Chapter 143 – You Cannot Leave!

In reality, Lei Yu’s injury was quite serious but it was not a life threatening one. The biggest problem was that he barely had any internal energy left. It would take him a long time before he can recover fully.

Lei Yu was now inside a different luxurious bedchamber. This was the chambers of Queen Telephassa which was emitting a strong fragrance that could make someone go crazy for. Lei Yu was enjoying himself lying atop of the soft bed while looking all over the room.

There were only several people in the chambers; the beautiful queen, Minotaur Linos and a medical official. The medical official’s forehead was full of sweat as he examined Lei Yu’s wounds. He could only heal the external wounds but when it came to the internal ones, those were beyond the scope of his capabilities.

After applying medicine, they wrapped Lei Yu’s chest with white bandages. Two maids then helped Lei Yu by wiping away the stains on his body. Even though Lei Yu’s body was emitting a bad odor, no one said a thing since he suffered these wounds for the kingdom. They couldn’t even repay his kindness so who would dare despise his odor?

After experiencing these events, Lei Yu could not help thinking about the time when he got injured in the hospital and how Fang Yi Ke (little Ke) took care of him. He felt the warmth in his heart, but these maids weren’t her, little Ke’s death was a fact which could never be changed.

Lei Yu woke up from his comfortable sleep. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was one beautiful face and one funny looking face. Telephassa was sitting besides his pillow as she gently stroked his hair. Even though Lei Yu enjoyed this feeling, this seductress wasn’t the Ai Er whom he wanted. Feeling slightly awkward, he shifted away a bit.

“You’re awake? Did you sleep okay?” Telephassa tenderly asked, looking like she didn’t mind Lei Yu’s previous actions.

“Pretty good, I want to go out for a walk.” Lei Yu sat up with support of his hands. He could feel waves of pain on his chest but it wasn’t considered much for Lei Yu since he could easily tolerate it by clenching his teeth.

The queen’s previous majestic appearance had disappeared without a trace; Telephassa was now the representation of a warm and kind-hearted girl. Her hands were gently supporting her beloved husband since she was afraid of him suffering any further discomfort. Seeing this, the bull-head’s eyes could not help but swarm with dizziness.

“Hey bull-head, you looked way cooler back then when you were in the bull form.” Lei Yu jokingly grinned as he showed his signature smile.

Minotaur Linos’s bull lips opened up with a laughter. “Of course! Since that’s my real form!”


A voice was heard in the distance as a warrior hurriedly rushed over. Looking at his face, you could see that the warrior was extremely anxious.

During the time when Lei Yu was recovering, Telephassa gave an order that no one was allowed to disturb them. Putting the imminent war temporarily aside and placing personal relationship affairs first was a big taboo for an emperor. No matter what, the country’s problems and its citizens should be the most important things. But Lei Yu was not just anyone; relying on his own strength, he was about to rescue the mighty fiendgod Minotaur Linos. Now that a fiendgod was present, how could they be afraid on an enemy invasion?

When Minotaur Linos’s messenger – Silo was present, no enemy states dared to invade them. Now that the true embodiment of power had returned, would Telephassa still be afraid of an invasion? The worst case scenario was that their enemies could arrive at the city gates. Perhaps with a mere stomp of Minotaur Linos, the invading enemy would be scared out of their wits.

“What’s the current location of the invading army?” Telephassa asked calmly.

“Reporting to your majesty, the invading army is right outside our walls, preparing for a large-scale attack on the city! What should we do?” Cold sweat was dripping off this warrior’s forehead. After many years without a war, the sudden appearance of an enemy invasion had made him somewhat fearful.

“There’s no need to panic.” Telephassa glanced over at Minotaur Linos, “Lord Fiendgod, how do you think we should deal with this?”

“Don’t ask me.” His huge bull head shook, “I haven’t fought in over a thousand years, so I too don’t know how to respond to this.” In reality, since he was trapped and tortured in the labyrinth for so long, he had forgotten that he alone could fight ten thousand soldiers.

“Bull-head, why don’t you go out and deal with them? You are still the legendary fiendgod so let them experience your might. You cannot forget that just a messenger of yours alone can deter them, not to mention you who is the master!”

At this time, another warrior rushed over. “Reporting to your majesty, Prophet Kalchas has been captured by the enemy army and they’re currently showing off outside the main gates!”

“That so called William is such a sinister bastard!” One of the things Lei Yu hated the most was when someone threatened him with the use of a hostage. He then angrily said: “Bull-head, if you’re not going then I’ll go!”

“I’ll go! I’ll go!” The huge head of Minotaur Linos was startled before he started running outside. Lei Yu gently patted Telephassa’s hand, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Since that bull-head has been rumored to be super strong, he must have something backing it up.”

Telephassa gently nodded, her eyes seem to only have thoughts about Lei Yu.

“Moo~!” This distinct cry made Lei Yu look towards the direction of the battlefield that he couldn’t see.

Below the city walls, about one hundred thousand troops were neatly lined up which created a spectacular scene. While twenty thousand cavalry and eighty thousand infantry soldiers were shouting, the city gates suddenly opened. A bull…, no! A human body with a bull’s head came out from the city.

“What sort of monster are you? You look way too funny!” Sitting atop a huge horse, General William looked up and his face was filled with disdain as he insulted the unknown creature.

“Impudent thing!” Minotaur Linos wasn’t someone that you could insult whenever you want. At least for him, apart from Lei Yu, whoever disrespected him shall die! “Open up your dog eyes and memorize my appearance! Then look at the portrait of the flag that is flying atop of the city walls behind me!”

Minotaur Linos’s voice shook the heavens and the earth. Without an exception, all one hundred thousand troops heard his words. They all looked up at the flag with an unimpressed manner, but then suddenly a majority of them became restless as they started to create a clamor.

William’s brain suddenly felt like it had short circuited. The legendary fiendgod Minotaur Linos was something real? Impossible! Even if the legends were true, he should be trapped inside the labyrinth. Additionally, their country’s Emperor Pelagon from a thousand years ago was a guardian of the labyrinth so there’s no way he could escape right? It must be fake! It must be fake!

“Humph!” William pretended to be calm. “Randomly grabbing a monster with a bull’s head to pose as a fiendgod? You don’t know the meaning of death! Even if you are really the fiendgod Minotaur Linos, what can you do against my one hundred thousand strong army?”

“What can I do to you?” Perhaps General William’s words had stirred up Minotaur Linos’s anger, but a mere one hundred thousand troops were nothing but a bunch of insects in his eyes!

Stomping a single foot on the ground, Minotaur Linos roared angrily. With the Ares axe in his hands, the Ares boots on his feet, that stomp made him fly forth while unleashing an overwhelming momentum!

With such a furious momentum, the horses in the forefront began to shuffle uneasily as they started to retreat backwards. No matter how much the riders whipped them; they refused to take a single step forward.

For the time being, the situation was difficult for William to control where he probably wouldn’t be able to fix for a while. Minotaur Linos’s eyes were bloodshot as he rushed towards William who wasn’t far off from him.

Up in the sky, a black cloud was following the mighty fiendgod as if it was a protective umbrella. The huge bull-head then roared into the sky again, “Moo~!”

All the horses started fleeing and scattered from the area, even trampling some of the infantry soldiers at the rear! The aura of Minotaur Linos was too ferocious; it wasn’t something these ordinary livestock could tolerate.

On the battlefield, the only remaining calm animal was the huge war horse that General William was riding. Even though it didn’t dare to move forward, at least it didn’t flee. But General William who was atop the horse could clearly feel that his war horse was trembling from top to bottom. Perhaps it’s not that it didn’t want to run away, it’s because it simply was frozen in fear.

William’s eyes were filled with fear as he stupidly stared at the fearsome fiendgod who was getting closer and closer. The next moment, the legs of the huge war horse couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. With a “thump” sound, it fell over on the ground frothing from its mouth.

William fell on the ground hard and didn’t even have time to get up when at this time…! Minotaur Linos rotated the Ares axe in his hands until it was above his head and swung down diagonally. A huge golden semicircle of light which was least ten meters in length could be seen. With the Ares axe as the starting point, the beam of light flew straight for the one hundred thousand troops.

“Slash~ slash~!”


The noisy battlefield instantly became a river of blood as soldiers were crying out in pain from all over the place. The huge golden semicircle light flew dozens of meter into the midst of soldiers before gradually coming to a stop before killing no less than five thousand enemy invaders!

The soldiers guarding the city walls were originally fretting for their Lord Fiendgod who had returned with serious injuries to his shoulders. But now that they witnessed this event, their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. The former Silo had already gained an unspeakable admiration from those soldiers on the battlefield, but to think that Lord Fiendgod’s power was extreme to this extent, it simply makes people go crazy in disbelief!

At this point, not only the huge war horse on the ground was still trembling; there was also William whose forehead was covered in cold sweat and his eyes filled with fear.

After Minotaur Linos’s first attack came to an end, his heart finally regained a similar sense of his boiling blood from a thousand years ago. The him now was filled with an endless surging of desire to battle. After suffering countless tortures in the labyrinth, his bloodthirstiness had been wiped away. But today, the delightful feeling of sweeping a battlefield had returned! The almighty fiendgod was back, and will certainly make all invaders lose hope and make a hasty retreat!

Resting the huge golden axe on his shoulder he slightly raised his head towards the sky, his large bull eyes were filled with disdain. The one hundred thousand troops in front of him were no different than a bunch of defenseless ants.

But soldiers were soldiers after all. In their minds, obeying orders was more important than their own lives. Twenty thousand war horses were already frightened so the warriors on horseback all jumped off and returned to their former positions. Although their eyes were filled with fear, no one retreated. Even though their fellow comrades whom split into pieces were beneath their feet, they didn’t bother with the pieces and tightened their grip on the weapons they were holding in their hands. They were now waiting for orders from General William who had just gotten up from the ground.

“You’re really the fiendgod Minotaur Linos?!” William’s shaky voice had already exposed his fearful heart. If the commander was already like this, one could imagine the current mindset of the soldiers.

“Your one hundred thousand troops can’t even handle my Thirty-six Lunar Star Axe, what qualifications do you have to cause a ruckus here?” Minotaur Linos lightly stated.

As the name implied, the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique had a total of thirty-six axe forms. Each form has invincible powers; the previous first form had already caused thousands of invaders to lose their lives. If Minotaur Linos continued, then perhaps the ground would really be covered in flesh and bones!

“We… we… we will immediately withdraw! From now on we will be on good terms with your noble kingdom and a new war will never break out between our countries! We beg the Lord Fiendgod to have mercy on us!” William was basically using a pleading tone when speaking to Minotaur Linos. Life or death of him and his soldiers was within the hands of this fiendgod; if he didn’t do this, then who knows if he could leave this place alive.

“Humph! I doubt you will dare to continue being enemies with my kingdom! Scram back and tell your emperor that: If he dares to provoke me again, I will personally lead a demonic army and flatten your kingdom!” Minotaur Linos’s tone was extremely tyrannical, causing some mentally weaker soldiers to wet their pants.

“Understood! Understood!” William’s heart felt like it was blossoming as he was about to order his troops to retreat. But at this moment, Lei Yu suddenly appeared behind Minotaur Linos. Although he was still injured, it wasn’t to the point of making him immobile.

“Your men and horses can go, but you cannot leave!” The words of Lei Yu made William turn around as he was about to leave.

Seeing that the fiendgod in front of him having no reaction, this strengthened his courage and made him shout out: “From where did a rude kid like you come from? Can you not see that Lord Fiendgod is present? What makes you think you can interrupt us and cause a scene here? Hurry up and scram!”

Lei Yu was somewhat startled by William’s words. Minotaur Linos couldn’t help but swallow forcefully with a gulp as he secretly glanced at Lei Yu. Since Lei Yu didn’t respond right away, he didn’t dare to say anything either. After all, this person was capable of rescuing him from the labyrinth. Minotaur Linos himself couldn’t defeat the three guardians, let alone the creator of the labyrinth. In Minotaur Linos’s heart, Lei Yu was comparable to an immortal who had descended to the earthly realm.

“What the f*ck?!” Lei Yu scratched his cheek. He never thought that William would poke at him in order to regain some of his dignity. Now he had become the butt of a joke!

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