Chapter 148: Sound of Water

Luo Yuan secretly assessed a completely corroded external bone.

“Unknown cement material;”
“Rarity: Grey ”
“Weight: 1.5kg”
“Remarks: This is a very rare mineral; important construction material;”

This extremely horrifying evaluation made Luo Yuan gasp. Not only has its external bone dropped from a blue level to a grey level, its original organic state has now became inorganic.

Luo Yuan never thought that this life absorbing ability could be so domineering. For him, being able to absorb life was just an ability that was quite convenient but for a mutated beast, it acts as an extreme attack.

But alas, this kind of attack was not very helpful for him as his style of combat was to fight fast and end it fast, killing everything in mere seconds. The speed of the ability was not as fast as he would like. Most of the time, the mutated beast had already been defeated, but he had yet to absorb much of its energy yet.

The sky turned dark very soon so they had their dinner early. The sky started turning dark before five. Cao Lin woke up in the midst of it. Although she was still weak, but she slowly stood up and walked.

A little excited, she thanked Luo Yuan profusely. If Luo Yuan had not stopped her, she would’ve already kneeled down in gratitude. She managed to escape death this time around. Having been given the chance to live after escaping from the brink of death, it was all thanks to Luo Yuan.

This heart-warming scene, touched everyone’s heart.

Before heading off to bed, Luo Yuan let Cao Lin absorb life energy once again. Her condition progressively improved and before long, she could start eating again.

The day had fully turned into dusk by now.

Zhao Yali tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. As the door was already burnt, it was left ajar. With every tiny squeak of a sound coming from outside, she was scared stiff. Paranoid, she kept feeling that there was a pair of eyes staring at her menacingly, in the dark.

She had the urge to pee in her pants due to her nervousness, which she could not hold in any longer. Both her legs were fidgeting non-stop.

She had no idea where Lao Huang had gone as well. When they sleep, Lao Huang is usually at her doorstep, so she did not have to worry about anything. But this time, Lao Huang was clearly not anywhere near her.

She got up and looked at Luo Yuan who lay close to her in the dark. He was clutching his knife and was sleeping soundly, with audible snores throughout the night.

“You are really a pig. I can’t wait for you to die in your sleep.” she thought with hatred.

She braced herself, stood up and glanced at the door of the black hole. It felt to her as if something terrifying or a hideous mutated creature would jump out through the door any second. She was scared stiff; her face turned pale white.

“It’s all dark. I shouldn’t worry that others would see me like this. I shouldn’t be embarrassed.” said Zhao Yali as she grinded her teeth. Lacking guts, she dared not go outside. She looked at the corner of the room and sneakily walked over. Her dire urge to pee at this point of time made her lose control of herself. Just when she was about to pull down her pants, she suddenly heard a voice and was shocked, almost peeing her pants in the process.

“It’s really late. What are you doing over there?” Luo Yuan said softly. Having experienced dangerous trials and tribulations over a long period of time, he had no choice but to be a light sleeper; the slightest motion could wake him up immediately.

When she heard Luo Yuan’s voice, Zhao Yali was relieved but her face was a bashful bright red. She coyly said: “Why do you care about what I’m doing?”

In the dark, Luo Yuan could see both of her legs were all knotted up, and suddenly, he understood. He felt slightly awkward but said: “Let’s go outside… there will be an odor here. Next time, just wake me up if there is anything you need.”

Zhao Yali softened. Her face blushed all of a sudden. If there was a hole in the ground right now she would have buried herself there and then. Reluctantly, she said: “Who says I want to … here?”

Luo Yuan did not bother about her being so firm in her speech. He got up and walked out. Zhao Yali hesitated for a while, bit her teeth and followed suit.

The two, one walking in front with the other at the back, reached the first floor.

“Back off a little bit, will you?” Zhao Yali snapped coldly.

Luo Yuan yawned, and took a few steps back.

Zhao Yali held her pants and turned to peek at him once again. It was totally dark – not the slightest glimmer of light in sight. She had no idea where Luo Yuan backed away to. She panicked, trembled, and said: “Luo Yuan…… come closer a little, would you?”

Luo Yuan had to move forward a few steps again. Zhao Yali could see Luo Yuan’s figure vaguely standing a short distance away from her and calmed down. It was so dark, he wouldn’t even be able to see anything. With that thought in mind, she could no longer hold her pee in anymore. Just as she pulled her pants down, a sound akin to a torrential flow was heard, as she had obviously held in her pee for quite some time now.

She let out a gasp, but without her knowledge, she was completely exposed under Luo Yuan’s fiery sight.

Luo Yuan’s capabilities had exceeded the limitations of a normal human being. He already had improved vision for a long time now. For normal humans, it would be pitch black but he could see everything clearly.

Her snow-white buttocks were round and firm, making Luo Yuan’s heart beat a little faster.

After they went out, he never quite found the chance to get intimate with Huang Jiahui. He had held back his desires for quite a few days now. Even more so with his vigorous and energetic spirit, he had a much higher drive than an ordinary human. When he saw her in such a compromising position, he couldn’t help but to start breathing heavily.

Zhao Yali had just finished easing herself. Before she could pull up her pants, Luo Yuan embraced her from the back. She was shocked and almost screamed. But as soon as she realized it was Luo Yuan, she struggled and said angrily: “What are you doing? Let go of me or i’ll start shouting!”

She lowered down her voice as she instructed Luo Yuan, as it was obvious that she did not want anyone else to be eavesdropping.

“Go ahead and shout if you want. Everyone knows you are my woman.” Luo Yuan turned her body towards himself, and said it like a rascal.

“You jerk! It was a long time ago.” Zhao Yali turned her face away and warned him sternly, “Don’t you dare touch me, get out of my way.”

She would not forgive Luo Yuan so easily. Having a record of murdering so many people, no guilt was felt. He did not even apologize to her properly. Besides, he had always said that he had feelings for her, but he still had unresolved and casual relationships with several other women, especially with that Huang Jiahui, it was very suspicious.

But just as she warned him, Luo Yuan’s lips violently pressed against hers.

Zhao Yali bit her teeth tightly, not allowing his tongue into her mouth. Her hand moved downwards, and forcefully pinched Luo Yuan’s waist, trying to get him to back off. But alas, his flesh was firm, just like rubber. After she held on to her pinch for a while, she had no strength to keep pinching him anymore.

She almost went ballistic. She moved on to using her hands to desperately push against Luo Yuan’s chest. Unfortunately, her strength had no effect on Luo Yuan.

When she was struggling, her pants had already fell to the floor, revealing her snowy white legs. Luo Yuan lifted her light body up and positioned her on the wall of the hall.

“You jerk, let go of me or I’ll start biting!” Zhao Yali finally got to open her mouth, as she grinded her teeth and threatened him. Her plump breasts bounced up and down, as she panted heavily.

Luo Yuan totally ignored her powerless threats.

At that point, her hair was already in a mess, her charming face blushed a shade of red. Hot passion ignited in Luo Yuan’s heart as he looked at her. Next, he slipped his hand into her shirt, moving towards her bosoms. The two pinkish bunnies moved about in his hands. A strong sense of dizziness consumed her body. She even forgot to struggle anymore.

Luo Yuan took off his pants. Finally, he asked: “Did you have sex with him?”

“He is my boyfriend, we have already… numerous times already.” Zhao Yali regained her senses.

Luo Yuan coldly snorted and penetrated her.

Zhao Yali panted loudly, and quickly covered her mouth. One hand powerlessly pinching everywhere in an attempt to strike back but she only got weaker and weaker.

When Luo Yuan first penetrated her, he was still gentle. But very soon, it escalated into faster, deeper thrusts. Zhao Yali covered her mouth as tight as she could but ended up moaning shamefully.

Luo Yuan asked again: “Did you, or did you not?”

“I did…” said a reluctant Zhao Yali.

How dare she acted so stubborn with him? Luo Yuan’s force became faster and faster, thrusting in and out like a high-speed engine. Zhao Yali stared at him with her fatigued eyes, her hands tightly closing her mouth, yet her seductive moans couldn’t stop. After a few seconds, she let out a scream and blanked out as her body twitched violently… she then fell down to the ground.

“This is all your fault. We were definitely heard by everyone. How do I face the others next time?” said a grumpy Zhao Yali, as she came back to her senses.

“It’s okay if they heard it, as everyone knows about our relationship anyway.”

Luo Yuan felt slightly uncomfortable. They were so loud, everyone upstairs were definitely able to hear it, for sure. But he couldn’t care much, as he had to settle things with Zhao Yali first.

“You’re such a jerk. You forced yourself on me! If there was cop nearby, I would definitely report you.” said Zhao Yali, brimming with hatred. Just when she thought of the awkward stares from the rest, she felt even more bitter.

She touched her private parts and said “It is all sticky down there. How am I supposed to clean off anything without so much as a light?”

“Just use your panty and wipe it up. We’ll boil some water tomorrow morning.” Luo Yuan chuckled and said.

She had no choice but to do so. Zhao Yali pulled up her undergarments and wiped up as much as she can. Both of them felt slightly guilty, and sneaked back to the room on the second floor.

The room was silent. They did not know if they were only pretending to sleep, or if they were genuinely fast asleep. Luo Yuan knew that Huang Jiahui was definitely not asleep. Her eyelashes were twitching, her breaths were chaotic… clearly, her heart was not at ease.

Luo Yuan’s heart was slightly guilty. Looking at Zhao Yali laying down, he wanted to walk towards Huang Jiahui.

Suddenly, he heard a splash of water coming from out outside. The sound gradually became louder and louder, and it seemed something was getting closer to them. The giant lizard that was outside seemed to have sensed some unease, as it kept growling.

Luo Yuan’s heart stopped in its tracks.

Huang Jiahui heard the giant lizard’s warning, and felt uncomfortable. She could not bother to be jealous anymore and sat up right away: “Is something out there?”

“Stay here first, all of you. I’ll go and check it out. But don’t fall asleep yet, if you don’t want to be caught off guard and be rushing like a maniac.” Luo Yuan thought and said, “The sound is still far away. It won’t be affecting us anytime soon.”

“Be careful.” Huang Jiahui said.

Luo Yuan nodded. He took his Zhanmadao and walked out of the room rapidly.

The giant lizard stomped on the spot. Its nose was fuming with green smoke, seemingly irritated. Luo Yuan looked over the Bay Bridge. Though it was not the season for floods yet, it was time for the appearance of the mutated beast. He thought to himself, and decided to leave the giant lizard on the ground. He adjourned to check it out for himself.

The giant lizard was aggressive and brutal. What was capable of causing it such annoyance could only be a more superior creature. But this time around, he only went to check out what was happening, not for combat as it would not only be of no help but may even lead to unnecessary risks.

Luo Yuan asked the giant lizard to stay silent to avoid attracting any giant beasts. After that, he took a step forward and dashed towards the Bay Bridge.

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