one dared to blink, afraid that they would miss a second of the fight. As for Lei Yu, he evidently moved Ai Er behind him to protect her. He was using one hand to hold onto her slim waist, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to resist the aftershocks by herself.

It was natural for those two to have different colored internal energy, but it looked like their momentum was similar to each other’s. As for Primus Hogue’s dark energy, it looked slightly thinner than Romon’s golden energy. Perhaps the slight gap between those two supreme experts could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The distance between the two was only about a dozen meters. But to supreme experts like themselves, distance was no longer an obstacle. Their own movement speed and attack speed were the most important.

Romon suddenly waved the golden staff in his hand. Similar to a dragon bursting out from a cave, a sharp whistling sound was heard and an imposing momentum of energy flew straight for Primus Hogue’s chest. Primus Hogue knew he was dealing with an attack that wasn’t at full strength, so he indifferently flung the huge cloak he was wearing in a rotating manner. Once that illusory dragon-like energy drew near, the whirlwind created by the cloak instantly cancelled out the golden dragon. Primus Hogue’s eyes and tiny pinprick pupils suddenly enlarged as he roared into the sky. The cloak he was wearing suddenly fluttered in the air behind him and became huge, splitting down the middle as it formed into two wings.

With the larger eyes and clearly larger pupils, a shimmering red light accompanied Primus Hogue’s terrifying gaze. After the cloak and hood disappeared, Primus Hogue emerged with short curly black hair, an unchanged pale face, and a Western-style suit. His whole appearance didn’t really quite match, which made him look slightly funny.

Two white fangs had now protruded out from the corners of his mouth. His mouth was also slightly opened, revealing his blood-red tongue.

With this, this identity as a Vampire had now been fully confirmed. But for a Vampire to achieve such strength is truly unimaginable. Lei Yu couldn’t help feeling surprised after finding out the Dark Council was founded by the Kameno family. No wonder their words seemed to have more weight behind them! From the day when he had fought Bel and Jonathan, Lei Yu could tell that even though their strength had been similar, Bel’s status seemed to be significantly higher than Jonathan’s. So it turned out to be this reason.

It was at this moment that…!

“Bloodthirsty Eclipsing Wind!”

Roared Primus Hogue. Right after that, his huge wings started to flap, and the dark energy mixed with a disgusting stench sent out a gale of wind that blasted towards Romon.

This wind had a strong corrosive effect. If someone was tainted with it, their fate would be similar to the previous eighteen Holy Knights. But the difference this time was that Primus Hogue had enlarged the surface area of this attack by multiple times, in order to encase Romon inside of it.

Facing this large area attack with no place to avoid, Romon surprisingly looked quite leisurely. Unhurriedly, he grasped the center of the copper staff with both hands and started rotating it in front of his chest. He then gave a shout that made everyone dumbfounded.

“Electric Fan!” ¹


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