Chapter 150: Process to deal with

Not long after that, Luo Yuan came back with the giant lizard.

Under Luo Yuan’s instruction, the giant lizard began to dig a hole rapidly. Massive amounts of mud was hurled backwards in rapid succession. The hole that had been closed by the giant archelon, was dug open once again.

Even so, it took two hours before he could see the huge egg. Luo Yuan was afraid that the giant lizard was going to eat it, like how it ate the fruit of the Sky’s Tree, so he hurriedly asked it to back off.

Luo Yuan slid down the walls of the mud hole and walked all the way to the bottom. The giant lizard’s work was clearly not meticulous enough, as it only managed to expose the upper half of the huge egg. The other half of the egg was still covered with mud. After Luo Yuan finished the job, only then could the huge egg be seen in its entirety.

This was a two meter tall, over one meter wide huge oval egg. This does not even include its thick colorless transparent gel layer, about half a meter thick, yet. As compared to an ordinary egg, its outermost later had complex patterns, bringing a sense of mystery.

The outermost gel layer looked very smooth and silky, and was soft to the touch. It was very bouncy, just like rubber. Luo Yuan tried to cut it by using his zhanmadao but the gel layer was impenetrable. The more strength he exerted, the harder the gel bounced back. It was an arduous task to even cut it up with his Will.

With this, it’s no wonder the archelon did not have a worry in the world and did not mind leaving its egg here. Only unless one’s ability was above the light green level, this layer of gel would be more than enough to prevent most creatures from harming it. Light green level creatures can rarely be found in the whole Jiangnan Province anyway. As compared to the highly dangerous ocean, the land was no doubt the best place for ocean creatures to reproduce for the future and safety of their new generation.

Luo Yuan did not manage to break it on the spot. This egg was very heavy, and weighed more than one ton. Even after removing the gel, it would not weigh less than one ton. Despite his thirteen points of strength, he could barely move it, let alone yank it out to the surface of ground from above a twenty meter deep, muddy hole. His amount of strength was not enough to push it out what more dragging it for about seven to eight kilometers to the defensive site. The whole journey was full of pits and potholes. Even if he successfully managed to push it all the way to his destination, it would take him at least a good seven or eight hours.

With that protective layer of gel, he would not need to worry about the giant lizard snatching or gobbling the egg up. Even if it did managed to get the egg into its mouth, it would still be unable to bite it.

The poor giant lizard had to be put to work again. It bit the huge egg and rushed back. Unless there was nothing to do, not assigning the lizard any work is silly.

By the time Luo Yuan got back to the defensive site, the sky was already darkening. After the giant lizard put down the huge egg, and he chased it aside.

When Luo Yuan got back previously, he had already told everyone about this. After they heard that the giant beast was here to give birth, and that he would be moving the huge egg back, how could they possibly sleep with such news? Everyone had ran out when they heard a sound.

They walked out. Once they saw the huge egg, all of them was taken by surprise.

“This is the egg. It’s so enormous! Definitely taller than every one of us.” Huang Jiahui said in amazement.

“I reckon even a dinosaur egg wouldn’t be as huge.” Huo Yuan also said in bewilderment. He touched its outer gel layer out of curiosity and was surprised, “How could it still be so cold?”

Then, everyone followed suit and touched it. All of them were busy discussing the matter. They were very excited; even Zhao Yali who was feeling uneasy, could not control her curiosity and touched it as well.

Both Wang Shishi’s eyes were gleaming. She was already jealous of the fact that Luo Yuan had a giant lizard as a pet earlier. Now, that they had one more egg, she quickly pulled the corner of his shirt, and fawningly said: “Brother Luo, gift me this egg, okay?”

Everyone apart from Zhao Yali, who already had Lao Huang, everyone else’s smile faded. This was a mutated beast’s egg, what more an egg with a terrifying ability. Everyone understood what it meant. Once it hatched, it could do whatever it wanted in the future.

“You don’t have to look any further. This egg is too huge, nobody knows when will it hatch. Even when it hatches, we would never know if it can ever be tamed. Bringing it along with us in our journey would be far too dangerous.” Luo Yuan muttered himself and shook his head.

Mutated beasts are not just any creatures that can be easily tamed. These mutated beasts were born brutal. How the giant lizard was able to be tamed was because of the painful lesson it learnt! Should its ability evolve again, it would have the tendency to betray them once more. For Lao Huang, it was a special case. Its ex-host had left an indelible impact. Canines are generally more loyal, they are less inclined to betray their owners. Even if it was mutated, its good behaviour was passed down by generation after generation of ancestors.

If it was a normal creature, Luo Yuan would have brought it along, albeit with caution. But, the egg was too scary. The moment it hatches, it would already be a young green level creature.

“Can’t we just eat it as food?” Huang Jiahui said surprisingly, “Let’s not waste this chance.”

“Waste? This is not a waste at all. This is an egg laid by a sixth level creature. If I’m not mistaken, it will bring a lot benefit to all of you, if you were to consume it.” Luo Yuan said in a deep voice. Even a blue level creature was already sufficient to improve their capabilities, let alone green level ones. Luo Yuan guessed that a green level creature’s flesh could at least raise some abilities up to twelve points.

“Sixth level…” Everyone sighed. For them, level three was already a nightmare. The giant lizard was also only a level four. Level six was something almost unimaginable.

In fact, its benefits did not stop there. Apart from what Luo Yuan already mentioned, its outer gel layer and even the eggshell were all valuable resources. The gel, with its durable bouncy substance, was best used for making bulletproof suits. Even without additional abilities, the bouncy substance alone could yield very high buffering powers when under attack. It was capable of reducing injuries to the bare minimum.

After his snake scale bulletproof vest broke, Luo Yuan’s defense had decreased a lot. This was apparent during the last beast attack, he did not only sustained serious injuries; he almost died there.

There were already a few bulletproof suits in the weapon warehouse. It was not like they were lacking of any materials, it just seemed befitting to make a brand new one.

As for the eggshell, it could become the perfect weapon. His zhanmadao was actually amalgamated with the tree bark of the Sky’s Tree. It was not able to amalgamate with other materials of the same grade. Besides, being able to absorb life energy was too important. If it was not necessary, Luo Yuan would not see a need for change, however, it can be built for someone else.

For instance, Wang Shishi’s flying shuttle, as well as some bullets.

Thinking of the sniper rifle in the weapon warehouse, an epiphany flashed through Luo Yuan’s mind. He could use a heavy sniper rifle, to shoot out green level bullets. How strong was its power?

Next, Luo Yuan used his Will, and with a knife, he circulated the outermost gel layer of the huge egg. He cut it carefully. Once he cut a small hole, a compressed smell slowly diffused into air. People who were surrounding him were repulsed, and backed off far away. They were suffocated and turned pale.

As the gel completely fell off from the egg leaving it no longer suppressing its contents, its smell completely leaked out. As a green level creature, even as just a tiny egg, the smell it emitted was much more pungent than that of a giant lizard.

Even Luo Yuan’s heart raced, as though crushed by a stone.

The smell was almost the same as the giant archelon, albeit slightly weaker, it still had its similarities.

Frustration and impulse filled the Giant Lizard’s lightbulb-like eyes. It stared at the huge egg without blinking. Its instincts could sense that if it were to eat the egg, it would be very beneficial for itself. As time passed, its eyes soon turned red with desire, and it drooled greedily.

Luo Yuan suddenly shifted its focus onto the egg too, as he experienced signs of himself spiralling out of control. His body was itching to have a go as well.

His heart turned cold. It seems that the huge egg was immensely tempting. He was far beyond rational by now, and decided not to stand there any longer.

He quickly reprimanded it loudly. After hearing Luo Yuan’s voice, the giant lizard slowly got back to its senses. It shook its big head, snorted in angst and reluctantly stepped back.

He opened the properties panel with an uneasy look on his face. He found that the loyalty of Giant Lizard had dropped dramatically, from a peak of 80 to 70.

“Little Yuan, what happened to the giant lizard?” Zhao Yali was a bit shocked and asked nervously.

The giant lizard was too fierce. Lao Huang appeared to be tamer in comparison. It never behaved that way in front of her.

“Luo Yuan’s face sunk, he forcefully smiled, “Nothing, it will be okay after some time.”

It would be better if he did not say anything. Everyone became more nervous after hearing what he said. Anyone could also see that Luo Yuan was trying too hard to convince them, especially with the fact that the giant lizard had a bad track record.

Luo Yuan kept staring at the properties panel. He could only be relieved after he found that the loyalty had no changes after it hit 68 points. Suddenly he realized that he has no remedy for a giant lizard who was out of control.

Without realizing, the ability of the giant lizard had already surpassed him by leaps and bounds. With only fifteen points of agility, it could already pummel him to the ground. He had to slow the giant lizard’s evolution progress down. Else, once it starts to betray him, he would not even have any methods of damage control.

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