Chapter 135 – Forming A Union

Lei Yu frantically waved his hands, “No need! I’ll do this myself! You two can with… uh.. withdraw first!”

The two girls looked at each other, then bent down to pick up their clothing. The sight of them naked and bowing at Lei Yu made him have a hard time holding back a crazy nosebleed.

“If you need us for anything, just call out. We will be outside the door.” After saying this, the two girls left together.

Lei Yu rubbed his nose. “Isn’t this kind of treatment way too good? It’s even more wild than the Kou country!” While shaking his head, Lei Yu realized that the clothes he was wearing weren’t suited for this era. He bathed quickly and then tried on all the clothes on the large bed until he figured out how to wear them correctly.

It was normal to bathe before meeting the Queen since this was considered as paying respects to her. At least that’s what Lei Yu was thinking. After he took care of everything, he walked outside. “Can I see her Majesty the Queen now?”

“Your honor, her Majesty the Queen is currently dealing with the country’s affairs. Please wait a moment.”

Lei Yu nodded in a bored manner, then he started looking all over the bed chamber but his heart was still thinking about Ai Er and the old woman. Since he’s been here for at least half a day already, Ai Er wouldn’t be stupid enough to wait outside the cave entrance the entire time right? And he still didn’t know if the old woman was dead or alive, this made Lei Yu extremely worried. The more he thought about it, the more anxious he got. Finally he was unable to bear it, he decided to asked Queen Telephassa if she knew how to leave this time period and return to the modern ages.

At this time, a waft of fragrant smell blew over from the entrance. At first Lei Yu was worried that it might be some type of poison trap, but after seeing the two girl outside the door were fine, he ignored it.

Outside of the room, sounds of footsteps were coming from the corridor. Lei Yu took a peek outside, “What the hell?!”

The person outside was none other than Queen Telephassa, except that her previous clothes had been changed. She was currently wearing a near transparent veil, and the veil revealed her attractive face that gave off both a charming and majestic aura. All the accessories and ornaments on her head were gone, and she was now only wearing a thin veil like clothing. Her bountiful round chests were even more seductive, seeing two clearly recognizable small perky pink mounds made Lei Yu swallow unconsciously. As his gaze travelled down her body past towards her sexy slender waist, Lei Yu was even able to see her mysterious private area which can make anyone dizzy and crazy for.

After taking in a deep breath, Lei Yu hid his body back inside the bed chamber. “This can’t be right… I had only pulled her to safety. There’s no need for her to give herself to me right? Isn’t this queen a bit too casual?”

Telephassa waved her hand and the two girls bowed and left before she came into the bed chambers. When she saw Lei Yu, she didn’t know what to say and only pulled him with a blush on her face.

Lei Yu kept swallowing his saliva like mad man. “Resist it, resist it Lei Yu, you already have a girlfriend so don’t let this demoness steal your soul! He slightly squinted his eyes before forcing himself to close them, “Oh heavens, she’s too f*cking tempting!””

Telephassa was different from any ordinary women, she was made from variety of powers that were irresistible to men. She wasn’t something that Cui Ying Ying, Ai Er, or even Nami could compare against. In the eyes of ordinary people, seeing her was like seeing a pure and holy goddess. Although he was captured by her seduction, Lei Yu didn’t dare to have any dirty thoughts. While struggling, he stamped his feet and moved a few steps to the side. Lei Yu didn’t dare raise his head and said: “My revered Queen Telephassa, my name… my name is Lightning.”

“Lightning? Such a strange name but it sounds nice.” The tone of Telephassa’s voice had changed from what Lei Yu had heard previously. It wasn’t like the sound of her voice had any special properties, it just lost the unique and majestic sound which could only come from a Queen. Her voice now sounded like a simple and innocent young girl.

Lei Yu blinked a few times. “Uhh… your majesty, may I ask you some questions?”

“Ask away.” While gently fanning her flushed face with her hand, she breathed out a mouthful of hot air.

“Shit, even my bones are about to melt!” Deep inside Lei Yu’s heart, he began to doubt whether he was a beast or not. By clenching his teeth, he was able to ask: “Your majesty, what are you planning… this… uhh… planning on doing with me?”

“I want to mate with you!” After saying this, Telephassa’s face became red again. But she still continued: “You are the only human in this world who can beat Silo. I really admire you and really like you, so I was hoping that you could become my man.”

Lei Yu’s eyeballs was about to jump out of his eye sockets. With his lower teeth against his upper lip similar to what comedic actor Stephen Chow would do, “No way? Are you kidding? I’m a person who already has a girlfriend!”

Without even thinking about it, Telephassa replied: “I can allow you to have countless sex slaves, but your heart can only belong to me.”

Sweat was dripping down the back of Lei Yu’s head, following along his spine towards his ass. For such a situation to happen, even if you beat him to death he still wouldn’t believe that he would ever encounter such a thing. If some random single woman said this then it wasn’t a big deal. But she was a Queen, a majestic Queen of a a country! Also she was at least a thousand years older than him so even if she had the face of an angel, Lei Yu didn’t dare to imagine a relationship with her.

Lei Yu wanted to blurt out that he was just passing by to get some soy sauce¹, but there’s no way for him to avoid his current situation. What to do? What to do? Lei Yu’s brain was on overdrive trying to think of a solution. When he saw the goddess was moving her hands towards her clothing like she was going to do something, suddenly Lei Yu shouted out: “Your majesty!”

“What is it?” Asked Telephassa as she blinked her pretty eyes.

“Well… I… I think it’s not the right time.”

“Not the right time? How could men have… not the right time of the month?”

“Uh… ah… the… Oh, so… even if you want… want us to mate.” Lei Yu shuddered. “Shouldn’t it be done after we get married? According to customs of my family we can only do it after we get married.” Lei Yu didn’t bother saying he already had a girlfriend again because he knew it would be useless.

“Is that how it works?” Asked Telephassa.

“That’s right! It’s definitely true!” Replied Lei Yu.

“Fine then, tomorrow we will get married!” Telephassa decided.

Lei Yu was sighing in relief until he heard Telephassa’s words which made him almost spit up blood. “I’ll just deal with things as they come. My dearly beloved Ai Er, I don’t know if I can return to the future. If I really do screw up big time here, I just hope that you will forgive me. If that’s not possible, then I can only leave you so that you can find another person to love!”

One would think that he would take that route but Lei Yu wasn’t that type of person. How could a mere palace trap him? At worst case, he’ll just have to ask someone else on how to leave this time period. After he made up his mind, Lei Yu was determined to secretly escape tonight.

It took a lot of effort to get Telephassa to leave. Lei Yu then sat on the huge bed with a gigantic headache.

While Telephassa made a decree, the palace was being decorated began its decorations and everyone was bustling about working on one thing or another. The Queen had announced an official proclamation: Her Majesty the Queen will be wedded tomorrow and the wedding is to be celebrated with the citizens. All slaves will also participate in the celebration and there will be a three day holiday.


¹ – When a person in Guangzhou was asked to give his opinion of the sex scandal involving Hong Kong star Edison Chen, the man answered, “It is none of my business. I am just out to get some soy sauce.” So Chinese people have since begun using the words to mean “it’s none of my business.”

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