Chapter 163: Retreat

There was a strange energy around Luo Yuan. If one could see souls, then they might have been able to see Luo Yuan’s soul that was as bright as the sun and the souls of the enchanted worms that were like fireflies.

Luo Yuan was moving between the mutated beasts, leaving a huge number of carcasses on the ground as he took his leave. He ran as quickly as he could and reached his destination in less than ten minutes. It was a hill made of countless corpses. Many mutated beasts were trying to climb the hill, but they were all being pulled by a strong force. Most of the beasts fell back to the ground disfigured.

The hill was more than ten meters high. There were several hills like that at different spots. It was not difficult to imagine how many mutated beasts the giant lizard and Lao Huang had killed. Luo Yuan could not see them because the hills were blocking them. He could only hear the weak roars of the giant lizard. There was no sound from Lao Huang.

Luo Yuan increased his speed and pulled out his Zhanmadao again to kill the mutated beasts blocking his way. He was like a light bulb in the darkness, as bright as the sun. The mutated beasts that had been attacking the giant lizard began to attack Luo Yuan. However, they were all dead before they could even get near him.

The giant lizard seemed to know that Luo Yuan was there, and it roared a little louder in surprise. It got up from the ground, several corpses hanging from its body. It was severely injured and bleeding from most places.

It gasped as blood gushed out from all the wounds on its body. The giant lizard only managed to stand for a short while before it fell back on the ground again. There were a few more mutated beasts hanging from its body, still trying to bite it. However, the giant lizard was a dark blue mutated beast. It was too strong to be hurt by a blue mutated beast.

Luo Yuan rushed up to the giant lizard and killed all the mutated beasts hanging from it. Most of the beasts were already dead when Luo Yuan got to them. The giant lizard tried its best to look at Luo Yuan for a second before it fell asleep.


The system beeped again. Luo Yuan looked at the giant lizard, and then took out two food cubes made from Archelon eggs. The giant lizard was sensitive to smell. As soon as it got a whiff of the food, it opened its eyes. However, it did not act as crazy as it used to. It just looked at Luo Yuan, and then ate the food on his palm when he nodded.

The food cubes were high in energy, and the giant lizard felt much better after less than thirty seconds. Its body stopped shaking, and the muscles around its wounds began to shrink. It was not bleeding much anymore either. Luo Yuan continued to look for Lao Huang, who seemed to have gone missing.

It was important to find it, dead or alive. Its carcass would be a good source of power. Luo Yuan was very rational because of the effect of the Earth Stomp.

After searching for a while, he finally found something. It was a bunch of red furs. It was fluffy and shiny, but it felt cold to the touch.

He used his identification power on it.

“Flaming Dog Fur”
“Function: Material”
“Element: Fire”
“Rarity: Dark Blue”
“Weight: 10 grams.”
“Complementary Function: Heat Absorption”
“Remarks: The Flaming Dog is a smart, spiritual creature of the fire element. It has all the characteristics of a dog, except that its fur can act as a natural cooler. It can absorb heat based on the temperature difference between the fur and the atmosphere.”

The fur belonged to Lao Huang, which meant that it had to be somewhere nearby. Luo Yuan continued to scan through the carcasses on the ground. After searching for a while, he finally found Lao Huang. He could not scan it, but he was sure it was still alive. Luo Yuan walked in its direction, pushing away carcasses one by one.

He managed to find its body after a minute. Lao Huang’s condition was worse than the giant lizard’s. It was full of blood, and it was not moving at all. Most people would have just thought it was dead, but Luo Yuan could feel its body temperature and its weak heartbeat. It looked pitiful. One of its legs was broken, and its tail was missing. The worst thing was that part of its skin had been torn off. Luo Yuan could see the bones in most parts of its body. It was a miracle that it was still alive after suffering such injuries.

Luo Yuan quickly took out all the food cubes and stuffed them into Lao Huang’s mouth. Then he found a stiff mutated beast and twisted its neck. The neck broke, tons of blood gushing out from the big wound. Luo Yuan stuffed the mutated beast into Lao Huang’s mouth, hoping that the blood would help push the food cubes into its stomach and speed up digestion. Its survival was depending solely on fate.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan realized that other than the few hundred beasts nearby, the rest of the group of beasts was gone. They had come and left without a sign. The sky and land had become peaceful once again. The only thing left was the many carcasses all over the area. Luo Yuan waited for another ten minutes until the system beeped again. He finally confirmed that the beasts were gone and weren’t coming back.

The enchanted worms seemed to have their weak point too. When they were facing large-scale death, it was natural for them to retreat. Luo Yuan felt relieved and slowly withdrew from the Earth Stomp. He started feeling dizzy, but he managed to stand still. He discovered that his whole body hurt from exhaustion.

It was finally over. Not caring about the dirt, Luo Yuan sat down on the ground. After resting for a few minutes, he opened up the status panel to check the mission information.

“Current Mission: B-Level Mission, Escape.”
“Mission Requirement: A minimum of four people have to escape successfully.”
“Mission Completed.”
“Time of Completion: 3 hours and 30 minutes.”
“Mission Evaluation: Excellent.”
“Character: Luo Yuan”
“Completion: 6%”
“Reward Basic Experience Value 606!
“Excellent Evaluation, Experience Value 606!”
“Experience: 2,603,400”

“Battle Beast: Forest Giant Lizard”
“Completion: 40%”
“Reward Basic Experience Value 6,040!”
“Good Evaluation, Experience Value 6,040!”
“Experience: 93,660”

Luo Yuan looked at the experience points and realized he had less than 9,000 points to go to upgrade to Level 9 while the giant lizard only had a few hundred points to go. If he were lucky, he would only need to complete another B- Level Mission or two lower level tasks before upgrading.

He looked at the giant lizard and Lao Huang. He did not think they could upgrade within such a short time. They could not even move yet. Apparently, they would need to stay in the city for a few more days. It was a good thing that the beasts were gone because they were too weak to fight again anytime soon.

The most important thing now was bringing everyone together and finding a safer place to stay.

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