Chapter 137 – My Destiny?

Telephassa was in tears. The beads of crystal-like tears were dripping down her half exposed delicate white breasts. With this type of reply, even if they could not be together, she was still satisfied. Even though there were tear stains on her face, she still left the window area with a smile.

“That’s right. This warring period has brought her majesty nothing but endless suffering. Being able to realize this and making the right choice is proof that the Gods did not choose wrongly. Mr. Lei Yu, I hope you can fulfill your destiny. Only by completing it will you be able to leave ancient Greece and return to your time period.”

“Destiny? What sort of destiny do I have to fulfill?” Lei Yu asked while scratching his head.

“You should know about the Minotaur Linos, right?”

“I do, it’s a…”

“A monster, right?” said the prophet.

“I’m sorry, I’ve only seen a picture of it on the flag here, so I didn’t know how to put it politely.”

“Don’t worry about it. He is in fact a monster because young virgin boys and girls are its food. But even after thousands of years, none of the populace has come to hate it, because there’s a story behind all of this. Over a thousand years ago, Minotaur Linos wasn’t like how he is rumored to be now. Although he has a fearsome appearance, a bull’s head and a human’s body, he was in fact a brave warrior. If it weren’t for him, then this kingdom would have never survived until now. However, because of our enemies sealing him in the Cretan Labyrinth, he had to consume the blood and flesh of young virgin boys and girls in order to withstand the labyrinth’s seal.

“Are you saying that the rumor of annual tributes of a young virgin boy and girl is actually true?” Lei Yu was shocked, he had never thought that the legendary myth was actually true.

“That’s right, and to this date the populace has had no complaints or regrets. If it weren’t for Minotaur Linos using his powers to protect this place, it wouldn’t have survived to now, with many generations of offsprings to show for. Therefore he… is guiltless.”

“Then, what do you want me to do?” Lei Yu asked.

“Before Minotaur Linos was sealed, Silo was actually his messenger placed here. The purpose was to make Silo protect this country. During times of war, Silo had a powerful physique, which caused our enemies to shake in fear and not dare to fight with us. That’s how we’ve come to attain this level of prosperity. It was also because of all the killings that Silo’s blood thirst has become stronger and stronger. But in recent years, there haven’t been many wars, so his blood thirst could not be satisfied and so it’s only worsened, requiring him to eat human flesh in order to suppress the blood thirst. And today, your arrival is perhaps a test by the Gods. Defeating Silo means you have powers beyond those of a human, showing that only you are able to undo the seal. Rescue Minotaur Linos; and then enlighten it.”

Lei Yu finally understood why when fighting Silo, Telephassa spoke out and stopped him from dealing the killing blow. It turns out Silo was more or less the country’s guardian.

“Then, that Cretan Labyrinth you’ve been talking about wouldn’t be that…?!”

“That’s right, the way you came to this time period would be the means you leave this place as well – solve the labyrinth and find the Water of the Gods. Then you can use the golden bowl to break the seal and free Minotaur Linos.

Lei Yu’s heart was feeling like luck was on his side, since he had been fortunate enough to have the golden bowl already stored inside his storage ring, or else there would have been no way for him to fulfill what Prophet Kalchas considered to be this so-called destiny.

“So how long will this take? I really don’t want to make my family and friends in the modern times to worry about me,” Lei Yu said with concern.

“Please don’t worry about that. The fact that you’ve arrived in this era doesn’t actually affect your return to your own time period. Imagine that by your own will, you can completely choose whatever arrival point in time you want.”

“That sounds great!” Lei Yu was extremely happy. “Doesn’t that mean I could choose to be sent back one minute after I was transported to this era?”

“Right, but undoing the seal is not a simple feat. You need to make adequate preparations for it.”

“That’s true.” Lei Yu nodded. “We were running around in circles inside the labyrinth for three days before we accidentally found the exit. Looks like this time I will have to be fully prepared, at least bring some bedding so that I can rest more comfortably when I’m tired.”

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Kalchas interrupted. “Inside the labyrinth are four fiendgod warriors that you have to defeat!”

“No way! How strong are they?” Lei Yu asked.

“They are very strong and not something humans can overcome. But you may be an exception; otherwise the Gods would not have chosen you to come here.”

Lei Yu took in a huge breath of air, originally thinking that strolling around the labyrinth would suffice. He hadn’t expected that he would have to defeat monsters in order to beat the level. This was getting troublesome!

“There’s also one other point you need to make note of,” Kalchas then said. “We originally had four sacred vessels in Athens; a golden crown, a golden axe, a golden armor and a pair of golden boots. The crown was the main piece, as it contained the power of wisdom, owned by the ruler. It’s the crown you see her Majesty wear on top of her head. The other three pieces are worn by the guardian warriors of the ruler. The golden armor, golden boots, and the golden axe were all owned by Minotaur Linos. But prior to Minotaur Linos being sealed up, his three sacred vessels were taken by those four fiendgods. Each of the three possesses one piece, while the last one, although he doesn’t own a sacred vessel, is actually the strongest one. It is that strongest fiendgod that managed to seal Minotaur Linos up, and his name was Crete.

Lei Yu nodded in a helpless fashion. Even though he knew that this was dangerous beyond measure, and that there was no task as difficult as this, was Lei Yu someone that would easily give up? Ai Er was probably still waiting outside the cave, and there was no way Lei Yu would stay here to become some dog fart King. If he was really that cowardly, then we doubt Telephassa would have fallen in love with him in such a short timeframe.

After understanding all the circumstances, Lei Yu had to carefully think and plan his next steps. And it was at this point that he understood why Telephassa had come by with red eyes; she had gotten the news that she couldn’t be married with Lei Yu. Even though Lei Yu felt as if a big weight was lifted off his shoulders, he more or less still felt a tiny bit depressed.

When he would see Queen Telephassa again, Lei Yu had a feeling that he wouldn’t know how to face her. She still gave off such a noble feeling, that made it difficult for people to get close to her.

“Your Majesty.” Lei Yu had actually come to say farewell, but didn’t know how to say it.

“Has the Prophet Kalchas told you everything?” Perhaps it was because of where they were now, but the previous bashful young girl had resumed her icy demeanor.

“That’s correct. I’ve already prepared everything and will go complete… fulfill my destiny.” Lei Yu lightly said this followed by a sigh.

Telephassa’s beautiful eyes gently sparkled as she suppressed a tear that was about to drip down. “The great Gods will bless you and protect you so that you can fulfill your destiny.”

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