Chapter 171 – Actually Lied To Me

“Where’s the young master? He was here just a second ago and now I can’t find him.” Gray Bear said in confusion as he looked all over and didn’t find Lei Yu.

Black Panther watched a black shadow rapidly disappear off into the distance before saying: “The young master is taking care of something and has already left.”

Ai Er was inside her room since she didn’t go out to send Bianca off. She wasn’t a narrow-minded person or anything like that but she coincidentally received a phone call from home. The one on the other end of the line was her father Nuo Yi Long.

“How could something like this happen? Does Brother Yu know about this?” Ai Er asked in disbelief.

Nuo Yi Long sighed, “Since something like this happened, those in the Kou country would definitely notify him as their first priority. I believe that he is currently making his own move now. For such a man, he is carrying too much burden on his shoulders. Sometimes I wonder if allowing you to be with him is something good or not.”

“How can you say such things like this right now? Brother Yu and I absolutely won’t be separated. Ying Ying is currently in danger so I believe he will not just sit idly. And Ying Ying is my friend so I hope she will safely get past this crisis.”

“Just think things through yourself, and let me know if anything new comes up. That’s it then.” Nuo Yi Long hung up the phone. Ai Er couldn’t sit still and left to search for Lei Yu. When Bianca left, Lei Yu also disappeared. Ai Er suddenly felt some kind of foreboding and wanted to ask around, but both Black Panther and Gray Bear didn’t know anything. Liu Hao was also asking around before he found out that Cui Ying Ying had been captured. Even though he was anxious, he couldn’t do anything about it and could only wait for Lei Yu to bring back some news.

Bianca was driving quite fast, but about a hundred meters or so away from her was a black shadow dashing through the forest next to the highway. The shadow’s speed was extremely fast to the point that it reached an unimaginable speed. That’s right, that black shadow was Lei Yu who had disappeared from the estate.

Lei Yu wasn’t dumb; he of course had some doubts with what Bianca told him. Since he didn’t know where the Dark Council’s headquarters was, he was actually quite interested to see the location of Bianca’s father, Dr. Tony. Maybe he even had some new information about Cui Ying Ying?

Although Lei Yu was constantly consuming his strength to keep up his speed, the amount of energy consumed was very little. It was because he was wearing the golden Ares boots without him even realizing it. The energy he was using right now was almost proportional to the energy that he was recovering naturally. Lei Yu had absolutely no problems with maintaining his current speed for a long time.

Over the course of the night, Lei Yu was beginning to have some doubts on where he was going. This route was not heading towards New York but towards another location that was a basin, similar to a large crater. Trees and wild weeds were growing everywhere as they created an intricate environment. Someone without a sense of direction would certainly lose their bearings here. But since Lei Yu had already locked onto Bianca’s presence, he wasn’t affected one bit.

The distance between Lei Yu and Bianca was just enough for him to sense her presence. Having the ability to detect someone’s presence was a unique talent that maybe only Lei Yu had in the entire world.

As they got closer the basin, the roadway became narrower for Bianca. The trees in the woods also became denser which caused Lei Yu to constantly dodge left and right in order to not crash into a tree.

A ramp leading down to the lowest part of the basin was seen so Lei Yu stopped in his tracks. “So Dr. Tony’s true hideout is at this location, no wonder no one was able to find it!”

At the lowest part of the basin was a small mound of soil. The basin was like a dish and the mound looked like there was a meatball in middle of it, which blended inconspicuously with the environment. Lei Yu peeked out to look and noticed that once Bianca’s car got closer to the mound, clanking noises started as a passage leading underground opened up. Observing what was going on, Lei Yu realized that entering this place wouldn’t be an easy task.

The reason why Lei Yu stopped and didn’t continue following Bianca’s car wasn’t because he was tired, but he had detected the presences of mutants all over the area and the weakest of them had the strength of a Third Rank Mutant. With these mutants guarding the place, even if the U.S. sent in troops to clear this place, it was doubtful they would have an easy time clearing this place. But this scenario wouldn’t happen since they thought that Dr. Tony wouldn’t have such ambitious plans. Once he acted on those ambitions of his, it would definitely be a large-scale operation.

Mutants didn’t have any positive contribution to society and they only caused unimaginable destruction. Especially when these mutants were under the control of Dr. Tony. Who knew what terrifying plans he had for the future? There was no way Lei Yu would show any mercy to these mutants since he was planning to kill all of them one by one to successfully enter into the compound. If he was exposed with them still alive, he would definitely be under attack by all of them at the same time.

Darting through the woods, Lei Yu carefully took a detour to another area. He was heading towards the nearest pair of mutant guards, a Third Rank and a Fourth Rank.

The two mutants were sitting on the ground. One was using his binoculars to look off into the distance while the other one was sitting on the ground looking bored with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

“The young miss has returned. It seems like everything is going well.”

“That’s right; it looks like Dr. Tony’s plan is flawless. I thought this so called Lei Yu was extremely smart but it turns out he is just your average Joe.”

Their conversation was completely heard by Lei Yu. He tightened his fists as he quietly got closer to them.

When Lei Yu was about twenty meters from them, he hid behind a large tree. When those two mutants started to chat again, listening their conversation made Lei Yu go completely crazy as his killing intent rose to the heavens.

“Are you talking about Dr. Tony kidnaping Lei Yu’s friend and then framing it on the Dark Council? What do you think Lei Yu will do when he can’t find her inside their base?”

“You’re such an idiot! If Lei Yu goes to the Dark Council to settle things, do you think he will believe them even if they say such a thing never happened? This isn’t something you or I can discuss so forget about it. Just properly guard our sector or else if someone finds out that we’re idly sitting and chatting here, we’ll be in big trouble!”

The other mutant squished his cigarette butt on the ground and stood up. He looked around and suddenly turned before freezing in place.

“Monkey head, what’s up with you?”

Asked the person with the binoculars as he noticed his partner’s odd behavior. But no matter how much he spoke, his partner didn’t reply. His vigilance was immediately increased before carefully walking up to his partner and tapping his shoulder.

“Plop.” His partner suddenly fell to the ground. Once the body crumpled to the ground, a person suddenly appeared in front of him and stared at him with a terrifying glare. Even though the guard wanted to scream out, it was already too late.

Lei Yu’s attack speed was too fast, he did not give the guard a chance to shout. A horrific looking hole could be seen on the guard’s chest that gave off a slightly burnt smell.

“Bianca, you actually lied to me. It looks like this is the end of our friendship!” Said Lei Yu in a cold voice before setting off to find his next target.

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