Chapter 161: Progress

There were a lot of vines dropping down from the building. Most of them climbed quickly like they were monkeys in their previous lives. Thanks to the improvement in their physical strength, even Zhao Yali managed to catch up although she had hardly had any physical exercise. It was not a very tall building, so they managed to climb to the rooftop in less than a minute.

Huang Jiahui took out her gun and took aim at several beasts on the ground. She shot a few of them as she told Luo Yuan, “Hurry up!”

Luo Yuan nodded and killed a few of the beasts nearby before putting his knife away. Then he grabbed a vine and climbed the building using one hand, while he used the other one to carry Wang Shishi. Apparently, his speed was not affected by the extra weight. A few mutated beasts tried to attack him, but they did not succeed because they could not climb. Luo Yuan finally reached the rooftop, put Wang Shishi down and left her to Huang Jiahui.

The vines were growing all over the place on the rooftop making it seem like a mini forest. Luo Yuan walked around to check if it was safe and killed a few other mutants. Then he looked down at the ground and realized only a couple of mutated beasts were trying to climb using the vines. He assumed the everybody else could kill them easily.

“It’s a safe place to stay. All of you wait here, I’ll be back soon,” Luo Yuan said.

“Where are you going?” Huang Jiahui asked.

“I’m going to check on the giant lizard and the mutated dog. It’ll just take a short while, I’ll be back,” Luo Yuan said.

“You take care then,” Huang Jihui replied. She knew Luo Yuan could handle it.

Luo Yuan nodded and looked at the mutated beasts on the ground. He jumped down without hesitation. Stepping on the head of a mutated beast that looked like a giant dog caused its neck to snap with a loud cracking sound immediately. He jumped several more times until he managed to escape.

The enchanted worm seemed to have another idea, though. A mutated beast suddenly roared, and all the mutated beasts quickly moved away to make way for it. The beast was glowing like the northern lights. Luo Yuan suddenly felt the danger as he was about to land, and quickly used his Will to slow down his movement so he would stop 4-5 meters away from the mutated beast.

Luo Yuan realized the bright flame was very scary. It had even managed to kill a few other mutated beasts which had not escaped in time. Several enchanted worms came out of the noses of the carcasses and tried to slither away. Luo Yuan stepped back, frightened by the scene. Although he was physically strong, he might not be able to handle their poison and also realized several mutated beasts were trying to move in his direction. He would have a hard time if they all attacked him together.

He naturally reached into his backpack to get the spears, but he suddenly stopped. He tried to calculate the distance from the building where his people were waiting. Knowing they would not be affected, the capillaries under his skin immediately appeared and extended to his neck. His blood was boiling inside his body as he slowly lifted his foot from the ground. Apparently, he was attracting the energy of the Earth, because the ground had begun to shake.

Suddenly, he stepped on the ground again and a force swept across it. The ground exploded, creating a powerful vibration and causing all the concrete to fly up into the sky. Most of the mutated beasts had been thrown upwards; their bodies were torn off before they even fell back to the ground. Tons of blood dripped down like rain, and all the buildings nearby collapsed.

Most of the creatures were white and light blue level. None of them was blue rank. All the mutated beasts in the affected region were dead, including the enchanted worms.

Luo Yuan had not killed any of the worms earlier on purpose because he had felt that they were too tiny to bother. However, a few hundred of them had died at once under the power of the Earth Stomp.

Suddenly, a bunch of mutated beasts was rushing towards him. If someone had been standing on a tall building, they might have been able to see the group of mutated beasts around the giant lizard and Lao Huang leaving and changing their direction.

“Great migration? I’m not afraid!” Luo Yuan shouted as he threw away the intestine hanging on his shoulder.

He rushed towards the beasts with his Zhanmadao, leaping naturally into the air. Suddenly, the ground cracked, and stones went flying everywhere. There were five giant, earthworm-like creatures with huge mouths emerging from the ground, trying to bite through thin air. The earthworms attempted to return underground to prepare for another attack, but unfortunately, Luo Yuan cut through their soft bodies as he landed.

He was on alert again, grateful that the enchanted worms did not control the flying creatures. However, he realized he was wrong as he saw bugs and mutated birds flying towards him. Luckily, it looked like a manageable number compared to the mutated beasts on the ground. They were flying very fast, though. The next second they were already above his head.

He was worried about Huang Jiahui and the others, and he turned around to check the sky above the building. He realized the creatures were not flying towards the rooftop, but they were all ready to attack him along with the beasts on the ground.

Several gray-colored birds began to attack Luo Yuan right after he killed an earthworm. Apparently, they were more aggressive than the mutated beasts on the around him. He had no way to escape. Countless mutated beasts surrounded him. The only thing he could do was kill them at a very high speed, leaving an infinite number of bird carcasses on the ground.

However, even though he had been trying his best to kill them, there were still several mutated birds poking at his body. The green level bulletproof vest protected him, and all the birds who attacked him got smashed into flesh and blood.

The birds had evolved extremely, their beaks constituting two-thirds of their body. That helped reduce air resistance and increase the momentum of their attack. One would die if they got hit by the birds without any protection.

Luo Yuan kept stepping back, leaving many footprints on the ground. Suddenly, he could not move anymore. He was prevented by the earthworms he had just cut. The beasts ran away, and a creature that looked like a unicorn rushed toward him and hit him in the chest. Luo Yuan flew backward, falling on the beasts.

The Earth began to shake again, the Earth Stomp turning all the carcasses into ashes. Luo Yuan began to gasp. He was exhausted after using the Earth Stomp two times in a row. He stood on top of a waste area to check his surroundings and realized there were even more mutated beasts coming.

The enchanted worms did not seem to be afraid. They were still rushing towards him. He realized that he could not keep using the same strategy anymore. Five Earth Stomps was his limit. He would need to find another solution.

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