Chapter 175 – Beyond Ugly

The shadow of his body was quickly dodging back and forth. Fortunately Lei Yu was wearing the Ares boots since speed was the most important thing for him right now, and he could effortlessly utilize it as long as he needed.

Although the previous dodge of the wolf leader showed its quick reaction rate, the gap between it and Lei Yu was impossible to make up for. A mere Fourth Order beast had a gap of over two levels when compared to Lei Yu. However, the two level difference didn’t amount to three times more power; it was possible the power difference was beyond ten times or even one hundred times!

Lei Yu’s original plan had failed so he could only wait to find another moment of weakness to exploit. One thing for certain was that once the wolf leader was killed, the pack of wolves would fall into chaos. At that time, he could easily take out the remaining few dozens of wolves in one swoop..

Lei Yu’s level of agility could be described as having ghostly speed, as if air resistance didn’t hinder him at all. Combined with his naturally explosive powers, his speed wasn’t something these wolves were capable of matching. In front of other experts of the Sixth Order, even if they wanted to gain any advantages over Lei Yu based on speed would also have a difficult time. Not to mention Lei Yu was currently wearing the Ares boots, his speed may have doubled or maybe even more. One could only describe his speed as terrifyingly fast.

Lei Yu’s next attack was too sudden without any warning, and the extreme speed of that attack didn’t give the wolf leader any time to counter it. Apart from trying to dodge, it had no other options.

One could hear a crisp “click” sound. The attack that Lei Yu used was half an inch from its body and struck one of its front legs. It was precisely this half inch that saved it from death, but the outcome was that its foreleg being fractured. Wanting to stand steady on all four was no longer possible for this wolf leader.

At this time, the pack of wolves behind Lei Yu momentarily paused while glaring at him with their green eyes. They were looking at Lei Yu as if he was their greatest enemy under the heavens, and they had to shred him to pieces no matter what.

Lei Yu didn’t care when he saw the terrifying gazes of the wolves. Slightly narrowing his eyes, he wasn’t going to give these animals an opportunity to retaliate!

“Hoo~!” Roaring furiously, Lei Yu’s body moved like a ghost at terrifying speeds!

Fast as lightning and fists as heavy as a mountain! With such speeds and such power, how could the leader of the wolves continue to avoid these attacks? Those thoughts of the wolf were simply a mythical fantasy that would never happen!

“Owwww~!” The howling sound was filled with sadness, and it made the rest of the wolves close their eyes. They didn’t have the ability to stop Lei Yu and they couldn’t protect their leader from his attacks.

Lei Yu threw out a punch which was combined with his lightning power. Like a kite with its strings cut, the wolf leader flew off into a distance as it howled in resentment.

Without stopping, Lei Yu grabbed the opportunity while the rest of the wolves were still in shock. He increased his speed and dashed towards the remaining wolves, and every wolf Lei Yu passed by would be killed instantly. In just two minutes, only thirty-five wolves were left gasping for breath out of the previous sixty plus.

If this pack of wolves were released into society, then they would definitely cause a lot of chaos. Having at least the strength of a Third Order and their leader having the strength of a Fourth Order was something ordinary people couldn’t handle. Even if they dispatched the police, they would be of no use against these wolves. It looks like Dr. Tony’s ambitions and plans were extremely terrifying, and he was going to use this fear to achieve whatever his ultimate goal was.

Lei Yu gently rubbed his arm that had been accidentally clawed by one of the wolves. This minor wound was considered nothing to him so after adjusting himself a bit, he continued walking forward amongst the sea of corpses. At this time, a voice could be heard from an unknown direction.

“I knew you were strong, but didn’t expect you to be this strong. Three Third Rank Mutants; four Fifth Rank Mutants; and over a hundred wolves with the strength of a Third Rank Mutant attacked you. I never imagined that you would basically come out of this without any injuries. No wonder the Vatican gave up their cooperation with me so that you would to join them!”

“Dr. Tony…” Lei Yu frowned as he looked around. Even after carefully probing the area, he couldn’t find any presence. Lei Yu quickly understood what was going on – there were definitely surveillance cameras all over this place. It looked like that Dr. Tony was fully observing all his fights now up until now, his purpose was to study Lei Yu’s fighting methods in order to find a weakness. As the saying goes: Understand thy enemy before engaging them, thus knowing yourself and the enemy was the best tactic.

But Dr. Tony had made a grave mistake. Although Lei Yu’s attacks were visually stunning and effective, he never used any martial techniques. His ace attack, the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique wasn’t used at all. It looks like Dr. Tony will suffer a big loss in the near future.

“You’ve guessed correctly, I’m indeed Dr. Tony. I never imagined that you would find out that I’ve captured your little lover this quickly.”

Lei Yu coldly cursed out: “You filthy half-human half-beast, you actually dare to use such despicable means?!”

“Despicable? Filthy? There’s only the strong and the weak in this world, there’s no such thing as being despicable or not! If you want to achieve a satisfying conclusion in my place, it will have to depend on your capability!” After Dr. Tony’s cold reply, the next thing Lei Yu heard was the sound of an iron gate being opened. Dr. Tony’s voice once again was heard: “Defeat them if you have the ability!”

Lei Yu spread out his perception ability and then frowned. “Ultimate Rank Mutants? An expert of the Sixth Order!”

That’s right; Lei Yu’s detection was spot on. From behind an iron gate, an Ultimate Rank Mutant with the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior entered the room. If Lei Yu still continued to hold back his powers, then his death would be certain in this place.

When it came to Third, Fourth, and Fifth Order experts; Lei Yu could still get rid of them without any issues. But when it came to an expert who was at the same level as him, he would have to use everything he had.

Dr. Tony was too fearsome; it looks like he wasn’t the only person with the strength of an Ultimate Rank Mutant here. Lei Yu may suffer some losses as a result of this.

“Lei Yu, quickly run away!”

When he suddenly heard Bianca’s voice, it made Lei Yu slightly surprised. “Run?” Lei Yu coldly humphed. “Do you think I’m you? Someone who can easily betray their friend? Someone who can ignore a friend’s life or death? This is truly too laughable!”

Bianca was instantly speechless and didn’t know what else to say. This situation was something that shouldn’t have happened, but it’s fine anyway since their plan didn’t follow the expected course and this new situation developed.

“Humph! Even if you want to leave, there’s no way for you to do that!” From a distance, the Ultimate Rank Mutant gradually got closer revealing his face. Lei Yu intently looked over and noticed it was a male with only one eye, and his body looked exceptionally muscular. If someone like him appeared in society, it would certainly cause the population to panic. His face was something no one would flatter, and the word ugly couldn’t even begin to describe him.

His upper body was naked that revealed all his veins, and he was covered in muscles that looked like the patterns on a slab of granite which made it hard for people to conceive. With this type of super-strong body, his foundation for defense must be extremely firm.

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