Chapter 186 – A Heavenly Staff Descends

“How could a human’s lowly life possibly compare to our noble life? You are not qualified to speak with me and will only accelerate the time of your death!” It was obvious that Primus Hogue didn’t want to immediately kill Lei Yu, but wanted to play with his life instead.

Primus Hogue retrieved his dark energy and Lei Yu coughed violently a few times. Ai Er hurriedly slapped Lei Yu’s back. Even in a front of a supreme expert, there was no way this weak woman would change her concern towards her most beloved. Ai Er actually looked quite calm in this situation.

In fact, Ai Er was thinking that even if they were to die, dying together with Lei Yu would be a rather happy and beautiful thing. But Lei Yu wasn’t thinking of this, he only wanted to protect the people who needed protection, and didn’t want any harm to befall Ai Er.

“Lowly?” Lei Yu firmly pinched his neck, allowing his breathing to recover. He then said in a rather reasonable manner: “Our lives are lowly?! I think you creatures of the dark who can’t survive in the light are the dirty ones! Could it be that you guys were never humans before? I have the same two words for you – simply laughable!”

“You must die!” roared Primus Hogue. Lei Yu had now fully angered Primus Hogue, the founder of the Dark Council!

To kill Lei Yu, Primus Hogue would barely need to use an ounce of strength. As a demon that felt he no longer belonged to this realm, a wave of his hand could make the entire town disappear forever.

But what about the Pope? He didn’t even have the courage to say a single word! This made the people next to Lei Yu look down on him, in contempt. Was this what the Vatican’s Pope was made of?

When Primus Hogue was about to make his move, a black shadow shot down from the skies. The black wings on his back revealed his identity. That’s right; this was a Senator of the Dark Council – Vampire Prince Bel.

“Your lordship. After a thorough investigation, I’m absolutely sure that there are no longer any creatures that need to be kept breathing except for the ones in this estate.” Bel fiercely glanced over at Lei Yu.

“Very good. Since the commoners chose to betray us, then let us control their world. From this day on, you lead our Vampire clan and initiate a large-scale takeover of the humans. I want all these lowly humans to have our noble blood flowing through their veins!”

“I obey your command!” Spreading out his wings, Bel soared into the sky.

“Bastard! Damn bastard!” Lei Yu yelled like crazy. But he knew he didn’t have the ability to deal with Primus Hogue. Facing such strength, a mere pinky finger of his opponent would easily kill him. Although their difference in power was a single level, the gap in strength between them was equivalent to a distance of thousands of miles.

Lei Yu suddenly realized something. Hearing Primus Hogue speak to Bel, it seemed that he was a Vampire. Then, could he be related to the Kameno family?

The 1.6 meter tall Primus Hogue suddenly raise his eyebrows. “I’ve suddenly had a great idea!”

“Your idea will certainly be extremely vile!” Lei Yu was trying to go against the pressure exerted by Primus Hogue. Perhaps Lei Yu was the only one among those present who had the courage to criticize him.

“Vile? That’s too funny! I am going to turn you vile humans into family members of my noble Vampire clan. You guys should feel honored instead!” Coldly laughing, Primus Hogue then continued, “Even though I don’t know what kind of methods you’ve used to enhance your strength up to this point in such a short period of time, your power level is already close to mine. If I were to assist your cultivation further, that means I would be willing to train you to become the next Chairman of the Dark Council!”

“Ptui! F*ck that, you might as well kill me!” Lei Yu was so angry that he had practically lost his mind. He would rather die than become a member of the Dark Council.

Lei Yu hadn’t expected this at all. He had finally escaped Dr. Tony’s terrifying hell, and then suddenly had to face this super powerful opponent that he couldn’t take on at all! Everything was like one bad dream after another. It was unbelievable, yet it was happening right in front of him!

“Humph!” Primus Hogue made a claw-like gesture with his hand, and Lei Yu’s body suddenly felt a powerful suction force. Unable to resist in the slightest, he was then sucked towards the demonic claws of Primus Hogue.

Ai Er wanted to pull Lei Yu back, but with a mere stare from Primus Hogue, her body flew off like a cannon ball. Enraged, Lei Yu’s eyes turned red, but no matter how hard he struggled, he still couldn’t escape that demonic claw.

Ai Er’s body flew off towards the castle manor, but was caught by Black Panther, whose quick speed was able to react in time. Fortunately, it had only been a physical attack, and it hadn’t affected her soul. Lei Yu was relieved when he realized that Ai Er was unharmed.

His neck was clamped by Primus Hogue but their eyes were staring at each other. Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with anger; his bloodshot eyes still looking as if they contained some type of elusive mysteriousness. Even Primus Hogue, who was fully in control, couldn’t see through him… As if Lei Yu still had a hidden ace that he hadn’t revealed yet.

“No matter what other abilities you have, I’m going to suck all the blood out of your body and change it into our noble Kameno family’s blood!”

“No!” Ai Er hysterically yelled, but was there any use?




There were no dark clouds in the sky and no signs of lightning, so why would there be such loud and harsh sounds? Everyone raised their heads; even Primus Hogue felt something was off.

At this time, in another part of the sky, a golden light flew towards them like a rocket. “Bam!”

On the ground, a copper staff about as thick as a human’s leg had stabbed deep into the earth. Cracks spread out on the ground around it, while everything was shaking just like during an earthquake. It took a while before Ai Er and others were able to stand firmly again.

Lei Yu was shocked. Could it be that another supreme expert was coming to wipe them out? “No! It shouldn’t be! This… this aura seems familiar!” Lei Yu, still being held midair, had some doubts. Who could it be? Such a powerful aura wasn’t something Lei Yu was capable of facing, or daring to send out his spirit in order to probe their identity.

Another golden light appeared where the copper staff had come from, in the sky. It was also shooting towards them and getting closer!

“Lord Romon!” It’s unknown where the Pope got the guts from, but he actually stepped out and shouted this.

“Romon? The ascetic cultivator?” Lei Yu was surprised. Was this the person who the Pope said would save them when the Vatican was in a crisis – Lycomedes Romon?

A single person came down from the skies and landed, his whole body exuding a visible aura that had the same surface area as Primus Hogue’s, but in a gold color. This person gave off a sacred feeling, a force that only those who were righteous and upright had, the complete opposite of the evil force that defined Primus Hogue of the Dark Council.

Amidst his blonde hair stood a small vertical horn. Looking at his handsome face, although the Pope said he had been alive for a very long time, his appearance and his supposed age didn’t match up at all.

The most fearsome thing was his body – two metal hoops were firmly locked into his shoulder blades. Although fresh blood wasn’t dripping out of those wounds, one look would be enough to instantly numb a person’s heart. A body filled with wounds and scars… Who in this world was capable of hurting such a powerful existence? There was only one way to explain this – self-mutilation! As an ascetic cultivator, he was meant to bear the pain and discipline that ordinary people could not tolerate. Not did it improve the strength of one’s body, it also honed their extraordinary willpower. This was the one thing that was compulsory for all who walked the path of ascetic cultivation.

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