Chapter 167 – Shedding All Pretense of Cordiality

Lei Yu’s arms lightly shook and Lafayette’s arms naturally released themselves. She suddenly took a few steps back before she could stabilize herself, a layer of mist was already forming in her eyes. She was still clenching her teeth as she started undoing her clothes revealing her pale white skin and tempting body.

These actions of Lafayette were making Lei Yu feel somewhat bored. Even though it couldn’t be considered a lot, but this was already the fourth time experiencing something like this. First with Cui Ying Ying, then Nami, then Telephassa in ancient Greece, and now counting Lafayette was the fourth time. This trick the girls kept using was beginning to make Lei Yu uninterested in them.¹

Lei Yu just left his room and went next door to Ai Er’s room.

“I’m in hiding – let me borrow your room so I can hide.” Lei Yu said as he grinned cheekily.

“What? What’s going on now?” Ai Er asked as she peeked out into the hallway.

Lei Yu immediately pulled Ai Er in for a hug. As Ai Er’s face was against Lei Yu’s well-developed chest, her body couldn’t help but to start trembling. Even though these two have had some intimate times together, they still haven’t done “that” act yet so Ai Er was still feeling a bit shy at times.²

“You’re so hateful, the door’s not even fully shut yet!” Ai Er lightly smacked Lei Yu with her blushing face; her rosy cheeks were already buried inside Lei Yu’s embrace.

In the next room over, Lafayette’s eyes were empty without any emotions. She looked like a dead person who could only eat and walk. She put on her own messy clothes and smoothed them out before going back down the stairs.

At this time, Lei Yu silently followed her.

Lafayette had returned to her father’s room without saying a word. Whatever Hawes asked, she just nodded or shook her head without saying anything.

“Say something! What exactly happened? Did you not undress in front of him?”

Lafayette suddenly raised her head. She was already disgusted at her father because of his previous words and deeds. However, she never expected that her own father would actually say these immoral words in front of her. She couldn’t stop her tears as they started to drip down her face again.

“You’re crying?! What’s the use in crying? Tell me, did you try to seduce him?”

Lafayette cried while saying: “I stripped! I stripped completely naked, are you happy now?”

“Then what did he do? What reactions did he have?” Hawes continued asking, not caring about her daughter’s indignity at all.

Lei Yu was standing outside the door while holding his cell phone; even he was thinking that Hawes should die at least a thousand times right now. A father who was even lower than an animal really sent chills to a person’s heart.

“He just left me in the room and walked out, he didn’t even say anything to me!”

Not wanting to continue this conversation any further, Lafayette directly went for the door. Once she saw Lei Yu standing outside, she completely lost her thoughts but quickly lowered her head and left. No one would understand the turmoil she was experiencing in her heart right now. Everything seemed to be premeditated, which made her want to find a hole and just hide inside it forever.

Lei Yu put away his cell phone and went back upstairs.

That night, nothing else happened. Lei Yu successfully completed a cycle of cultivation and woke up early feeling in good spirits. After washing up, he went downstairs and noticed that a sumptuous breakfast was already prepared.

“Lei Yu, come try this. I had this beef dish specially prepared for you, it’s really tasty!” Mrs. Hawes’s face was full of smiles like she was expecting something. Lei Yu knew that she was involved with her husband’s plot, that’s why she sent Ai Er away and had Lafayette make her move. Lei Yu didn’t want to expose his knowledge about this situation. Unless the situation was at its last resort, then he didn’t want to make the atmosphere too awkward. With a slight smile, he said: “Thank you Mrs. Hawes.”

The Pope’s breakfast had already been sent to him upstairs by his personal staff, so that’s why he didn’t dine with Lei Yu this time.

At this moment, Mr. Hawes appeared while stretching with a yawn. After seeing Lei Yu, he glanced around and did not see Ai Er with him, so he excitedly went over. “Lei Yu, did you sleep well last night?”

Lei Yu nodded but didn’t even look at him. “Not bad, how about you Mr. Hawes?”

“Very good.” Hawes’s face was covered with a smile as he leaned towards Lei Yu’s ears and whispered: “Lafayette already told me everything about last night. It’s not a big deal; I am more than willing to accept you into our big family. I won’t tell anyone what you did to Lafayette, as long as you promise me to join the Burlinder family so everything will take its course.”

Hawes’s voice was very low, to the point that even Lei Yu had difficulty hearing what he said. But he did eventually hear every single word clearly. Hawes was trying to frame him, this made Lei Yu’s brows tightly knit together.

Pushing Hawes away, Lei Yu conspicuously said out loud: “Tell me Mr. Hawes, what did I do to your precious daughter Lafayette last night that other people shouldn’t know about?”

Hawes never imagined that Lei Yu would dare to openly say this out loud without any shame. His face slightly changed but it quickly reverted back to his smiling face. “Since you already know what I’m talking about, is it really necessary to say anything more? I hope that you will consider my proposal since this could be considered as taking responsibility for Lafayette, am I right?”

“Father!” Just at this time, it is unknown when but Lafayette was standing at the entrance to the dining room. “Don’t you think you’ve gone too far with this?”

Last night, Lafayette clearly saw that Lei Yu was holding his cell phone as if he was recording something and she didn’t bother telling that to her father. She never expected such a scene would appear before her early in the morning.

“Shut your mouth, your father is seeking justice for you!” Hawes had now shed all pretense of cordiality. Since Lei Yu had publicly asked for clarification, then he could only adapt his scheme and use it against him. “You should be clear on what you did to my daughter. I have a simple advice for you: Your girlfriend is still upstairs right? I’m sure there’s no benefit to you if she were to find out about this.”

Among the people present, there were the eighteen Holy Knights, Black Panther, Gray Bear, Hu Jiong and a few Fifth Order experts. The Holy Knights didn’t really care about this matter while people who were familiar with Lei Yu thought it was too funny and ridiculous. They’ve clearly seen how many beauties were around Lei Yu. Based on her attractiveness, Lafayette could not compete with Cui Ying Ying; her body couldn’t compete with Nami’s voluptuous body; yet Lei Yu still only loved a single person – Ai Er. Now that someone was saying Lei Yu did the deed with Hawes’s daughter, not even ghosts would believe such an obvious lie.

Furthermore, why would Lei Yu even bother to eye the Burlinder family’s inheritance? That was even more laughable. Based on his identity, Lei Yu was the Lei family’s noble second young master who possessed a wealth that could rival a country’s. Based on status, he was a heavyweight that his own country gave special attention to. When we put all of this on the table, one could see how miniscule the Burlinder family was and how ridiculous Hawes’s words were.

Lei Yu didn’t even bother with saying anything and simply took out his cell phone and placed it on the table. The screen on the cell phone was showing an opened audio player application, and he only had to press the play button and the truth would reveal itself.

Liu Hao picked up the cell phone and pressed the round Play button. The sound of a conversation then started…


¹ – T/N: I’m not sure about other people but I consider myself a normal guy and I wouldn’t be bored of girls constantly undoing their clothes and trying to attach their naked bodies to me!
² – E/N: I don’t know if I pity the MC or salute him for his resolve 🙂

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