Chapter 163 – Family Member From The Past

Chapter 163 – Family Member From The Past

“Your Majesty, the scout that you sent last week has returned.”
A bald and muscular man stated in a solemn tone, kneeling in front of the pedestal. 

In a massive golden-white hall, a dozen exquisitely armored guards stood on the edges of the royal purple carpet, their spears pointing straight at the ceiling. The weapons had a mysterious glow to them, and one could instantly tell that they were soul weapons.
Besides the guards, there were only two other people present in the ornate hall.

“Oh? Send her in, I am curious to see as to what she has discovered.”
A charming voice could be heard coming from the golden throne on the pedestal. The man seated on the throne appeared to be in his late twenties, so it was surprising that someone that young was the king of the human kingdom. With a thin and elegant crown placed on top of his long blonde hair, a sharp jawline, and a lean stature, the king had a presence that any woman would fawn over.

“Understood, your Majesty.”
The bald warrior responded firmly, and sent out an order through the crystal that he had just taken out of his pocket.
Shortly after a few seconds, the gigantic doors to the throne room opened wide and a young woman garbed in black and silver clothes, gracefully treaded towards the throne before kneeling next to the bald warrior. A dark veil covered the bottom half of her face, so it was hard to distinguish her features clearly.

“Your Majesty, I have confirmed the strange movements by the Raizel clan and also found out the reason behind their actions as well.”
A silky voice came out of the woman’s mouth.

“So, what was it that made that annoying geezer so excited and riled up?”
The king supported his chin with the palm of his hand, as his elbow leaned on the armrest of the throne.

“It was a boy, your Majesty. More specifically, a stranger who had only recently arrived in Selior city and has already established a shop that sells mysterious pieces of metals capable of turning a commoner into a martial expert for a short range of time.”

“That sounds intriguing, but I doubt that is enough to attract the attention of the Raizel clan. Why would they need an item like that, when their entire clan is a major military force on its own?”
The king inquired in a baffled tone.

“I thought the same, until I saw that boy fight against one of the Raizel clan’s warriors. That frail-looking boy turned out to be on par against the warrior and was even toying with him. However, it was during the fight that the boy revealed his true strength… ”
The woman continued, her eyes displaying an expression of wonder as she recalled the fight.

Both the king and the bald man eagerly waited for the woman to finish talking.

“He shares the same bloodline as the Raizel clan, but is not a member of their clan.”
The woman concluded in an excited voice.
A person who had the powers of the Raizel bloodline but was not tied down to the clan, was an event that would interest every tower lord in the city, including the king himself.

“Are you sure? And how does his strength compare to the other direct descendants of the clan?”
The king was close to getting up from his throne, but he soon recollected himself.

“I am sure that he shares the same blood as the Raizel clan, but I cannot determine his true strength as he only revealed a bit of his powers. However, judging from how easily he took care of the elite warrior, I think that he is definitely close to the level of the direct descendants or even stronger than them.”
The woman exclaimed in a quiet voice.

“What’s his name?”
The king asked with a slight smile on his face.

“The boy’s name is Calron.”


Calron’s eyes widened, as he sensed a strange connection being formed between him and the statue.

What is happening?
Just as he formed the thought, a burst of light exploded in front of his eyes, changing everything in his eyesight. 

“It has been a long time since someone new has come to talk to me. Are you perhaps the new Patriarch?”
A powerful voice echoed inside Calron’s mind, as he found himself in a small white room.

“No, I am not the Patriarch… who are you?”
Calron glanced around the empty room, seeing that no one was there and wondering where the voice was coming from.

“I am here, child. If you are not the Patriarch, then how did you succeed in calling me?”
A tall and dark-haired man suddenly appeared inside the room, floating mid-air.
For an instance, Calron thought that it was his ancestor, Raizel, as their facial feature were almost exactly the same. However, the man in front of him had golden irises instead of azure eyes.

“Ah… you are the inheritor of the Divine Element of Lightning!”
The golden-eyed man conveyed with a bright smile on his face, and rushed up to Calron.

The Divine Element? So, there are other elements like the Azure Lightning!?
The thought flashed across Calron’s mind, but before he could ponder any further, the golden-eyed man raised his hand in front of Calron’s face.
Calron experienced a warm sensation pass through him, and felt the Azure Lightning cry out with happiness as if it had met a dear friend after a long time. If Calron had to correctly describe the feeling that he got from the Azure Lightning, then it was akin to a puppy wagging its tail when a family member finally comes home after a long time.

“It is good to see you again, old friend.”
The golden-eyed man murmured fondly while staring at a spot next to Calron.

Huh? Who’s he talking to?
Calron thought, and when he turned his gaze to the spot beside him, his eyes were filled with astonishment at the sight in front of him.

A stunning and tiny electric-blue snake was floating right beside him as bolts of thin Azure Lightning crackled across its scales. Seeing the golden-eyed man in front of it, the little blue snake teleported onto the man’s shoulder and gently licked his cheek with its forked tongue.

“You’ve gotten very weak, old friend.”
The golden-eyed man whispered warmly, his hand gingerly stroking the head of the tiny snake.

Is that the Azure Lightning!?
Calron’s mind was still befuddled by everything unfolding in front of him.
As if it heard Calron’s thought, the tiny blue snake teleported around Calron’s arm and looked deep into his eyes. Two pairs of azure irises staring at each other. 

The tiny snake slithered towards Calron’s chest and nudged its little head against his neck. It was like a pet seeking the affection of its master. Calron laughed due to the tickling sensation on his neck, and scratched the top of the tiny snake’s head.
The snake closed its eyes in pleasure, and rubbed its head against Calron’s fingers. 

“How did you know that I was the inheritor of the Divine Element of Lightning?”
Calron turned to the golden-eyed man, who was currently smiling at the interaction between him and the tiny snake.

“Because that celestial beast is the divine element itself, and I sensed its presence within your body.”
The man responded in a smooth voice.

“You knew it from before?”
Calron questioned curiously.

“Yes, it was my brother, Raizel’s, companion.”

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