Chapter 161 – You And I Will Join Forces

Chapter 161 – You And I Will Join Forces

“Bleghh!” Once Bel left, Lei Yu immediately coughed a mouthful of blood out as he clutched his chest gasping for air. If it wasn’t for the previous light heal by the Pope, Lei Yu would probably have fainted already. It would have been impossible for him to keep standing and converse with Bel since Lei Yu had completely lost all ability to fight any further. Fortunately, Bel didn’t realize this or the consequences would have been disastrous.

“May God be with you, the Vatican will forever be your most loyal friend. My dear Mr. Lei Yu, are you okay?” The Pope may have recovered a bit of strength now since he was able to stumble over to Lei Yu and help support him.

“You are truly blabbing nonsense; do I look okay to you? *Cough cough* Did you bring a cell phone with you?” Lei Yu asked while coughing.

“Cell phone? I’ve never owned a cell phone before.” Said the Pope.

Lei Yu felt helpless, “How can such an old person not even have a cell phone? I left in a hurry so I also didn’t bring one with me… ”

“Uhh… ”

“Let’s stop dawdling and get out of here, none of us can escape if Bel returns!”

Lei Yu and the Pope both hobbled to where Lei Yu parked his car. They then drove to a nearby city and found a random hotel to temporarily stay at. After Lei Yu’s rather strong demand, the Pope finally agreed to put on a new set of clothes which Lei Yu took out of his storage ring.

The two then began to recover their strength and their internal energy. Through the help of the Pope, Lei Yu’s injuries rapidly healed. Although the effects weren’t as fast as the green energy, it still wasn’t too bad under the circumstances.

Lei Yu and the Pope did not have much to say to each other since the two had already reached a consensus. The day Lei Yu leaves the U.S. would be the day he hands over the Ares boots to him. If the Pope were to say anything more about that subject, it would most likely annoy Lei Yu. It was after a full three days before Lei Yu was able to fully recover from his injuries. Since he was extremely worried about his people in New York City, the two parted ways.

Fortunately, everything was calm and nothing major had happened. It seems that Jonathan’s death had a great impact on the Dark Council. The passing away of a member that was a super expert would definitely be quite a loss to any organization. In addition, Bel was seriously injured as well since Lei Yu drilled a hole in one of his wings. He probably needs some time to heal himself.

However, from this day on, Lei Yu had made a powerful enemy – the Dark Council!

Lei Yu wasn’t sure if saving the Pope was the correct choice, but at least he averted a worldwide chaos.

Lei Yu was going to hide the information about the Ares boots from everyone temporarily since it would be his secret weapon. Bel would naturally notify the Dark Council about the whole situation, but he would definitely not tell Dr. Tony since they were originally enemies. The Bounty Hunters Guild belonged to Dr. Tony, and who knows how many Vampires of the Kameno family and the Werewolves clan his bounty hunters have killed. They will definitely settle matters with Dr. Tony, but this is also where contradictions arise.

Lei Yu saved the Pope. No matter how much Lei Yu refuses, the Pope would certainly treat him as a friend. The problem occurs when it comes to Dr. Tony, since Lei Yu would definitely not be on the same side as that asshole. That guy used ordinary people as experimental subjects to make them become his own slave. Lei Yu will sooner or later remove that type of evil from the world. He also has to step up the speed in taking care of his business because the longer he stays in the U.S., the more dangerous it will become for him. In other words, he has to remove the scourge of society as soon as possible so that he can return to Tenglong country in peace.

Making up his mind, he ordered Black Panther to carry out a series of tasks while a major plan was taking place in secret.

As a priority, Lei Yu had to find the headquarters of the Dark Council and eliminate them while they were unprepared.

After going through multiple channels and even thickening his face to ask the Pope, Lei Yu still came up empty. When he actually thought about it, if the Pope knew where the headquarters of the Dark Council was, he would have most likely attacked it a long time ago. There’s no way that the Pope would allow such an evil organization to co-exist with them for hundreds of years.

Outside the Vatican’s Hall of Light, Lei Yu and the Pope were standing side by side. “My friend, let me know if you have any requests. The Vatican will spare no effort to support you!”

“Requests?” Lei Yu thought for a bit… The current most pressing problem was his forces were weak. Although he has a few experts, the majority of his subordinates were merely regular people. If he had a few more people with the strength at the Fourth Order Warrior or above at his disposal, the later things would be easier for him to accomplish. Lei Yu then said: “The first problem I have to solve is in regards to manpower – my subordinates at the strength of a Fifth Order are too little. If the people of the Dark Council seek me out, it will be extremely difficult for me to handle them.”

“That’s an easy matter to solve. Wouldn’t it be best if you joined forces with the Vatican and together, we can destroy all remnants of the Dark Council?”

If it was like back then, Lei Yu might have hesitated, but now he had no choice anymore. With an enemy aircraft aiming for his head, the pressure did make one feel suffocated. Lei Yu nodded, “It’s doable, but I have a condition!”

“Please tell me.”

Lei Yu looked at the Pope before saying: “I hope your holiness will break off your relationship with Dr. Tony, or else, it would be difficult for us to work together.”

The Pope didn’t dare to hesitate, “Not a problem. Compared to someone like you that possesses a holy object, Dr. Tony is not even worth mentioning. I agree to your condition.”

“There is one thing I’m curious about… it can’t be possible that within the Vatican, you’re the only one that has reached this degree of strength, right?”

The Pope’s expression had a slight change before he thought for a bit. Since Lei Yu was willing to sacrifice himself to save him, that feeling should be reciprocated. Nodding his head, “Correct. There’s another super expert within the Vatican but he only takes orders from Prophet Kalchas. Since the Prophet has already passed away, it can be considered that he’s no longer controlled by our Vatican. Unless the Vatican is about to be destroyed, this person will not appear.”

“Oh? Such a person exists?” Lei Yu was surprised. He wasn’t surprised with the hermit-like hidden expert, he was surprised that someone would be that devoted to another. This extremely interested Lei Yu.

“That’s right, his identity is truly mysterious to the point that we can use the word ‘elusive’ to describe it. Since the creation of the Vatican, he and Prophet Kalchas had always been together.”

“How long has it been since the Vatican was founded?” Lei Yu asked.

“We already have five hundred years of history.”

“Another old evil spirit!” Lei Yu didn’t say this out loud. Sighing in his heart, it looks like this world has a few unusual existences. “Then his strength should be very strong right?”

Mentioning this person caused the Pope to have an expression of worship on his face. In order to make the Vatican’s top level figure, who was respected by millions, to have such a face, how powerful was this elusive person?

“That’s right! He is an ascetic cultivator, and his name is Lycomedes Romon. Lord Romon is the most powerful existence I have ever encountered. The Vatican had experienced two crises, one of them almost destroyed us. But his appearance completely changed the situation of the war, he single-handedly reversed a hopeless situation by repelling our enemies and saving the Vatican!”


¹ – Lycomedes is the family name, Romon is the first name.

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