Chapter 151: Lucky One

“Delivery liquid of Archelon;”
“Rarity: Green”
“Weight: 35kg”
“Additional ability: Massive absorption of physical and strength attacks;”
“Remarks: This is a special collagen secreted by the archelon in the process of laying eggs. It is to protect their eggs from external harm during the incubation, and ensure they come to the earth safely, with no complications.”

Luo Yuan picked up a small piece, assessed it for a short while, and his face lit up with joy. This piece does not only absorb physical attacks, it could also be assimilated with strength attacks. It was more wonderful than what he initially thought. Indeed, it deserves to be a green level material. He still did not know what the effect of this egg was, making him look forward to finding out what it could do.

“Hurry, get me a wooden barrel.” Luo Yuan held his knife and said.

Very soon, someone brought a wooden barrel for him.

That enormous egg was way too big to fit in that wooden barrel. But, Luo Yuan certainly did not plan to pour out all the liquid contained within the egg. For an enormous egg like this, it was alright to have some of it go to waste.

The energy content of the green ranked food was extraordinary. For ordinary people, just consuming a little of it was enough to keep them satiated for an entire day. Conservatively, this enormous egg could feed everyone for a month! There might even be leftovers, provided that the condition did not deteriorate.

Luo Yuan raised the point of the knife. He focused his Will at the tip of the knife and it let out a dim glow. At the very next moment, he stabbed it straight into the egg shell.

He could feel a strong resistance. His Will was depleted just as quick as running water would flow out of a container. Fortunately, the eggshell was not very thick. Luo Yuan held on for a while, exerted his energy a little, and the tip of the knife made it into the egg. Luo Yuan continued his efforts and after a few seconds, the eggshell had been punctured with a small hole, approximately 5-centimeters in size.

The eggshell was seven or eight centimeters thick. It was very compact and hard. Other than its three-millimeter outermost layer that comprised a rough material, the rest was almost transparent. The whole thing shone with a jade-like kind of light. Instead of calling it an eggshell, it could pass off as shards of crystal.

In fact, he was totally thinking too much. Because even when the eggshell was now broken, there was no eggwhite flowing out. Luo Yuan cut a piece from inside. The egg liquid on the tip of knife was so crystal clear, wobbled like jelly, and emitted a strange smell, but not a bad one.

Luo Yuan secretly used an appraisal technique:

“Egg white of Archelon”
“Purpose: Food supply”
“Rarity: Green”
“Weight: 10”
“Effect: 1. Slightly improves the human physique, 2. Slightly improves human strength, 3. Slightly increases human agility, 4. Chance for human evolution, 5. Chance to harness a technique to breathe underwater.”
“Remark: It is a superfood. Compared to its tenacious flesh after growing up, the egg white that was still in the form of an infant is more delicious and easy to consume. It consists of a massive amount of strength, improving the human physique and may even induce evolution.

Despite Luo Yuan having predicted all this, he was still shocked by its effect. If memory served him right, blue level food usually had a disadvantage to the human body. This time however, it had a small probability to evolve and even a chance at harnessing the ability to breathe underwater.It doesn’t seem like an evolutionary ability or it would have been listed individually.

After that, he swallowed the egg white.

The egg white was cool and refreshing, It eased smoothly all the way down his throat. Compared to bloody meat and flesh, the egg white was so much more superior in terms of its texture. An explosive fiery feeling rose in his stomach as soon as he swallowed the egg white. Very soon, that feeling spread through his entire body, there was like a fire burning in his body. His body temperature rose all the way up, and his stomach was bloated. He also felt strangely hyperactive. Even his Will was recovering rapidly.

Since his properties were raised dramatically, the blue level food was sub-par to him now. It had been a long time since he last felt a burning sensation all over his body.

“Luo Yuan, is there a problem?” Huang Jiahui asked, with her face flushed red.

A scorching hot breath puffed through his mouth. He laughed and said, “Nothing’s wrong, the effect of this egg white was too strong. Don’t eat too much in one go. If we’re lucky, there may be one more evolution that may happen among us.”

Huo Dong could hardly conceal his excitement after he heard how serious Luo Yuan said this. Evolution, who wouldn’t want themselves to evolve. Look at Luo Yuan and Wang Shishi, they have terrifying abilities and as time passes, the gap between their abilities kept increasing, soon they would be superman.

Anxious and uneasy feelings were torturing him every day. For evolved humans, an ordinary human like him was a total burden. Not only can they be of no help but they would also delay progress. Luo Yuan only bought them along out of sympathy but harsh reality is that this kind of sympathy will one day run out. It is likely that he could not even wait for that time to come.

Evolve, this time it has to happen!

Luo Yuan looked at the desire in those eyes and his heart sank. This journey was too dangerous. If they did not successfully evolve, they may fall after the other before they could even reach the West. Hopefully, there will be more evolutions this time.

Luo Yuan scooped the egg white up once again and cut them into pieces. Other than Lin Xiaoji who got a bit more, the rest of them all had only a few grams of it. The effect of green level food was too overwhelming for ordinary humans. They should not take too much.

Despite having consumed only a little, Wang Xiaguang and Zhao Yali started having serious nosebleeds. The condition of the others were better but not by much. Their skin got so red that it seemed as if they had just come out of a battle.

Suddenly, Chen Xianfeng fainted without a sign, shocking everyone.

Aside from Zhao Yali and Wang Xiaguang who were greatly concerned because they have not witnessed such a thing before, the expressions on Huo Dong’s and the others’ faces were laced with discomfort. Possibly admiration with a slight hint of jealousy; it was hard to decipher how they actually felt.

“Sighhh”, Huo Dong sighed lightly. Even after consuming the egg white, the excitement could hardly overcome his gloom. He walked to the door, searched for a while, and found a cigarette that had been smoked halfway. Just when he about to light the cigarette, someone patted him on the shoulder. It was Lin Xiaoji.

“Any more cigarettes?” He asked.

Huo Dong was surprised. Lin Xiaoji was an introvert and always seemed arrogant. He rarely talked to him, but today he took the initiative and tried to get a cigarette from him. He froze for a moment before coming to his senses again saying, “I only have a cigarette butt, do you want it?”

Huo Dong saw Lin Xiaoji hesitating but in the end he nodded in agreement.

This person simply does not know how to act like a decent human being, making little to no effort to even appear decent. It’s no wonder his relationship with the ladies was so bad. He sighed to himself and found some creased tobacco in his pocket. From there, he groped for a slightly longer cigarette butt and passed it to him along with a lighter. He had nothing to say but still, he tried to keep the conversation alive and said “Nowadays, it is hard to even find cigarettes. I usually smoke a puff or two before putting it out, just to satisfy my craving.”

Lin Xiaoji lit the cigarette and took a deep puff. He was choking and coughed uncontrollably. He instantly threw it on the floor and stepped on it to put it off. Huo Dong saw him doing this and felt it was such a waste. After a while, he sighed and softly said, “I would’ve never expected Chen Xianfeng to evolve, such a lucky s*it.”

“Aren’t you an evolved character too?” Huo Dong asked, astonished.

“My kind of evolved ability is totally useless. Other than healing myself, I am no different than an ordinary human. How can I be considered as an evolved human?. This world is so unfair.” he said with dissatisfaction, looking as if he was defeated. He was an arrogant person and being an evolved human supported his aura. Although he had been under the shadow of Luo Yuan all this time, he still maintained an arrogant outlook in front of ordinary people. He would have never thought that this time, even the obscure Chen Xiaofeng could become an evolved human, how could he not feel defeated?

Huo Dong squinted and evil arose in his heart. “You’re already an evolved human, yet you still complain about it being unfair. Who should we, the ordinary people go to then?” He realized there and then that Chen Xianfeng becoming an evolved human put his heart and mind at unrest.

Nevertheless, he was still a cunning person and knew that these words could only be spoken in the heart. He took a deep puff and said in a whisper, “Fairness? Where do we find fairness in this world? The fact that we’re now alive while others are not is already the biggest injustice. We should be counting our lucky stars for still being alive today, don’t tell me you’re still longing to have powers like Boss Luo?”

“Don’t you want it?” Lin Xiaoji responded by asking.

Huo Dong remained silent for a while, took a deep puff, then carefully put out the cigarette butt and put it into his cigarette box. He stood up and said, “Yes, of course, I want it but I clearly know that there is no one who can attain the highest level with a single step. All powerful abilities must be trained.”

After that, he did not care about Lin Xiaoji’s face. He stood up and went back into the room. He saw Luo Yuan who was slitting the eggshell slowly using the knife. Suddenly, he recalled something Luo Yuan said yesterday, “There is no internal power, at least not that I know of. It is not incredible either, it is just the function of Will. You will all understand when you can muster all your Will.”

Everyone has Will. If one is able to attain such an ability by just concentrating their Will, their strength will definitely not be worse off even compared to an evolved human.

Since he could not become an evolved human, he would first learn to concentrate his Will.

Huo Dong secretly held his fist. Looking at Chen Xianfeng who was still lying down, he steeled his heart.

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