Chapter 177 – Blocked By A Stone Slab

One needs to become stronger against a strong opponent!

The highest form of the Thirty-Six Lunar Star technique Lei Yu comprehended had never been used in public. Only the lower forms of this technique had been used in front of the Pope, and the Pope shouldn’t be idle to the point of having nothing better to do than visiting Dr. Tony and mentioning techniques of Lei Yu. Other than his disciple Liu Hao, there was only the Vampire Prince Bel and the Werewolf King Jonathan who had passed away that knew those techniques.

The Dark Council had an implacable hatred with Dr. Tony, so Lei Yu wasn’t worried these two would be in contact with each other. As for now, Lei Yu intended to use the first form of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique against this powerful enemy – the one-eyed gorilla. Thus, Lei Yu still had a hidden card up his sleeves and wasn’t too worried.

After thinking about this, Lei Yu quickly adjusted his mentality. His internal energy started circulating as it started running through his meridians. His arms that were numb from the previous attack by the one-eyed gorilla gradually started to recover, and the Ares boots on his feet started to shine brightly. What Lei Yu was planning on doing was to finish this battle quickly, so he was going to defeat his opponent in the shortest time possible.

The next attack by the one-eyed gorilla struck nothing but air. Even if he had more than doubled his movement speed from before,comparing it to Lei Yu’s speed would be similar to comparing a tortoise with a hare. Not to mention that Lei Yu had the support of the Ares boots. So in conclusion, this slab of meat still couldn’t catch a corner of Lei Yu’s clothing.

The condensed internal energy was beginning to take shape. Lei Yu didn’t have a weapon, but he did once have the sharp spike which belonged to the Ink Beast. Unfortunately during the duel with the Ming Sect’s Cai Zhong, it was destroyed. Now he was only relying on his own pair of fists as weapons.

The purple internal energy was shining brightly in the palm of Lei Yu. And the white dots that were sparkling like stars made his internal energy look extraordinarily beautiful. But there was no one to appreciate this sight because behind this brilliance was a destructive and deadly force.

Lei Yu then shouted: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, first form!” At the same time, his arm made a rotating gesture above his head.

A purple light in the shape of a crescent moon started expanding until it was 5 meter long. With Lei Yu as the launching point, it rapidly flew off like a thunderbolt. With its swiftness and violent speed, there was no way for the one-eyed gorilla to avoid it. The only thing he could do now was to block it with all he had.

The moment the crescent shaped purple light was about to reach its target, the one-eyed gorilla became enraged. At first he never thought that this attack would be so powerful, but when it was less than three meters away from him did he start to feel remorse. At this critical moment, even if he wanted to bend down and stoop to the ground to avoid the attack was an impossible thing.

Seeing Lei Yu’s perfect first technique was about to land on the oversized gorilla…

The ground suddenly vibrated and a large slab of stone fell down in front of the one-eyed gorilla just in time . The first form of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s crescent moon technique neatly sliced the slab of stone in two, while the remaining power of the attack hit the body of the one-eyed gorilla.

The one-eyed gorilla roared as his bones could be seen from the deep wound of his chest.

Because the wound was so deep on its chest, it exposed the revolting sight of white bones, yet it still wasn’t enough to kill him.

The sudden appearance of a slab of stone dropping down saved the one-eyed gorilla, but it still suffered a serious injury.

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked up. There was a huge gap where a piece of the ceiling was missing, which was where the slab of stone fell from. Lei Yu wasn’t surprised at the missing piece of ceiling but was surprised when he sent out his spirit to probe the area; he detected a presence of an expert up there, a true super expert!

“Dr. Tony?” Said Lei Yu in a cold tone as he didn’t bother paying attention to the seriously injured one-eyed gorilla anymore.

“You’re very smart and you almost ruined my plans!” At this time, a person jumped down from the ceiling. The strange thing about this person was that he was almost bald with some white hair remaining on his head that hung naturally on the sides. He was wearing a white lab coat and wearing gold rimmed eye glasses. No matter how you looked at him, he didn’t look like the most powerful existence amongst all the mutants.

Once Dr. Tony appeared, the one-eyed gorilla became very respectful. Ignoring his own wounds, the gorilla stood behind Dr. Tony with his head lowered as if he was ashamed of his defeat against Lei Yu.

“You’ve finally showed your face!” Lei Yu unconsciously took two steps back since being cautious was the most important thing right now. Especially when you were at someone else’s territory, you had to be careful every step you took.

“You are indeed very smart, you actually followed Bianca here. This was outside of my expectations.” Dr. Tony’s facial expression suddenly became serious and his eyes became wide and round. “But since you’ve managed to come here, don’t even think about leaving this place alive!”

“I never intended on leaving this place alive!” Lei Yu didn’t show any fear and actually showed an awe-inspiring momentum. “If I can’t save my friend today, even if I die I will bring all of you to hell with me!”

“Oh really? Do you have the ability do that? According to my analysis, you only have a few simple attacking techniques. And after fighting those Third and Fourth Rank Mutants, along with the pack of wolves, you must have consumed a large portion of energy. After fighting Henry, your energy should have been depleted even further. You actually dare to shamelessly boast that you will bring us down with you? You’re practically indulging in your own fantasy!”

From the looks of it, Lei Yu was indeed in a bad situation. He had consumed quite a lot of energy but it was an amount he could still handle. With the sudden appearance of Dr. Tony and the one-eyed gorilla that Dr. Tony called Henry, the situation became very complicated. Henry was seriously injured but his situation wasn’t life threatening. And the damage to his chest area was akin to a skin trauma due to his size. Henry could just clench his teeth to bare the pain and continue fighting if he wanted.

Under these circumstances, Lei Yu had to face two Ultimate Rank Mutants. And this wasn’t his only problem, he also didn’t know many more underlings Dr. Tony had. How many more mutants did he control? Lei Yu refused to believe that he only had those previous dozen or so mutants and the pack of wolves. Therefore Lei Yu was thinking about the worst case scenario – even if he can’t save Cui Ying Ying, they will all die together!

“If you really think I only possess these tiny abilities, then you are wrong. Dr. Tony, you could always give it a try and see if I’m merely indulging myself in my own fantasies!” Lei Yu took his fighting stance, but thoughts of dying together wasn’t something he could easily accomplish.

Dr. Tony waved his hand, “It’s not the time for me to make a move, especially when you aren’t qualified enough for me to make a move!”

“What?!” Lei Yu was shocked, could it be that Dr. Tony still had some killers up his sleeves he hadn’t revealed yet? It looked like the scenario is even worse than he had expected.

“If you think I only have Henry as an Ultimate Rank Mutant, then you are completely mistaken! You three, come out!”




Tremors came from the surrounding three walls followed by it collapsing. This time Lei Yu was completely and utterly shocked, another three Ultimate Rank Mutants had appeared!

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