Chapter 153: Stay

Chen Xianfeng staggered as he left his room. At first, he could not stand steadily, but soon his movements became smoother. He walked out to the garden and took a few steps before he started running. The faster he ran, the more hideous his face looked. Finally, he let out a loud, weird growl from his mouth.

Hearing his beast-like growl from a distance, everyone in the hall went quiet. Their thoughts were complicated to say the least.

“He is too dangerous…” Cao Lin said, her head bowed down. She dared not look at the others.

Although she had not said it outright, her meaning was obvious. No normal person would want to live around a ticking bomb. Judging by his actions just now, his emotions were very unstable. If Luo Yuan wasn’t there, he would have already lost control.

“Yeah, his eyes looked just like a beast’s,” Zhao Yali said anxiously.

“But he is still our friend,” Huang Jiahui said in a low voice after hesitating for a while. She knew that Zhao Yali was right. Chen Xiangfeng was indeed very dangerous now. Maybe his temporary soft-hearted will had caused irreparable damage. However, she did not have the heart to give up on him.

“He has already changed. He is no longer the Chen Xianfeng we knew. You heard Brother Luo, his condition might become more serious in the future. Letting him stay with us would not be safe. Plus, he may have a better life if we let him go,” Cao Lin said, biting her lips.

Luo Yuan was also struggling to make a decision. The power of of the growth from his evolution was terrifying to say the least. Within a short period of time, Chen Xianfeng had already grown from an ordinary person to a dark blue level human. The giant archelon’s genes that had entered his body hasn’t shown its full potential yet, but the archelon’s power could already be seen.

If Chen Xianfeng could successfully control the ruthless emotions running through his body, he could grow into a very formidable ally in the future.

To be honest though, Luo Yuan was not very optimistic.

Even if the beast genes did not affect one’s rationality, it was still a challenge for a normal human’s temperament to suddenly get so much stronger. That much strength will definitely arouse destructive intentions and corrode one’s rationality, making them act willfully. To add insult to injury, Chen Xianfeng’s body had been possessed by green level mutated beast genes.

Chen Xianfeng used to bear all duties by himself without complaint. No matter how tired or dirty he was, he would never say a word. It would be really cold and heartless to just give up on him like that. Luo Yuan remained silent for a while before he said, “Let’s observe him for a few more days. I will watch him. If he loses control of his emotions, then we will have to let him go.”

If he really loses control, then Luo Yuan could not be blamed for it.

This had all happened too suddenly, forcing them to delay their original plan to depart.

Nevertheless, there was nothing they could do. Massive egg yolks were divided by the women and smoked into cubes, which were wrapped tightly in cleaned fish skin. This kind of food was no doubt a precious strategic resource. Despite its small size, the amount of heat it contained was sufficient to sustain anyone for a day, excluding Luo Yuan and Chen Xianfeng. If it was stored well, it could be preserved for more than half a year.

The gel layer of the eggshell had been used to synthesize Luo Yuan’s bulletproof vest. Because there had been a sufficient amount, Luo Yuan had synthesized five bulletproof vests in total. Except for a dark blue level one, the rest were all green level.

The new bulletproof vest had a crystal-like, semi-transparent colour. Its surface had a fibre texture to it and it was much lighter. The metal plates inside it had been mixed with the gel layer and formed a new, lighter substance.

The softness of the bulletproof vest was moderate, neither too hard, nor too soft. Its strong rebounding ability could be felt by applying just a little bit of pressure.

Compared to the previous snake scale bulletproof vest, the properties of the current vests were amazing. There was no comparison.

“Energy Absorption Bulletproof Vest”
“Materials: Giant Archelon delivery liquid, nylon fibre, metal plates”
“Rarity: Green”
“Weight: 1kg”
“Defense: 35-39”
“Special Effect: Attack Absorption (Physical)
“Special Effect 2: Rebounce (Immediate springback after any attack)
“Remarks: This is no doubt a highly protective bulletproof vest. Although its special effects may seem simple, all kinds of power will be reflected on it. It can resist any attack, from bullets to cannonballs. Its only disadvantage is that whenever it absorbs an attack, it starts heating up. Of course, compared to its strong protection, this weakness is not even worth mentioning.

To test the effects of the bulletproof vest, Luo Yuan walked to an empty area and let Huang Jiahui shoot him with dark blue level bullets. All the bullets bounced away. Other than a slight vibration, he could feel no pain at all.

After he wiped off the black dots on the bulletproof vest, its surface became as smooth as new. The bullets had not left any marks, and its temperature had not increased much either. Obviously, that kind of attack did not affect the vest much, hence the low level of heat.

Wang Shishi’s Flying Shuttle was also upgraded using the eggshells. Its level of sharpness had already exceeded Luo Yuan’s zhanmadao. The rest of the eggshells had been synthesized into heavy caliber sniper bullets and normal handgun bullets. If anyone got hit by these bullets other than light green level creatures, they would be filled with holes.

After the synthesization, the whole team’s attacking ability had improved in quality. As they consumed more green level food, everyone’s body qualities would increase rapidly.

Chen Xianfeng didn’t come back the whole morning or in the afternoon. Everybody was secretly relieved, thinking that he had left quietly. At night though, when everyone was about to go to bed, he suddenly came back limping.

It seemed like he had been fighting with some kind of creature. His whole body was bloody and gravely injured. There were several profound scars on his chest, the flesh there all twisted. The most severe injuries were on his thighs and arms. The skin and flesh there was all torn off, his white bones almost visible.

However, after venting his anger, his eyes seemed to have become calmer. They did not have that suppressed brutality in them anymore.

He did not enter the hall directly. He stopped at the doorway first. Luo Yuan was standing there, looking at him without moving.

After a while, Chen Xianfeng started feeling uncomfortable under Luo Yuan’s gaze and backed off a little.

“You must be aware of your own condition. You could lose control any second. Letting you stay with us is too dangerous,” Luo Yuan suddenly said. “Until you can control yourself, you will have to maintain more than twenty meters distance from everyone.

Chen Xianfeng’s eyes flashed with a trace of fury. When it subsided he said, “I… I will sleep outside.”

The changes in his expression had all been noted by Luo Yuan. He sighed. Chen Xianfeng’s temperament had undergone a dramatic change compared to his old self. He got angry easily, and he was brutal and arrogant. He was no longer the sincere person he had used to be. Luo Yuan looked at him seriously and warned him, “It’s good that you know. Don’t do anything that might cause a misunderstanding, or nobody will be able save you.”

“Understood,” Cheng Xianfeng said, looking depressed. He could sense Luo Yuan’s gaze this time, so he lowered his head slightly, trying to hide the expression on his face.

The night went by without any incident.

The next morning, when Luo Yuan opened the door, Chen Xianfeng, who was squatting at the corner of the garden, stood up unconsciously. His hand was holding a bone that was almost two meters long. There was fresh blood and flesh on it.

It was a thighbone belonging to a mutated beast. One of its sides was extremely huge and looked like a lot a hammer. He did not have that bone during the day. Obviously, he had gone out again last night.

He still had blood on his mouth. The wounds on his body were more than the previous day, and his old wounds had almost healed. Even the blood on his torn arm and thigh was encrusted, the wounds seeming to have shrunk more than half in size. He would probably fully recover in few days’ time.

His self-healing ability was shocking.

When he saw Luo Yuan, he unnaturally avoided eye contact. The hand that was holding the bone became tighter, betraying his nervousness.

Luo Yuan stared at him for a while before turning his eyes away.

Very soon, everyone got up and started to pack their luggage.

They had lots of food, weapons and cartridges. Somewhere along the way, they had also acquired three heavy sniper rifles. Other than that, everyone had each taken a handgun and a box of synthesized bullets. If Luo Yuan had not been objected, they would have taken the cannon machine gun as well.

No matter how powerful it was, the effort it would take to move it was too much. Plus, none of them knew how to operate it, and the number of bullets needed for each shot wa astonishing. If they did not bring enough bullets, it would be pretty much useless. Besides, synthesized bullets were more powerful than cannon machine gun bullets. It was better if they did not bring it along.

Luo Yuan checked the luggage once again and used fish skin to wrap the food cubes. He checked the package again, going out to find some tree leaves that emitted a stimulating scent. He rubbed the tree leaves before wrapping it again. He wrapped and wrapped, until he could no longer smell that unique aroma coming out.

The giant lizard was very sensitive to this type of high-level food. He could not guarantee that its instincts would not take over again upon smelling it and directly lead to another breach of loyalty.

Luo Yuan carefully tied all the luggage on the Giant Lizard’s back. The lizard moved slightly, but kept quiet. Its large crystal-clear eyes had become tame once again. He found it weird, so he opened up the properties panel. He seemed to have overestimated the Giant Lizard’s grudge-bearing ability. After a quiet night, the Giant Lizard’s loyalty had recovered substantially. It could not reach the peak 80 points it had once been, yet it had risen back to 78 points.

It was a lot like a kid whose candy has been snatched by their parents. Although they would scream and cry momentarily, after some time, they would completely forget about their earlier grief. The Giant Lizard’s IQ was the same as a one or two year-old kid’s.

However, after thinking about it for a while, Luo Yuan found himself not caring anymore. When everyone had climbed up onto the lizard’s back, Luo Yuan commanded it, and the giant lizard started taking big strides forward. Behind it, a giant was trotting along, following it from a distance.

An hour later, they came across a hidden city in the forest.

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