Chapter 162: Transformation

The whole street was occupied by a huge group of mutated beasts that had spread at a distance of 4-5 kilometers. Based on that observation, Luo Yuan estimated that there were more than 500,000 mutated beasts. The thought made everyone feel hopeless. They were too weak to fight the huge group of beasts.

Of course, Luo Yuan could not handle all the beasts, but he could try to escape. However, everyone else would die if he did. An intense energy slowly penetrated his feet and refreshed his body, but it was not sufficient to fully restore his energy. He needed about 2-3 hours to recover fully, but he had no time to rest.

Luo Yuan was trying to endure attacks from many different directions. He was grateful that the mutated beasts were quite big. Their size made them easier to handle compared to the smaller mutants.

However, he did not dare jump like he used to anymore. The sky was full of mutated birds, making it hard for him to move. If he jumped too high into the air, he would become prey for the birds. He could not think of any other solution except finding the giant lizard as soon as possible.

The roaring sounds of the giant lizard and Lao Huang were getting weaker. Luo Yuan could sense their fear and hopelessness, but he was calm enough to continue killing the beasts. Countless mutated beasts were cut into two when they came near him.

“Your knife skill has been upgraded after a period of intensive training.”

Suddenly, the system beeped again. Luo Yuan felt everything become different. It felt so easy to kill as if his motions were no longer restricted.

He realized the air would begin to circulate every time he was about to attack. He knew he was lucky, and he realized things went even smoother when one had some good luck. Those without good luck needed to put in a lot more effort to achieve their goals. He also realized he could use the nature’s energy to change the environment when his knife skill reached a certain level of expertise.

Unfortunately, his power was still too weak to make a huge impact on the environment. His speed was getting faster than ever, but Luo Yuan believed he could improve and get even stronger in the future.

He suddenly realized everything had begun to slow down. He noticed that the mutated beasts were moving slower and the enchanted worms were having trouble controlling them.

It was not a big deal for mammals, but it was a big deal for birds. If their motions were forced to slow down abruptly, they would fall to the ground and die. Many mutated birds had been rushing towards Luo Yuan before an energy akin to an unseen hand suddenly pulled at them, and they fell onto the huge group of mutated beasts at a high momentum.

One of the blue mutated beasts collided with a bird and they exploded together. The whole group of beasts and birds exploded, their flesh going everywhere.

Luo Yuan felt relieved. The falling birds had helped diffuse the situation. He looked at the scene and suddenly felt inspired. He could not believe that the enormous impact he had just made was just a small upgrade of his Knife Skill. He silently opened up the status panel and realized that “Knife Expertise: 19” had become “Knife Specialist: 0”. That explains why he felt different. He had just leveled up.

No matter how powerful the enchanted worm was, without a host, it was still a tiny useless worm that anyone could kill. It had been difficult to kill the worms earlier because they had been using their hosts as a shield. However, things were different now that Luo Yuan had become powerful enough to destroy the hosts.

Luo Yuan visualized a stronger energy inside his body. His surroundings heated up like an oven and things began to get disfigured. A deadly energy suddenly occupied the whole atmosphere.

Under the influence of Luo Yuan’s power, the mutated beasts were moving slower than ever. Some of them had even stopped moving because they were too close to him. They hardly had any time to react as he walked in front of them. Luo Yuan pushed a man-like creature lightly, and it fell to the ground like a corpse. There was an increasing number of mutated beasts rushing towards Luo Yuan. They all looked enchanted as they stopped moving.

The scene was eerie. Wherever Luo Yuan passed, the mutated beasts would stop moving and fall to the ground. Several mutated beasts were hit by the beasts coming from the back, and a thick layer of dark flesh was formed. Luo Yuan did not even need to kill them with his bare hands. The mutated beasts just fell dead as he passed by.

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