Chapter 179 – Killing Another One

The sound of bones being shattered was clearly heard by everyone present. The next moment, a large body similar to a mountain heavily dropped to the ground. Even though fresh blood did not flow out of his chest, there was indeed a large and terrifying looking hole on his chest. All the meat and intestines around the edge of the hole had been fully cooked.

Lei Yu had created a positive turning point after he caused this strong existence to permanently close his eyes forever. This happened too fast, so fast that Dr. Tony and the other three mutants couldn’t even react.

“Lei Yu! You actually dared to kill my men! I’m going to smash you into pieces!” Dr. Tony angrily roared from up top.

Lei Yu replied: “What a joke, as if you were going to let me leave if I didn’t kill him? Did you grow up eating shit? Your brain seems to be filled with flour paste!”

“You…!” Dr. Tony’s eyes were filled with anger. “Kill him for me! Shred him to pieces!”

The other three mutants finally recovered and began approaching Lei Yu.

Lei Yu’s arm suddenly trembled as he released his energy pressure against his opponents. The three mutants slightly exerted some of their strength and was able to eliminate Lei Yu’s energy pressure. At this very moment, Lei Yu attacked. It was a crescent moon-like attack; the first form of the Thirty-six Lunar Star’s technique had appeared once again.

The reason Lei Yu used this again was because this was the only ability he had which effected a large area. There really wasn’t anything else he could do in this situation.

Sure enough, out of the three of them, Panther quickly dodged to the side before the fierce attack landed on him. As if they were comparing their powers, Bear used his powerful attack and smashed forth to resist the incoming attack.

As for the rhinoceros with a strong body and powerful defense, he just wanted to block the attack head on. Unfortunately for him, he had messed up big time. Previously when Lei Yu used this on the one-eyed gorilla, the rhinoceros mutant wasn’t around so he didn’t know how powerful the first form was.

Among the three mutants, only Panther was standing off to the side without an injury. As for Bear and Rhinoceros, one was heavily injured while one was slightly injured. Bear’s injuries weren’t serious because his own attack was able to block a portion of Lei Yu’s attack. The portion he couldn’t block only caused slight damage to the fur on its body which was considered nothing in his eyes. But the situation was completely different for the Rhinoceros because he merely used his body’s natural defense, which resulted in a wound that was similar to the one on the one-eyed gorilla.

Even so, one could see that his defense was on another level compared to the one-eyed gorilla because even though he got hit, he was still alive. The one-eyed gorilla had a slab of stone block off a portion of the power before the attack struck its body, and the wound he had looked similar on the rhinoceros who took the brunt of it.

Lei Yu had exhausted quite a bit of his internal energy, at least over half of it. Even though his heart was completely frantic, he still couldn’t show any of that on his face.

Facing three experts and a Dr. Tony who hadn’t made a move yet, Lei Yu was under an unbearable pressure. But someone like him who experienced plenty of fights still showed an expression without any fear. For Lei Yu to kill one Ultimate Rank Mutant while under these conditions, a large portion was due to luck because of his opponents’ carelessness.

But this kind of luck probably wouldn’t happen again. Lei Yu had no intentions of hiding any other moves. Although he wasn’t capable of releasing his first group of Lunar Star combination offensive skill, he still could easily release the first four forms of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique. And even though Lei Yu wasn’t very proficient with the fifth form, he could still use it when needed.

It looked like Lei Yu had to use the third form which he had never used in a fight before. One could only see Lei Yu’s hands clasp together as if he was the Minotaur Linos who was holding a golden axe. With an exceptionally mighty aura, Lei Yu’s eyes landed on the fastest panther mutant and targeted him. Unfortunately for Panther, his speed wasn’t even worth mentioning when compared to Lei Yu’s upcoming attack.

One could only see Lei Yu’s mouth chant: “Lunar Star’s third form, break!”

As Lei Yu swung his arms down, an explosive force erupted with a bright light. A purple lightning energy combined with little specks of starry light bursted forth like an enraged beast. Even though there was a certain distance between Lei Yu and his target, escaping from Lei Yu’s almost instantaneous attack was simply a fool’s dream.

Panther’s eyes were flashing a purple light which was the reflection of Lei Yu’s attack. With a face filled with horror, it was unfortunate that it was already too late..

Lei Yu’s hands were supported by his knees as he was gasping for breath. It was no longer possible for him to release another attack with this kind of power anymore. Escaping was still possible, but bringing Cui Ying Ying along as well was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

This attack on Panther could be considered a concentrated attack filled with an explosive force. The instant it landed on Panther, the force immediately spread out as if it had blasted apart.¹ Even if one managed to dodge this attack, the burst would cause shockwaves resulting in serious injuries. Unfortunately for Panther, he didn’t have any time to dodge so his upper body fully disappeared after leaving only a pair of legs and a male’s genitalia. He now looked like a tree branch which was stabbed into the ground.

Lei Yu had depleted most of his internal energy to kill two super experts which was his limit. Even if he died now, he doesn’t believe he has suffered any losses.

Lei Yu sneered, “What now? You still haven’t killed me yet!”

“You… you…! You’re a demon!” Dr. Tony was too shocked. Between experts, their power levels are usually similar. Some maybe a bit stronger in certain aspects but a bit weaker in others. If one has a strong aspect in a certain area, another person would have a strong aspect somewhere else. Either way, all the experts are metaphorically speaking standing at the same line. But Lei Yu revealed a shocking side to everyone. The first being speed; even without the support of the Ares boots, Lei Yu’s speed was a lot faster when compared to his fastest underling Panther. The second was power; the power behind Lei Yu’s attack was obvious to all. Even the one-eyed gorilla who had quite a powerful attack lost its life, let alone Panther whose defense wasn’t even close to the gorilla. After observing the previous battles, Dr. Tony noticed Lei Yu had a very strong defense as well. With these three aspects rolled into one, Lei Yu was just too fearsome!

“I’m a demon? What a load of crap… you guys who are half-human and half-monsters are the real demons right?” Lei Yu had already killed two of Dr. Tony’s hidden cards and he had no intention of leaving this place. Moreover, Lei Yu would never leave Cui Ying Ying behind and escape by himself.

At first, Dr. Tony and company could use Cui Ying Ying as a pawn to threaten Lei Yu. But now, they were most likely going to just kill them both.

“I refuse to believe that you have any more abilities, unless your energy is inexhaustible! Kill him!” Dr. Tony once again roared out.

“Ha ha…” Lei Yu simply laughed out loud. Right after that, a terrifying glint appeared in his eyes. “You can try! And see if I have the ability to kill another one of you guys or not!”

When Rhinoceros and Bear heard what Lei Yu said, one could see their original intention of rushing forth became hesitation that showed in their steps. The first thought of those two was: “Can he really still do it?”

Nope, Lei Yu couldn’t use another attack with similar power. He had absolutely no way of killing any of them in his present condition. If a Fifth Order expert or a Fifth Rank Mutant suddenly appeared, he still had no way to beat them.

Lei Yu was just like an empty vessel standing who could no longer release any fearsome attacks.



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