Chapter 136 – The Prophet Appears

Once this news came out, the entire country was in jubilation. A lot of people were discussing this mystery man who was going to marry the Queen. Since he was able to defeat the fearsome Silo, he must be an Immortal who has descended to this realm.

Lei Yu was still sitting in the palace bed chambers in a daze. A whole bunch of people carrying large and small trays started to enter the chambers while the rest started decorating the place. The previous two girls that wanted to serve Lei Yu when he had a bath brought a dignified and mighty looking armor to him.

“Respectfully greeting your Majesty the King. Could you please try on this armor to see if it fits?”

Lei Yu was shocked. “The King? When did I become the King?”

“Once you get married to her Majesty the Queen, this country will become yours. The Queen had proclaimed that she will abdicate to become the mother of the country. You will ascend the throne and become the King who will rule the entire country.” The girl replied.

Lei Yu just lost his senses, wasn’t this Telephassa being a bit too hasty? Today was their first meeting and this Queen was going to abdicate her throne and pass it to him? If this happened to someone ordinary, they would probably jump thirty feet high in joy. But how could Lei Yu accept this? Wasn’t she afraid of Lei Yu ruining the country and its citizens?

Since he had already made up his mind about secretly escaping tonight, he might as well temporarily accept whatever conditions were laid out to him.

Lei Yu was now dressed in a golden sacred armor with a golden sacred helm; and armed with a sharp blade; he had the look of a great General. The girls that saw him couldn’t help but to exclaim: “Wow! The King looks so mighty in it!”

Lei Yu wrinkled his nose; he was of course super happy after hearing the compliments. He thought to himself: “I do feel like some sort of great General… Oh no, I’m going to be freakin King!”

Lei Yu was different from typical people. He didn’t desire neither fame nor money, he only wanted everything to be taken care of and handled properly so that he could live his life in peace and quiet. How much money would be enough? For him, as long as he could afford a simple living would be considered enough. Not to mention he already had $1.3 billion dollars, even if he only had $130 million dollars, that amount was enough for several generations of a family to live comfortably.

Moreover, Lei Yu wanted to return to the modern world. Although the conditions of this period had a lot of good things that was unimaginable to people from modern era, but he was still a person from the modern era that was over a thousand years in the future. Getting married to a woman who was a thousand years older than himself, wasn’t that a pretty scary thought? Even though she was a mouth-watering super beauty, Lei Yu couldn’t afford to handle such blessing. Imagine if the two did do their deed in bed, and Lei Yu somehow returns to the modern era…

And one day some major news suddenly shows the headlines – people have dug out the body of a Queen from ancient Greece, and her name was Telephassa. We believe Lei Yu would think back to how beautiful she used to be and then want to vomit from nausea.¹

While Lei Yu was trying to figure out the details on how he was going to escape from the palace, Telephassa was in the throne room. Suddenly a mysterious person wrapped in a black cloak had appeared in the center of the hall. “Prophet Kalchas, did you know that I’m about to get married? The man is very heroic, even the invincible Silo wasn’t his opponent and was defeated by him.”

The head inside the cloak looked up. Inside the hood was just darkness and you could only see a pair of yellow eyes shimmering in a certain position. A hoarse voice was heard from within the hood: “My revered majestic Queen, you cannot marry him.”

“Why not?!” Telephassa suddenly stood up from the throne. The two protrusions on her chest also started shaking from her sudden action.

“He does not belong here. The only reason for his appearance is to unlock the Cretan Labyrinth’s Seal!” The person identified as Prophet Kalchas replied.

“No! It’s impossible! How could it turn out like this?!” It was very clear that Telephassa was unwilling to believe this fact.

“Your Majesty, have you thought about this carefully? In this world, how can there be anyone stronger than Silo? He clearly isn’t a normal person but someone who has received the divine revelation. He is a messenger who was sent to rescue us common people, so you don’t have the right to form a union with him!”

Telephassa’s body was startled before heavily sitting back onto the throne. If Lei Yu was here, he would definitely feel painful for her butt.

“Is there no other way? I really like him… And with his ability, he can definitely bring our country to the pinnacle of its glory!” Telephassa was unwilling to give up as she once again looked at this fearsome prophet with eyes full of hope.

“Your majesty…” Kalchas sighed. “If we can enter the Cretan Labyrinth, he can release Minotaur Linos from the evil enchantment. After completing that objective, he may even stay here, then you can marry him and I will definitely not object to it. But for now, marriage cannot happen.”

“I also believe he will stay after that. But I want… I want to mate with him now, I want to marry him!”

“Absolutely not!” Kalchas anxiously walked forward. “Your majesty, if you mate with him now and if he suddenly disappears, you will also disappear without a trace. You must be patient; perhaps the Gods will see your piety and allow him to stay here! You must be patient!”


Inside the bed chambers, Lei Yu was still in his golden armor strutting around like a peacock. Once the servants finished decorating, they finally left. Lei Yu slipped out of the armor and looked up towards the sky, seeing that it was gradually getting dark. After some preparations, he was planning to leave when it was completely dark outside.

At this time, the sounds of footsteps could be heard outside. Lei Yu peeked out and saw Telephassa who was still as beautiful and charming as ever; she was filled with an aura that captivated men and incited their temptations. Lei Yu looked at her and noticed that her eyes were a bit red, her eyes looked like she had just been crying.

And following behind her was a mysterious looking man in a huge cloak. Lei Yu was unable to see his face because of the hood.

“Your majesty.” Lei Yu slightly bowed and then glanced at the mysterious man behind her.

“Lightning, the Prophet Kalchas wants to speak with you.” After saying this, she left without looking back leaving the two men inside the bed chambers.

Hearing the word “prophet,” Lei Yu’s heart was immediately shocked since the old woman had also mentioned a prophet previously. What kind of person was this prophet? Did he really have to be this mysterious looking?

“Mr. Lei Yu… Oh, you should be called that in your time period right?” A hoarse sounding voice came out from the hood.

Hearing that, Lei Yu was ecstatic. “You know what time period I’m from? Then you should know how I can leave this place right? I really want to return to the modern times!”

“You… do you not have any feelings towards her Majesty the Queen?”

At this time outside the bed chambers, light footsteps that even Lei Yu couldn’t hear neared a window. White delicate and beautiful bare feet were standing on the cold floor; Telephassa also wanted to know how Lei Yu was going to answer that question.

Lei Yu stared out blankly while his mind replayed all scenes of him meeting with the queen. Although it was only a short period of time, yet it was definitely something that was hard for him to forget. Lei Yu gently sighed before saying in a heavy tone: “Her majesty is very attractive, and she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; you can say that she has a perfect appearance. Perhaps it’s due to this era that she looks somewhat ruthless in front of others, but in fact she’s just an innocent girl. If you want me to say the truth, I can only say… I am unwilling to let her leave my side. But after all, I’m not from this time period. If I was to really marry her majesty, then I feel like it will be unfair to me and to her.


¹ – I believe the author is trying to paint Lei Yu as a stubborn person that can only keep seeing Telephassa as a thousand years old and not the young girl she is during that time period.

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