Chapter 164 – The True Location Of Their Headquarters

The crowd did not disperse around the estate. There was now over ten thousand people standing there, all around the lawns of the manor and out into the roadway.

At this time, a convertible Mercedes-Benz E-class was coming from a distance. In the driver’s sat a youth, his eyes were filled with a deep and profound look. His looks couldn’t be considered as handsome, but he gave people a feel of maturity as if he had been through a lot; which was something women tended to like. Especially when it came to his uninhibited smile, it was a temptation that was irresistible for women.

A young beauty was sitting beside him in the passenger seat and in the back seat was another youth with a short hairstyle and a resolute face. Compared to a few years ago when he was just a fatty, he was now like a completely different person.

These three were none other than Lei Yu, Ai Er, and Liu Hao. And following closely behind them were a dozen or so cars. Inside these cars were experts of various ranks that Lei Yu had brought along with him. There were some bounty hunters, some mutants, and even some people who came from Tenglong country.

Since they couldn’t get through the sea of people blocking them, they simply decided to park their cars about a kilometer away from the estate and walk there.

Lei Yu and his group attracted the attention of many people who looked at them with strange glances. Today the Pope was visiting so what was this group of newly arrived people doing here?

But soon after, a youth clothed in the white robes of the church quickly ran over. He looked at Lei Yu politely and said:

“Distinguished Mr. Lei Yu, his holiness has been waiting for you for a while now.”

“I understand.” Lei Yu lightly smiled.

Upon entering through the gates of the estate, Lei Yu couldn’t help but be shocked by the Vatican’s power and influence. This was just a small turnout of citizens at a local town, so he didn’t expect to see so many followers of the Church. How many followers did the Vatican have around the world? It looks like he made the correct choice in saving the Pope that day. If the Pope really suffered an unfortunate accident, then an uprising would be inevitable and would be extremely difficult to quell.

Before entering the castle, Lei Yu bowed slightly to the Burlinder family. Hawes and his family wanted to go forward to greet Lei Yu but a Red Cardinal intercepted them. “Mr. Lei Yu and the Pope have some serious matters to discuss, no one else is allowed to interfere or enter!”

Lei Yu shook his head helplessly. He then said to Ai Er: “You and everyone else wait for me here, I will be back shortly.”

Out of hundreds of people, only one person was eligible to enter. Lei Yu strode forth into the castle and on the first floor main hall, he noticed two girls in white dresses standing there.

“Mr. Lei Yu, his holiness is waiting for you upstairs. Please follow me.” One of the beautiful girls with a delicate face started guiding Lei Yu towards the second floor.

Lei Yu could be considered quite familiar with this place, but since someone wanted to lead the way, he might as well let her do her job.

Lei Yu could immediately feel the Pope’s location. The girl was about to announce Lei Yu and ask if he had permission to enter when the latter unscrupulously opened the door. “Your holiness, you’ve created such an impressive atmosphere with your arrival! I couldn’t even drive my car near here, which forced me to walk the rest of the way!”

Lei Yu’s abruptness almost scared the girl out of her wits. Her face paled and she didn’t dare to look up. If the Pope started laying blame, there’s no way that she could handle the consequences.

But unexpectedly, the Pope hurried over to Lei Yu. “They are all the followers of the Church so there’s really nothing I can do. Mr. Lei Yu, please don’t mind it or take it to heart.”

Even though she knew that Lei Yu’s noble status was special, she didn’t expect him to have such a close relationship with the Pope. The girl couldn’t help but to secretly sigh in relief.

After the girl withdrew, the two entered the room and closed the door behind them. After chatting about some pleasantries, Lei Yu said: “Your holiness, I do feel like we’re very secure at this current place. With such a powerful force gathered here, do you think that the Dark Council is stupid enough to come and attack us?”

“Naturally they would not dare to come here. Gathering here means that there’s no need to worry about our security. At least it guarantees the safety of the family and friends you’ve brought along.” Although the Pope’s remark was offhanded, Lei Yu could understand his meaning. It was obvious that since the Vatican was assisting in protecting his people, he had to support the Pope in return!

“Then I’ve really taken advantage of the Vatican. All the people I’ve brought are mostly Fifth Order Warriors who are indeed inferior to the Pope who has reached the powerful stage of the Sixth Order. They will all have to rely on being under your umbrella in order to guarantee their own safety!” With his words Lei Yu was trying to exaggerate his own stance and to zing the Pope at the same time. The people that Lei Yu brought with him were mostly Fourth Order Warriors which included Liu Hao. However, Liu Hao was very persistent and was able to master some mysteries pertaining to the Thirty-six Lunar Stars technique. If he fought against someone in the early stages of the Fifth Order, Liu Hao may not lose. As for the other people including Black Panther, Gray Bear, Hu Jiong, the newly joined mutants, and some other Tenglong people who were living in New York City; the amount of Fifth Order Warriors Lei Yu brought along with him may not match up to the eighteen Holy Knights, but they weren’t that far off. If a fight was to break out amongst them, there would be no telling who would come out on top. Then again, the Holy Knights still haven’t arrived yet and a fight breaking out amongst themselves was something that definitely would not happen.

Finding Lei Yu’s words were barbed, the Pope immediately avoided the conflict by saying: “The Dark Council and their forces and are not simple, I believe Mr. Lei Yu understands that point.”

Lei Yu nodded. “Through various channels, I was also able to figure out some things. The Dark Council has a total of ten Senators, but only the Werewolf clan’s Werewolf King Jonathan and the Vampire clan’s Bel has the strength comparable to you and me. Now that Jonathan is dead, the only expert they have left is Bel. But in actuality, just like the Vatican, they also have a terrifying existence lurking behind the Dark Council. The Vatican has the ascetic cultivator Romon, but the Dark Council also has someone super strong with the strength beyond the Sixth Order rank.”

“That’s right!” The Pope nodded. “Even when you and I join hands, I estimate that we still can’t be an opponent of that super strong expert.”

“It looks like the situation is quite difficult to handle. The Dark Council lost a Werewolf King so they will definitely make a move. If they were to really wantonly attack us, even though they aren’t capable of destroying us, there would still be many casualties. This is definitely something I don’t want happening.” Lei Yu said this heavy heartedly.

As if not worried, the Pop then said: “It doesn’t matter… as long as you and I work together, we can rely on the rings powerful ability the moment a critical situation arises. Dealing with them then shouldn’t be a difficult task.” The Pope played around with the ring in his palms with a faint smile.

Lei Yu’s eyebrow slightly rose up; it seems these old rings were definitely not simple. Although Lei Yu didn’t know what secrets these rings exactly held, since the Pope said so in such a fashion, then their powers shouldn’t be weak.

That day when the Pope delivered the ring to Mr. Hawes’s mother who was the follower of Prophet Kalchas, his intention was to ensure the safety of the ring. His idea was to bring less attention to these two old rings and not to mention, these rings were something Kalchas wanted to leave to the old woman anyway. But since they were in a dangerous situation, and in order to ensure his own safety, the Pope will no longer let other people hold onto the rings.

In another place, the Dark Council was getting ready to make their move. In a northern area in the middle of nowhere was a place filled with the aura of death. This was a place that ordinary people didn’t want to enter since it was filled with a variety of dark and horrific creatures.

In the center of this area was a hill that wasn’t very steep. On top of the hill, there was an old European looking castle in a dilapidated condition. This was the true location of the Dark Council headquarters.

“It looks like our small-scale actions aren’t having any effect, and they are actually weakening our strength.” Bel coldly said this as he was sitting at a huge conference table with a frown on his face.

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