Chapter 172 – Does Your Heart Ache?

There were a total of twelve teams in the perimeter. And it took Lei Yu about two hours to completely annihilate them all.

After adjusting his clothes, Lei Yu crawled out to the edge of the basin in order to carefully analyze the situation and wait for a good opportunity to make his move.

Around evening , there was a slight change in front of the mound of dirt. Lei Yu immediately focused his spirit as the golden Ares boots started to shine. Once the passageway opened to a certain extent, Lei Yu rushed forth with his lightning-like speed. Since he was already running down slope, plus the fact that his original speed was quite fast, and he was even wearing the Ares boots, Lei Yu sprinted distance of 1000 meters in under 5 seconds.

A black Mercedes car was coming up from the passageway. Lei Yu made a quick judgment based after detecting that a Fifth Rank Mutant was driving it. Before the driver even noticed him, Lei Yu instantly used one of the abilities he grasped in the [Detachment Stage] and released the power of lightning from his right finger. It was an instant kill. A hole had appeared on the driver’s head and he died without even realizing what happened.

Lei Yu’s action was quickly found out by the people inside. Around the basin and inside the mound were numerous surveillance cameras which were mounted in inconspicuous places. Even if Lei Yu’s was very fast, he would still be found out. Since Lei Yu had used less than 10 seconds from running down the slope to killing the driver, the guards couldn’t react fast enough even though they wanted to close the passageway.

“An expert has come, immediately notify Dr. Tony to make preparations!” Two mutants inside the control room panicked and shouted at their associates outside the door.

The passageway leading down was smooth and brightly lit. Lei Yu increased his vigilance to 120% as he carefully walked further down.

Knowing that Cui Ying Ying was captured by Dr. Tony had thoroughly enraged Lei Yu. He wasn’t worried if he would encounter danger or not, but was more worried about Cui Ying Ying’s safety as time went on. Lei Yu was never stingy with his emotions when it came to someone who helped him before, especially when that person was a close friend. Undoubtedly, friends and family was the most important things to Lei Yu!

With his perception ability, Lei Yu could feel that some people were quickly approaching him. And the strength of these approaching people was all revealed before Lei Yu’s ability.

Heading towards him were eight Third Rank Mutants. Lei Yu stood motionless with his hands behind his back. A surge of power was released from his body with a faint purple aura flowing out. The current him looked exceptionally calm with his emotionless face, making these eight mutants not daring to take another step forward.

The ground below Lei Yu’s foot suddenly pulsated, and suddenly a pit had appeared on the flat ground when Lei Yu shifted his foot. The purple energy he was exuding made a “buzzing” sound that chilled one’s heart. The condensed energy transformed into multiple purple lightnings which were spreading out like an energy net with Lei Yu as the center. Each and every lightning easily sliced into the walls and the ground around him. Lei Yu was very similar to a fiendgod, which gave everyone present an extreme pressure. These eight Third Rank Mutants instantly felt that a powerful force was locking them in place, and the horrifying pressure suddenly made them want to back away from Lei Yu as their slow footsteps came to a stop.

The harsh “buzzing” sound became louder as it entered into everyone’s ears. The fluctuating energy around Lei Yu stabilized as if it became something similar to a chain. It was firmly tied to his body forming an impenetrable mesh.

The space around then Lei Yu started to twist and distort.


A purple lightning suddenly appeared as if it came from the heavens. Lei Yu’s body disappeared from his original position as he hurtled forward like a drill. He was already in front of this group of mutants by the time they saw the purple lightning. With his horrifying gaze, Lei Yu’s lightning net sliced through these eight mutants who were blocking his way and got rid of them in the shortest amount of time imaginable.

But things did not end there because four muscular and burly guys whom were clearly mutants rushed out from another passage. Lei Yu’s perception ability told him these four men were at the peak strength of a Fifth Rank Mutant, so getting rid of them quickly wasn’t an easy thing to do. If there was only one of them, then it would be easy as pie. But since there were four of them, Lei Yu had to come up with a good strategy.

These four mutants didn’t slow down at all as one particular muscular mutant with blonde hair rushed forth with a grin. One could tell how heavy his body was when the ground shook as he stomped down for a burst of speed.

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and withdrew the lightning net to surround himself.

At this moment, the ground trembled once more as two more mutants burst forth towards Lei Yu. The last one leaped into the air and dropped down right behind him. With their actions, Lei Yu was now surrounded on all four sides by mutants who were only 2 meters away from him. If these four Fifth Rank Mutants were part of an organization, there would be no end of respect and attention they would receive. But since they were all at Dr. Tony’s place now, one would wonder how many mutants was he actually controlling?

When the four rushed towards Lei Yu, their fists were raised and they were ready to strike but couldn’t. Of course they knew that there was a gap between themselves and an expert of the Sixth Order. They struggled to free themselves from the pressure which was exerted by Lei Yu before jumping backwards. Now they were preparing themselves for a second chance to attack.

Lei Yu was like the reaper of death who only wanted to find Cui Ying Ying as soon as possible to ensure her safety. A quick battle for a quick conclusion was the essence of a fight. There wasn’t any benefits in delaying the outcome and would actually give his opponents more opportunities to take him down.

Lei Yu suddenly looked like he went crazy as he revealed his intense killing intent. His deep and profound eyes were now showing a terrifying gaze. Even a mutant who was being controlled could not avoid the pressure Lei Yu was exerting now. This was the gap a Fifth Order felt when facing someone of the Sixth Order, the pressure caused by their momentum could not be imitated.

Seeing Lei Yu’s hands that were shimmering with a purple light was similar to seeing the Devil himself. A Cold look flashed in Lei Yu’s eyes – his upper body didn’t move but his left leg kicked out like a whip that was filled with lightning power. The previous blonde haired burly guy who was the closest, subconsciously blocked it with both hands. He wasn’t able to resist the incredible power transmitting through his hands which caused his large body to be blown into the air and land about 10 meters away. His whole body was trembling and he was unable to stand. It looked like Lei Yu’s lightning power had penetrated into every part of his body. The other three knew that a Sixth Order expert was very strong, but they never thought it would only take a single strike for him to defeat one of them. This was under the setting where their companion was fully guarding himself, yet he was still forced into a situation where he could no longer stand up. How overbearingly powerful was this?!

Inside the control room and staring at the monitor screens, Bianca’s mouth was agape as she witnessed what happened. She then mumbled: “No… I was wrong, I shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry Lei Yu but I had to do this since I’m his daughter.” Deep inside, Bianca really liked Lei Yu. Even though she didn’t know when this started, the feeling was undoubtedly there. But things have progressed to this point where it cannot be reversed. A crystal-like tear dripped out of the corner of Bianca’s eye.

“Does your heart ache?”

A familiar voice came from behind Bianca. After wiping the tears from her eyes, she then turned around.

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