Chapter 136 – Retaliation by Blood

Chapter 136 – Retaliation by Blood

“Big brother, how about this one?”
Roran asked while pointing at a medium-sized inn which had a sign that read “Wandering Eagle”. The inn looked quite decent from the outside, and it was not overly lavish like most of the inns that they had seen in the past hour.

“Looks good to me, let’s inquire about the prices.”
Calron walked to the front door and gently opened it.

A tiny bell chime rang above the door, and a ten-year-old girl cleaning the table at the entrance turned to him and gave a polite bow.

“Welcome to the Wandering Eagle, customer!”
The pony-tailed girl greeted Calron pleasantly and returned back to cleaning the table.

The inn was nearly full with only two tables empty, and there was a jubilant atmosphere with the customers drinking and laughing together. Several maids walked around the tables, refilling the mugs of the customers and happily chatting with them.
Noticing the innkeeper at the bar, Calron walked towards him while Roran followed behind. The innkeeper had a short stature with a fully grown beard, but the top of his head was already balding. He had a stern look on his face, but it was not unkind.

“Greetings, may I ask how much for a room?” Calron started the conversation.

“Five gold for a room, and an additional gold a day for each person for all meals. Our rooms might not be as extravagant as others, but no one compete with us when it comes to our prices.”
The short and balding innkeeper stated confidently as he folded his arms in front of him.

“Hmm, we’ll take it.”
Calron replied to the innkeeper after a short pause, giving a quick nod to Roran next to him.

Overall, it would cost them seven gold squares each day to live at the Wandering Inn, and this price was the absolute lowest they had encountered all day. Some of the inns that they had previously visited even charged customers twelve gold squares a day! The two teens could only hope that the rooms were habitable and at least moderately clean.

“Here’s the key. Your room is on the second floor and is right next to the staircase. I will send one of the maids to guide you there.”
The innkeeper said as he swiftly swept the gold that Calron placed on the table.

“Tanny! Come here for a second!”
The innkeeper shouted to the ten-year-old girl that the two teens had met at the entrance and beckoned to her.

“Coming Uncle!”
Tanny gave a quick yell, before she put down the cleaning rag that she was holding and skipped towards the innkeeper.

“Guide these gentlemen to the empty room on the second floor next to the staircase. Also, tell Martha in the kitchen to prepare more stew for tonight after you come down.”
The innkeeper instructed the young girl and gave her a fond pat on the head.

The girl giggled and pushed away her uncle’s hand from her head.

“Please follow me, dear customers.” Tanny said sweetly as she asked Calron and Roran to follow her.
“Lead the way.”
Calron replied with a smile and tagged along behind her.


“…. press this for hot water, this one for food, and this one for cleaning.”
Tanny stated in her cute childish voice, as she scrunched up her face and eyebrows to look serious.

“Don’t worry, we won’t forget.” Roran answered the little girl.
Tanny had been explaining the uses of the communication crystals on wall next to the door and their purposes, while Calron stood there amazed by the various uses of these crystals. He had encountered a few of them in Vernia city, and since then he had been wanting to get a few of his own.
The room was much better than Calron anticipated. Although it was a bit bare and simple, there were two beds, a table and a few chairs. It was more than enough for a temporary stay.

“Thanks for the help Tanny. You should return back down, and we will be there shortly for some food.”
Calron said in a warm voice, as he handed out a silver square to the cheerful girl. Roran sensed something strange within his brother’s voice, but his face changed a brief second later.

“Thank you, mister!”
Tanny flashed an adorable grin and scurried away, closing the door behind her.

“Big brother…”
Roran started, but was stopped by Calron.

“Don’t worry about it, I will take care of it. Just stay by the door and make sure no one leaves once they enter.”
Calron’s face became cold, and his azure eyes glowed with a violent intensity.

Roran gave a quick nod and leaned against the wall near the door.

Calron remained standing still at the center of the room, his chest subtly rising and falling with his each breath.

*thak*          *thak*
The sounds of footsteps approaching the door sounded out within the silent room, followed by a knock on the door.

“The innkeeper asked me to deliver this complimentary meal to the two of you.”
A man’s voice came out from the other side of the door, as he began to slowly turn the handle.

“Come in.”
Calron stated emotionlessly.

A commonly-dressed man with a clean-shaven face entered the room with a bright smile on his face and carrying a tray full of food.
“I will just place the tray here.”
The man said while walking towards the table behind Calron.

The moment the man passed Calron, he suddenly turned around and a dagger with purplish metal was shot straight towards Calron’s back.

All of this happened within less than a second, so there was no way to counter the attack if one was not expecting it.

Time seemed to be frozen.

*Dak Dak*
The sound of a heart thumping against a chest echoed in that silence.

The dagger hit Calron in the back, but instead of the sound of metal piercing flesh, the sound of metal hitting against metal resounded. It was then that a few golden scales tore through Calron’s shirt.

“I did not want to shed blood so soon, but you leave me no choice.”
Calron said in a chilly tone, and bursted forth while releasing his cultivation at the eighth rank of Vajra stage. Previously, he had pushed it back down to the first rank of Vajra stage in order to not draw any attention to him.

“Y-you ca- “
The assassin muttered in disbelief when he finally sensed Calron’s true cultivation, but he did not have anymore time to think.

A severed head bounced on the wooden floor and rolled to the corner of the room.

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