Chapter 157 – Snatching The Battle Boots

“Lei Yu, my dearest friend. Being able to see you today has really made me surprised and extremely happy at the same time!” The Pope greeted Lei Yu with an expression as if he was seeing an old buddy. “Has everything been going well this past year?”

“Thank you for asking, your holiness. Everything has been good.” Lei Yu also responded with a fake smile.

Seeing that the two didn’t pay attention to Bel, his heart erupted in anger. “The Vatican has always been hypocrites pretending to be virtuous, so stop acting in front of me! Mr. Lei Yu, we, the Dark Council were the first ones to express our wishes to be on good terms with you. Could it be that you’ve fallen for this guy’s duplicitous words?”

Bel wasn’t expecting Lei Yu to help him today, but as long as he stayed out of this and did not help anyone, then today he would still stand a chance.

Lei Yu shrugged. “His holiness and I are just friends. Of course, I’ve never refused your friendship either Prince Bel.” His mouth was saying this, but his heart wasn’t thinking it.

Although the Vatican was a smiling tiger (outwardly kind, but inwardly cruel), at least they were benevolent and caring towards their followers. In the eyes of the world, they were on the side of justice, which was undeniable. However, the Dark Council was different – they would do whatever it took to achieve their goals. Whether they were martial cultivators or ordinary people, as long as they had any impact on them, the Dark Council would mercilessly and without compassion step on their dead corpse. Based on this, Lei Yu’s heart leaned towards the Vatican, but of course, he couldn’t show it.

“Bel, this item might be one of our Vatican’s long lost holy objects. You people of the Dark Council do not have the right to possess it!” The Pope said through clenched teeth, his eyes becoming red from seeing his enemy.

“I can still try!” Bel wasn’t afraid. As one of the two super experts from the Dark Council, he had never backed down from anything. He even felt the leader of the Werewolf clan, who was at the same rank as him, was beneath his eyes. Not to mention a Pope that was on the same rank as him.

Lei Yu crossed his arms and took two steps back. Since these two wanted to fight, he might as well give them room for a good one.

Right at this moment, Bel’s figure became illusory. Amidst the eerie atmosphere of the swamp, his agility was still impressive. The soft sludge appeared to not have any effect in prohibiting his movement. With that, Bel sped towards the Pope’s direction with a mere step.

The latter retreated backwards, but his feet from start to finish were still white and clean from never having to step on the mud. How did he make his body float in the air this entire time? Lei Yu was extremely curious as to what method was being used.

Under the rain of attacks by Bel, the Pope continued to dodge while his mouth was chanting something. A white light began to emanate on the surface of the Pope’s body. Then suddenly, with the Pope as the center, a column of white light surrounded his body and shot off into the sky. His robe started fluttering around like crazy,even though there wasn’t any wind in the vicinity. His elongated eyes narrowed to mere slits and the surrounding white light started condensing rapidly, converging to a single point. “Holy Light’s Punishment!”

“Whoosh~!” A white light, with the thickness of an arm, flew directly at Bel at lightning speeds. Bel, who had accumulated a lot of fighting experience had a pretty quick reaction. A sudden mass of energy billowed out from his body and a pair of wings miraculously emerged from his back. The look of the wings was definitely something only bats would have. Originally only having one eye that was blood red, both of his eyes had become red now. Fangs started to lengthen from both sides of his teeth as they protruded out from his mouth, and Bel was now cloaked in an eerily cold white light.

Bel’s speed was extremely fast. Lei Yu felt that it was most likely faster than his own. Perhaps the wings on Bel’s back played a big role in the speed increase. Watching these two super experts duel was actually quite pleasurable in Lei Yu’s eyes.

Each person’s attacks had their own characteristics. Raining blows on his opponent, Bel’s attack wasn’t overpowering, but still made the Pope feel overwhelmed. Each attack seized an opportunity for an opening before it struck out. Each of the Pope’s attack was like a flash flood, extremely oppressive and tyrannical. In the short term, it was difficult to predict who had the upper hand.

On Bel’s fingernail tip and fangs, it contained a secretion unique to his clan. Once a person’s body was contaminated with that secretion, that person’s life would be subject to their control. With every attack, Bel was hoping to release that effect, but his stamina was continuously depleting as he was unable to land a critical attack.

“Mr. Lei Yu! Help me kill the Pope and I will give you the treasure that I found today!” Gradually, the fight was becoming unfavorable for Bel. The Pope seized the moment Bel was distracted and suddenly, a huge white light enveloped the entire surrounding area.


The ground was destroyed by the enormous energy released by the Pope and the stench-filled mud started flying all over the place. “Plop plop” sounds of mud hitting the ground caused Lei Yu to dodge left and right to avoid them. Bel was somewhat in pain, but due to his experience gained through countless fights, how could he be knocked down so quickly by this attack? No matter what, he was still a Prince of the Vampire clan.

The moment the Pope released his powerful attack, Bel’s body had already soundlessly retreated by tens of meters backward.

Lying amidst the mud, the three were able to see the treasure exuding a golden light, silently sitting there.

Lei Yu’s eyes were staring in shock. “Ares’ battle boots! How could this be?!”

Lei Yu wasn’t the only person to recognize this object, the Pope had also recognized it. Recorded in the ancient books, he too had seen these boots depicted, so he of course knew its secrets. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t know the battle boots required a spell to activate. Kalchas never told him of this because the item technically belonged to his owner, Minotaur Linos. If it weren’t for rescuing the bull head, he also wouldn’t have told Lei Yu the spell.

“It’s really a holy object! It’s really a holy object!” The Pope appeared extremely excited. Perhaps it was due to the relationship between his golden crown and the boots, both objects emitted a bright light at the same time.

Lei Yu couldn’t hold back his own emotional heart and took a few steps forward towards the boots. Both the Pope and Bel noticed this movement. “Mr. Lei Yu, could it be that you wish to intervene as well?”

Lei Yu didn’t bother answering and walked closer towards the large pit created by the Pope’s last attack. His lips started moving, chanting something that no one could hear or understand what he was saying. Bel and the Pope only saw the boots suddenly shine brightly before slowly floating up out of the pit.

The Pope and Bel, who were ten plus meters away, stared with big round eyes unblinkingly at the floating battle boots. They looked like they were waiting for an opportunity to make the killing blow. They would both be merciless when grabbing the boots because this item was just too tempting. According to the records, this treasure was something that could double one’s speed. Within this world, even if it were an ordinary person who possessed this treasure, they could probably repeatedly break world records. So what would happen to someone that was already extremely strong upon wearing those boots?

As for Bel, even though he didn’t know what abilities the battle boots possessed, but something that could make the Pope’s eyes go red with desire would definitely not be something ordinary. He naturally would not give up on it.

However, it was at this time, the internal calculations of those two seemed to have erred. The floating boots, as if prejudiced, dropped next to Lei Yu’s feet. A bright light flashed again and the boots suddenly disappeared. Then another flash appeared on Lei Yu’s feet and the pair of shiny golden boots was currently being worn by him.

“What the hell just happened?!” Asked the Pope with his eyes round and wide.

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