Chapter 185 – Supreme Expert

“Why is it impossible?” Lei Yu pursed his lips. “You really didn’t know about this? After cooperating with Dr. Tony for so long? Now that is unbelievable. You should know that once Dr. Tony makes his move, the consequences are unthinkable.” Lei Yu never mentioned the strange occurrence. It was better this way, since it maintained an air of mystery and made the Pope feel like he couldn’t see through Lei Yu.

The Pope was lost in thought. Although he was shocked by Lei Yu’s words, he still chose to believe them, since Lei Yu had no need to falsely confess.

“Your holiness, how do you plan on dealing with this current situation?” Lei Yu asked.

The Pope nodded, saying, “The Dark Council isn’t too much of a threat to us for now, since their strongest hidden expert Primus Hogue hasn’t appeared yet.”

Lei Yu had a strange look on his face as he shook his head, “It’s unfortunate that because of you and I, your faithful believers paid the price with their lives.”

“God will remember what they’ve done for the Vatican, and their souls will receive the best treatment in heaven.” The Pope made a fake benevolent expression that disgusted Lei Yu.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, and talk about your plans instead,” Lei Yu interrupted the Pope’s apparent show of piety.

“Your return has significantly increased our strength. There’s no longer any need for us to guard this place, so we can just rush out and cleanse the place of all these evil creatures. This is the quickest and easiest solution.”

Lei Yu thought this would work as well. Taking the initiative was better than sitting here and waiting.

Just as the two were discussing the issues and were about to arrive at a consensus, an explosion came from somewhere in the estate grounds. It had come from quite a distance away, but even Ai Er, an ordinary person, could hear it clearly.

Following this, everyone rushed out together. Lei Yu asked, “What was that?”

Looking off into the distance, they could see a dark cloud, of at least five meters in height. And a huge gap had been blown open in the estate’s walls. The guards who wanted to rush forward towards the cloud started screaming as their bodies began to shrivel up. It appeared as if their blood had been completely drained, and their deaths had been extremely gruesome.

“Primus Hogue!” The Pope’s face became pale while Lei Yu was in complete shock. This was the Dark Council’s most powerful existence, a supreme expert that had already surpassed the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior!

The sudden appearance of this fearsome individual left the Pope without a choice. He anxiously looked over at Lei Yu, who expressed his understanding. The two simultaneously brought out the scrolls inside their storage rings, an item that Lei Yu had always thought was only used to open Crete’s Labyrinth.

The scroll gave off a mysterious aura. Once it appeared, Primus Hogue’s voice was heard at a distance just enough for everyone in the area to clearly hear it.

“Little child of the Vatican and your little friend Lei Yu, what are you up to? Do you want to release the arcane arts of the scrolls?”

The Pope’s eyes widened. “You… How did you know?”

“What of it? Surprised? Didn’t the previous generation’s Pope tell you…? Then let me, tell YOU!” This black cloud instantly appeared in front of Lei Yu, the Pope and the others in less than a breath, as if it had teleported, allowing everyone to see what Primus Hogue actually looked like.

Primus Hogue wasn’t as tall as he looked at a distance; he was only about 1.6 meters tall (5ft 2in). His entire being was covered in a swirling dark energy, making him looking majestic and domineering.

His face was pale as if blood didn’t flow in his veins. His lips and his fingernails were black, as if he had been poisoned. The most terrifying feature was his eyes – centered in the white of his eyes were barely visible pupils, the size of pinpricks. His gaze was hollow, as if he were already staring at everyone as if they were as good as dead.

His sudden arrival hadn’t given Lei Yu and the Pope any time to react. The Vampire Prince Bel’s strongest teleportation ability was still a ways off compared to this. And Primus Hogue had displayed this ability with such ease…

Panic-stricken, the Pope suddenly stopped chanting half-way through his mantra. This made Primus Hogue smile in disdain. At the same time, Lei Yu pushed Ai Er behind him. The Holy Knights then rushed in front of the Pope and Lei Yu. As for Black Panther and the rest, they stood on both sides of Lei Yu, in their fighting stances.

“Such a big lineup… But unfortunately for you guys, you’re dealing with me! You guys will forever disappear from this world!” Primus Hogue wasn’t just all talk. He actually started waving his hand, and a dark aura blew over towards them. The moment this dark aura came into contact with the Holy Knights standing in the front lines, their bodies started festering, giving off a foul smell. Eighteen Holy Knights. Eighteen experts who had reached the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior had instantly lost their lives! Was this the ability of a supreme expert who had surpassed the power of a Sixth Order Warrior? Nope, it was not only that. Primus Hogue had done this with a mere wave of his hand this time.

“A hundred years ago, I was trapped through the scrolls’ arcane arts by Kalchas and the last generation’s Pope. And only these past few years did I finally manage to break out of it. Now you guys want to use the same method to deal with me? Impossible!” Primus Hogue, only 1.6 meters tall, suddenly stared hard, making the two scrolls in the Pope’s hand burn in flames before disappearing without even leaving any ashes behind.

Lei Yu and the Pope simultaneously took a few steps back. Even though Primus Hogue had only made two simple moves, with one of them the Vatican had lost eighteen experts, and with the second Lei Yu and the others had lost the treasure that was supposed to help them deal with this threat.

Lei Yu was currently overawed at Primus Hogue’s presence, because he couldn’t detect any life coming from him. It was as if Primus Hogue didn’t exist. Yet here he was, in front of everyone. It couldn’t possibly be a fake. The other party’s overpowering strength had made Lei Yu’s ability to probe absolutely useless.

“You…! What do you want?! God is surely watching your evil deeds and you will suffer his punishment!” the Pope said in a panic.

At this point, the Pope had become a leader without any followers. The death of the eighteen Holy Knights was a heavy loss for the Vatican.

“Punishment? In this world, no one has ever dared to mention that word to me!” Primus Hogue’s momentum was too compelling. Even if Lei Yu and the others wanted to attack they wouldn’t be able to, because the pressure he exerted was too great.

Lei Yu was secretly surprised in his heart at how weak he was. When facing a true expert, the chance of him escaping was equal to zero. If he was able to get out of this crisis, he had to increase! Increase! He had to increase his powers!

“The grudge between the Vatican and my Dark Council isn’t something recent that can be set aside just like that. As for this little child Lei Yu, having such strength at this young age truly makes him a rarely seen genius!” Primus Hogue then started shaking his head. “It’s too bad you made a mistake and killed a Senator of my Dark Council. We all know that you have to pay the price when making a mistake, so there’s no need to debate the issue!”

Not knowing where his courage came from, Lei Yu loudly replied: “If I didn’t kill him, was I supposed to let him kill me? Was I born to let you guys kill me? What a joke!”

“Humph!” Primus Hogue suddenly stared hard, and Lei Yu’s body instantly froze. Lei Yu felt that he was unable to breathe. His face became flushed and the veins on his neck started popping out. Lei Yu’s current appearance was truly horrific, the stuff of nightmares!

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