Chapter 160: Breakthrough

The tower was shaking because of the continuous beast attacks, the cement falling and hitting their heads. Meanwhile, there were more and more cracks on the ceiling, the mutated beasts also getting crashed by the huge rocks. No one knew when the tower was going to collapse and fall on them all.

“Luo Yuan, what we can do? We can’t stay here anymore, we have to leave!” Huang Jiahui screamed out in fear.

“Little Yuan is getting weaker!” Zhao Yali shouted in tears. “Can anyone check on him?”

Everyone was shocked. Huang Jiahui was too distracted and almost got bitten by a mutant. She shouted, “Wang Shishi, leave this to us! You go check on Luo Yuan!”

Wang Shishi had been distracted as well, but she turned around right away and rushed towards Luo Yuan. He was leaning against the wall, his face pale. His heart only beat 7-8 times per minute now. Normal people would have already died, but he was only physically weak.

“Brother Luo, how are you feeling?”

Luo Yuan tried his best to wave. He did not have enough energy to speak. However, Wang Shishi did not understand and kept crying. She thought Luo Yuan was going to die. “What happened to him?” she said. “He was totally fine just now. You really didn’t see anything?”

“I don’t know, I really have no idea,” Zhao Yali replied. She looked pale and she was crying as well.

Luo Yuan twitched his mouth, feeling helpless. He continued to control his heartbeat, until suddenly his body shook and his heart started pumping wildly. After a while, he managed to slowly stand up.

“I’m fine, I told you that I’m fine.”

Both women were surprised, but their eyes were still full of tears. Luo Yuan looked energized, his pale face turning rosy again.

“Understanding the Earth Stomp. You’re obtaining extra earth energy as a supportive, special trait of long lasting energy. In other words, you will not feel exhausted anymore. Secondary Power: Fast Recovery. Sensitivity power will be consumed throughout the recovery process until it is over.”

He looked very calm, as if he had been drained of any emotions. He glanced across the space and began to walk towards the beasts, slowly increasing his speed.

“Move!” Luo Yuan shouted.

His voice was so powerful, they could still hear its echo a few seconds after he had spoken. Everyone naturally made way for him despite the fact that they were fighting the beasts. It only took Luo Yuan a few steps to reach the beasts and start to kill them. The scene was full of blood, and flesh was flying everywhere.

His special power allowed him to fully perform without having to consider his physical strength. He could give out a minimum of around 20 strikes per second, and most of the mutated beasts were chopped more than 10 times before they died. He was moving at a very fast pace, creating a path through the beasts to escape.

“Everyone follow me! Let’s get out of here!”

They all were relieved that Luo Yuan had recovered. They quickly picked up their weapons and bullets, and followed him. After a few minutes of running, they finally reached the staircase. However, the staircase was almost detached from the building. The beasts had been stepping on it for too long. Some of the beasts began to jump down from the higher floors. The first floor was fully occupied by them.

“Shishi, take care of the mutants up there!” Luo Yuan said as he glared up at them.

“Yes, Brother Luo,” Wang Shishi replied.

The flying shuttle was travelling through the air, and the next second a very long bloodprint had appeared on the floor as the shuttle penetrated a row of beasts. After a few shots with it, all the mutated beasts had been turned into corpses and Wang Shishi had turned pale. She had finished almost all her energy.

Luo Yuan did not dare delay the attack. He realized that she could not continue anymore, so he shouted, “Hold on to your weapons! We can use guns now!”

As soon as he had finished talking, he grabbed Huo Dong and threw him up to the first floor. Without any mental preparation, Huo Dong flew into the air, screaming out loud. He thought he would fall hard on the floor, but he didn’t. He only rolled a few times before landing without any injuries. In fact, Luo Yuan had already mastered his power and was able to use it any way he wanted.

Huo Dong immediately got his idea and took out his sniper gun and began to fire. A moment later, Lin Xiaoji was thrown up to the first floor as well, followed by Huang Jiahui and Wang Xiaguang. Finally, the battle subsided a little as there were more people upstairs and more bullets being used.

All the bullets had been modified into green level bullets, which were very powerful in penetration. Each bullet could penetrate around 10 mutated beasts with a single shot. Luo Yuan threw Zhao Yali up to the first floor and then jumped up to meet them. He was stunned when he faced the scene there, and he was not one to be stunned easily.

The first floor had no roof anymore and most of the walls had collapsed. It was already a miracle that the tower was still standing. They could see that the streets outside were occupied by countless mutated beasts. Suddenly, Luo Yuan pulled Cao Lin back before a huge, several tons heavy piece of concrete fell on the spot where she had just been standing. The concrete hit the ground, creating a big hole on the first floor. Cao Lin was frightened. She would have been smashed if Luo Yuan had not pulled her away.

Things would only get more dangerous if they stayed there, so Luo Yuan said decisively, “Everyone get your weapons and follow me!”

Luo Yuan frowned as he noticed Zhao Yali’s empty hands. "Does anyone have an extra gun to give her?" he asked.

“Use mine,” Wang Xiaguang said generously. “I can use my knife.”

Luo Yuan looked at her for a second and realized there was a thick blood clot on her smooth skin. She looked more determined and stronger compared to the last few days. Huo Dong, Lin Xiaoji and Cao Lin had changed as well. They were going to be qualified survivors if they managed to survive these battles. That’s right, not warriors, but qualified survivors. Zhao Yali carefully took the gun from Wang Xiaguang.

“Just stick by me later,” Wang Xiaguang said sympathetically.

Zhao Yali looked at her gratefully and nodded, “Thank you so much.”

They formed a team with Luo Yuan as their leader and rushed towards the beasts. Unless they were in a big group, the beasts were not a threat to Luo Yuan as they were slower than his attacking speed. As long as Luo Yuan had unlimited energy, they were nothing to be afraid of.

After a few minutes, they ran out of the tower and saw a lot more mutated beasts. Wang Shishi almost collapsed. She has been using too much of her power and her head was in extreme pain. Her nose and ears were also bleeding non-stop. Everyone would be in danger without her help. It would be really overwhelming to only rely on Luo Yuan. He quickly checked their surroundings and spotted the vines on a nearby building.

Most of the buildings there were decrepit houses, easy to collapse if the beasts hit them. It was better to climb up the building rather than hide inside the house as most of the mutated beasts could not climb.

“Shishi, don’t fall asleep. We’re heading to that house.”

Wang Shishi looked very pale and weak. She nodded as her body staggered. Huang Jiahui was saddened by her condition. Wang Shishi fainted, but luckily Luo Yuan caught her before the mutated beasts could get to her. Everyone felt more stressed without Wang Shishi, but they tried their best to fight. They almost died trying to escape, and everyone was injured by the end.

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