Chapter 171 – Unstoppable Force

Chapter 171 – Unstoppable Force
An almost transparent scythe shot straight towards his face, about to separate his head from the rest of his body.
The youth smirked, blocking the attack with a golden halberd made of lightning. 
However, the moment that he blocked the wind scythe, a robed woman abruptly appeared right next to him and swung another giant scythe against his neck.
“Pay attention, Rain!”
Linda shouted with fury and punched the back of the robed woman.
“Hey, you know I can’t hit girls.”
Rain complained while he twirled his lightning halberd and faced the enemy. Multiple cuts and scratches were covered throughout his skin, mixed with dirt and blood. He had been fighting for over an hour and both sides had been stuck at a deadlock, neither one gaining an upper hand.
“I will beat the crap out of you if you don’t start attacking her full-heartedly.”
Linda snarled, her armored hand pressing down on Rain’s shoulder. Currently, the auburn-haired girl had equipped her lightning armor and battling against one of the robed figures. The problem was that when she used her lightning armor, she could use any other lightning-based attacks, so she was relying on Rain to fulfill the offensive role.
However, the young teen always faltered when striking their enemy. It was not because Rain was clumsy or incompetent.
It was because the enemy was beautiful.
“Alright, alright!”
Rain cried, struggling under Linda’s steely grip on his shoulders.
“I need you, Rain. The others are all suffering as well, and we don’t even know what is going on inside the palace.”
Linda said softly, letting go of the teen and glancing around them.
Asra was in combat against a giant robed figure whose height approached close to seven feet. He was aided by another teen with curly blonde hair who wielded dual scimitars made of fiery flames. He was Erten of the Laxerus clan.
From the looks of it, the duo appeared to be struggling against the giant as none of their attacks seemed to penetrate his skin. It was like the giant was impenetrable to any and all physical attacks. Asra’s body was battered with several parts of his clothes torn or shredded. His pale face was not a good indication of whether they would be able to last any longer.
Meanwhile, Harol and two other members from a different tower were stalling the third robed figure. Compared to the other two groups, they were faring the worst as the third robed figure was a beast and the most powerful one out of his companions. However, a group of low ranked Vajra stage teens at the back were shooting various attacks and helping Harol and his group contain the third robed figure.
The robed woman spat on the ground and glared at both Rain and Linda. She was the one who had killed a large majority of the citizens today with her wind scythes. If not for the instruction by her leader, she would have already used her soul power and massacred these irritating bugs.
Her dark hair rippled along with the breeze when her hood fell back, while her white face and dark purple lips were fixed in a scornful expression.
“So pretty…”
Rain mumbled, but quickly shut up once he felt the killing intent from Linda.
“Let’s go!”
She roared, as she charged towards the enemy. 
Rain swiftly followed behind her and simultaneously called forth thick bolts of lightning and aimed at the robed woman. The enemy might be beautiful, but Linda was more important to him. She was the big sister of their group, and the girl always cared for them whenever they were in trouble or sick in bed.
A serious look covered Rain’s face as he instantly appeared beside the robed woman and pierced his halberd into her direction. At the same time, Linda struck her armored fist at the woman’s chest. 
The robed woman had a vicious grin plastered on her face. Right when the Rain’s halberd was about to touch her, she blocked it with her wind scythe and whirled around to nimbly evade Linda’s fist.
“Pesky brat!”
The woman growled as she rotated her scythe and aimed for Rain’s body.
“Careful, Rain!”
Linda saw that Rain didn’t have enough time to pull back his halberd to block, so she moved towards the woman to counter her attack.
The robed woman grinned and switched the trajectory of her scythe mid-air towards Linda’s neck. Unlike the rest of her body, Linda’s face was not enveloped by the lightning armor and was the only weak spot in her defense.
She did not form her helmet because she was overconfident in her abilities, but it was because she had not trained for long in her lightning path. In order to coalesce the helmet, one had to wholly understand the properties of physical lightning and learn to see past the element. Otherwise, she would be blind inside her helmet.
Rain screamed, letting go of his halberd and rushing towards to take the strike instead of Linda.
If only I paid more attention to the enemy’s movement.
Rain lamented, his feet sprinting ahead to save Linda.
“No need.”
A calm voice sounded out next to Rain and in the next instant, he felt a gust of wind brush past his cheeks.
“Was that… blue lightning?”
He dumbly muttered, halting in his tracks.
 The sound of thunder rumbled in the sky, as a dark-haired youth appeared exactly in between Linda and the robed woman. His hand was wrapped around the wind scythe but it only lasted for a second, as a bolt of blue lightning traveled across his arm and disintegrated the scythe.
Tears streamed down Linda’s cheeks when she realized who the young man was in front of her. Her heart felt at ease as she glanced at his broad back.
“Sorry I was late, Linda, so just leave the rest to me.”
Calron smiled, and bursts of azure lightning exploded out from underneath his feet and orbited around him like a cocoon.
The rest of the Raizel clan members on the battlefield trembled with a strange feeling when they saw the Azure Lightning crackling near Calron.
“What is that?”
Asra murmured, a feeling of hope blooming within his chest. It was not only him, but the others like Harol and Rain all felt a strange connection with the Azure Lightning.
“I’m tired of this circus. Even though I was only supposed to stall you punks here, I think killing you will still serve the same purpose.”
The robed woman stated frostily, as hundreds of wind scythes formed above in the sky and were all aimed towards the teens on the ground, including Calron.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
Calron warned, his icy azure eyes boring into the woman.
“Hmm… then, you’ll die first.”
The robed woman laughed and changed the direction of all the scythes towards Calron only.
*step*     *step*
Calron slowly walked towards the woman, dauntless at the fact that hundreds of sharp weapons were currently aimed at him.
“You think that was my real strength before? You are mistaken, kid.”
The woman smirked and activated her soul power to immobilize Calron.
He momentarily froze, his foot halted mid-air. It was the same as when the bald man had used his soul power on him.
Calron inhaled a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to do. His eyes flashed with a grey light as he triggered the Divine Perception ability.
“You might be right, but it still makes no difference.”
Calron’s foot landed on the ground, and he neared the enemy. 
The robed woman’s eyes quivered in fright, as she realized that the youth in front of her was also a Saint stage expert.
“H-how is this possible!?”
She yelled, sensing that Calron’s cultivation was only at the peak of Vajra stage. It was not only her, but the others were all wondering the same fact.
“Your voice annoys me.”
Calron commented, as he abruptly rushed towards the woman and palmed her abdomen using the power of the Azure Lightning.
I need to hurry up.
He could already start to feel the mental fatigue from the Divine Perception, and his body would not last much longer if he continued to use the Azure Lightning as well.
The woman spat out a globule of blood and stared hatefully at Calron. She summoned more of her wind scythes and rushed towards Calron.
He easily dodged the attacks, his speed augmented by the lightning. Even his vision and reflexes were on a completely different level than before.
It’s my first time using its power so unrestrainedly.
Calron thought while toying with the woman.
He stopped the scythe swung his way, and grabbed the woman by her neck. He had wasted enough time, and he still had to fight the other enemy as well.
Bolts of Azure Lightning raced from his body and into the woman, eliciting a cacophony of cries filled with agony. The ear-splitting screams seemed to come straight from the woman’s soul, as she felt her mind and body being slowly devoured.
What abhorred power is this…
It was her last thought before her consciousness was consumed by the Azure Lightning.
The whole battlefield turned silent after hearing the woman’s cries, and the two other robed figures stared with fright at Calron. Their companion was easily crushed by the young boy in front of them.
Asra looked with awe at his clan member.
“That’s my brother!”
Rain laughed out loud, skipping towards Linda and supporting her.
Calron turned his head to the robed beast, and let out a slow smile. The sound of thunder echoed in the area, as several massive blue bolts of lightning from the clouds struck the ground near Calron.
From a hidden location, Zarvel’s eyes flashed with surprise as he observed the young teen standing in the center with a mysterious lightning crackling around him.
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