Chapter 157: Trust

Huo Dong and Chen Xianfeng held their rifles in their hands frantically.

Everyone else looked scared too. They had no way to calm down. Ιn this situation, anyone who was not having a mental breakdown would be considered brave.

Luo Yuan glanced at the direction of beasts, who maintained their lineup, ready for an attack. He took a deep breath, pulled out his zhanmadao and said, “Everyone just follow me. Whether we live or we die will depend on fate. If you wanna stay alive, follow me closely.”

Then Luo Yuan shouted at the Giant Lizard. The beast was still in a violent, agitated mood, and acted as if it hadn’t heard Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan did not care so much. He could only rely on it, hoping it would follow him later.

Next, he drilled a hole into the nearby building. It was completely dark inside. Luo Yuan turned on his flashlight and tossed another one to Huang Jiahui, telling her softly, “Be careful.”

Huang Jiahui nodded in determination.

There were cracks everywhere on the walls inside, and many parts had already collapsed. The building looked like it could not even survive a tremor.

Of course Luo Yuan did not plan on hiding in there. He quickly went to the wall on the opposite side, and started cutting another hole. When sunlight fell through the hole to the place where they stood, the crowd could not help but inhale in fear.

The street out there was still packed with a great number of beasts.

Everybody got so scared, they backed off.

“Everywhere. They’re everywhere. We should not have come here,” Lin Xiaoji said exasperatedly. The rifle in his hand could not stop shaking. “This time we’re doomed.”

“Don’t give me that s*it right now. Just kill yourself if you’re scared,” Huo Dong scolded him irritatedly.

“Who’s afraid to die? I survived when I was living all by myself. You’re the one who keeps eating without working!” Lin Xiaoji shouted stubbornly.

“When did I eat without working? Chen Xianfeng and I do all the hard work. Don’t think that just because you’ve evolved, you’re any better than us. I’ve disliked you right from the beginning.” Under such intense pressure, Huo Dong had also started shouting, scolding Lin Xiaoji with a red face and hoarse throat.

Chen Xianfeng growled unpleasantly as he stared at Lin Xiaoji fiercely.

Huang Jiahui had suggested that they look for resources in the city, and everyone else had agreed. As Lin Xiaoji mentioned this, Huang Jiahui could not help but blush.

“Everyone shut up.” Luo Yuan had noticed what was happening. He intentionally looked at Lin Xiaoji and chided him coldly, “What are you making so much noise for? If you don’t want to stay here, then leave. We don’t need you.”

Lin Xiaoji’s whole body shivered as if a bucket of cold water had been poured down his head. His face was turned white as he said, “I… I did not mean, I…”

Luo Yuan knew that Lin Xiaoji was mentally exhausted and he had not meant to say that. However, this behavior had to be stubbed out before it got worse. After all, no decision could be implemented without his agreement. Acting at will all the time could cause group dispersion.

“Everyone check your own weapons. We will kill our way out. I don’t believe that every street is occupied,” Luo Yuan briefed them while he looked at the entrance of the hole. The beasts had not moved at all. It was good timing.

He moved like an ape, going through the entrance of the hole. Then he swung his Zhanmadao and a feline mutated beast was cut into two.

His speed was very fast, and his sword gleamed like lightning, blood sputtering all around. Broken limbs and flesh could be seen everywhere.

“Hurry, hurry! Follow me!” Huang Jiahui shouted.

The thick moss was covered with fresh, dense blood. Walking on it felt like walking on mud. It emitted a very strong smell.

Zhao Yali’s gastric acid surged in her stomach while she ran in panic behind Wang Shishi. The scenarios running through her mind made her have one hell of a hallucination. Suddenly, she felt something soft under her feet. She looked carefully and gasped in shock. It was a part of a large intestine still steaming hot gas.

She got so scared, her face turned pale and she quickly stepped back. She was out of control, and her ankle tightened as a palm tightly grabbed her calf. It was an arm that had fallen off a body. Obviously, it had not gone completely stiff yet. That’s why when something had gone near it, it’d had the reflex reaction to hold it.

Zhao Yali could no longer suppress the screams in her throat. She kept kicking hysterically, but she still could not get rid of the palm, which was holding her ankle tightly.

Hearing her, Luo Yuan turned back to see what was going on. “Wang Shishi, go help her,” he said.

Wang Shishi responded reluctantly. Zhao Yali was her love rival after all. Although she did not wish her dead, watching her act like a fool was something Wang Shishi was enjoying. However, she dared not disobey Luo Yuan’s orders. Immediately, she threw the shuttle over the top of the head and stabbed the arm in a rush.

The vibration of the shuttle turned the blood and flesh both into mist. It took as long as a breath for the whole arm to disappear.

Zhao Yali screamed out in shock again. Blood was stained all over her head and face, making her look pitiful.

Wang Shishi sneered silently. She had done it on purpose.

At this critical moment, an accident suddenly occurred. The beasts seemed to receive a certain signal. The puppets that had originally been standing still suddenly started moving.

Both sides of mutated beasts gushed towards them like turbulent waves.

Luo Yuan’s face changed. In the blink of an eye, he had cut several mutated beasts into two. He turned back and shouted, “Shishi, beware of getting surrounded. Everyone else quickly follow me!”

Before he had finished his speech, he was already rushing towards the frontline of the beasts with his sword. A ray flashed, and blood spurted towards the sky. Considering his abilities, this kind of weak mutated beasts were no danger to him. In his eyes, this wasn’t all that different from chopping piles of wood. This time though, the beast attack was too much. They were almost like a crowd. He was able to cut three or four mutated beasts. As he moved five steps forward, about fifty mutated beasts died from his hand.

When quantity surpassed quality, even ants could kill an elephant by biting it. If the battle site had been more spacious and someone had been commanding the mutated beasts, they could have surrounded them. In that case, unless Luo Yuan could fly, he would have most certainly died.

Humans are not machines that are made to move forever. Their energy could get depleted, their endurance could be drained and their Will be broken. Regardless of how strong one was, facing a legion of enemies that moved like the ocean tide was a waste of their strength.

On the other hand, Wang Shishi had also started to attack. Her green level flying shuttle moved rapidly back and forth like a loom in the sky, forming a sonic boom. Sometimes, before the flying shuttle could even get close to them, the heads on the other side would explode like bombs under the pressure of the sonic boom.

The beasts had completely stopped fighting the attack. The area in a circumference of five meters had become a vacuum of beasts.

Since the terrifying experience at the sea river that had revealed her telekinesis, Wang Shishi’s ability had gotten stronger. Although she had not officially reached a level where she could fly, she was still better by leaps and bounds compared to the past. Plus, if one were to compare combat skills, her overpowering, combo telekinesis attack was way stronger than Luo Yuan’s.

Of course, the only weakness of telekinesis was its low consistency. It could only be used for a few minutes at the most.

For now though, that would be sufficient enough.

The street was barely over twenty meters, so Luo Yuan only had to walk for about three minutes. His whole body was soaked in blood. Even his waterproof, oily shirt was covered in sticky, fresh blood.

He had once again broken in through the front of the building. Everyone went in with him. They had not even gotten to rest for a few seconds when the wall was broken down by the beasts. It collapsed right away, but luckily, Luo Yuan’s eyes and actions were fast. He tossed the few people standing near the wall far away. However, Chen Xianfeng had dodged too late and gotten crushed.

Chen Xianfeng had already gone crazy after being stimulated by fresh blood, and now he had gotten pounded by a collapsing wall as well. He could not hold back anymore. Using both hands, he caught a middle-aged man who had come in first, and forcefully tore him into two. Then he simply grabbed another one and used them like a wooden stick, smashing at the beasts nonstop.

Chen Xianfeng still seemed unsatisfied. He howled angrily while he crumbled skulls with his bare hands. His big palms grabbed another human and kept swinging without getting tired.

Everyone had seen a lot of blood, but they were still not prepared for Chen Xianfeng’s beast-like attack.

Luo Yuan saw the beasts and thought they could not come within such a short period of time. He bit on his lip and said, “We will proceed.”

Luo Yuan was full of regret. He was regretting leaving the cannons behind to make their load lighter. If they had the two cannons now, plus an adequate numbers of bullets, no matter how many beasts there were, they could still have blocked them easily. There was no use being regretful now, though.

“It looks like there used to be a basement here,” Wang Xiaguang said suddenly. “There is a minus floor number on the lift.”

Luo Yuan immediately felt energized as he walked over in a hurry. The entrance of the lift was twisted and full of rusty spots. Obviously, it could not be used anymore.

“The safety exit is here.” Huo Dong had found the staircase.

The middle of the staircase was already broken, but they were on the ground floor, so they only needed to jump down one or two meters. Even Zhao Yali did not hesitate in jumping. The basement was full of water and covered in yellow and green fungi of all sizes. They were not just on the ground, the fungi grew on the walls, too. Inside the basement, there was a weird, stinky fish smell.

Luo Yuan secretly identified the fungi and realized there were a lot of poisonous ones among them. There were even some toxic ones. He had no idea whether the air was poisoned or not, though. He could only leave that up to fate. However, he noticed the presence of bugs and tiny creatures. Although most of them were poisonous, at least they made him feel more optimistic.

This had to be the hotel shop. Luo Yuan kicked a decaying door, and discovered that the racks inside were full of hotel goods.

He swept the goods on the racks aside, and dragged the racks out and put them under the staircase. Of course, this would not block the beasts’ attack, but it would effectively slowed them down if they tried to burst in. It was better than nothing.

Everyone helped hurriedly, moving all the racks to pile them up against the staircase fast.

Suddenly, Chen Xianfeng gasped and jumped down. His body was already full of scars, and the flesh on his chest was almost torn out. He looked close to dying as he panted for breath, his eyes all red.

“You guys do not trust me… You all… want me to die,” he growled angrily. He scanned everyone with his brutal gaze. After quite a while, he found a dark corner and sat down.

Everyone had gotten completely quiet.

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