Chapter 132 – The Beautiful Queen

They arrived in front of a huge heavily guarded castle. Warriors in armor were standing at both sides of the main entrance while the long spears in their hand were reflecting the sunlight shining on them. The three warriors dragging Lei Yu dismounted as they arrived at the front entrance. They then untied the rope from the horse and started dragging him inside the castle.

They were walking down a long corridor and off towards the right side at a distance was a large wall, and below that wall there were iron cages at least four meters tall could be seen. As for what they were for, Lei Yu had no idea.

Standing outside in front of a majestic looking door, the three warriors pushed Lei Yu through the doors. The three stayed outside the door and did not dare to enter as well. Lei Yu looked all around him and saw six huge pillars in this room with a variety of monsters carved on each pillar. Facing the door was a luxurious looking throne which was inlaid with many different precious stones. Atop of the throne hung a banner with the same picture which he saw earlier on the flag; the same Minotaur with a cow’s head and a human’s body.

The large hall wasn’t particularly lit well, but you could still see everything clearly. And “ding ding dong dong” sounds which were coming from the rear of the hall could be heard.

Gradually, the sounds got closer and Lei Yu couldn’t help but to be amazed. “She’s too beautiful! Is this a face that humans are capable of having?”

Even Lei Yu, a man with a strong will could not help as his heart slightly moved with this woman appearing before him; she was just too beautiful.

A white veil which was decorated with gold accessories revealed a slender jade like neck; partially covering creamy white breasts; a slender waist that you could easily wrap your arms around; and a pair of bare smooth and sleek legs that were barely covered that looked just as pretty as a white jade. Her eyes contained the charm of a seductress, but they also had a hint of noble charm in them – seductive yet not inappropriate. Her small lips had a petite curve as they slightly opened suddenly making Lei Yu have the impulse of wanting to rush forward and kiss them. This woman was a demonic seductress who exuded elegance and nobility deep within her bones. She looked like she was seducing men at all times; affecting their hearts and making them marvel at her aura.

The “ding ding dong dong” sounds were coming from the accessories she was wearing on her head. It took Lei Yu a lot of effort to tear his eyes away from her charming body and when he looked up, he could see that on top of her black hair there was a golden crown. He was surprised to find that he has seen the golden crown somewhere before.

“It’s one of the four objects that appeared in my mind!” Lei Yu was shocked but did not say this out loud.

The beautiful goddess was elegantly sitting on top of the throne. Gently moving her beautiful long hair, she then clamped her bare and slightly exposed legs together to avoid any embarrassment.

“Are you the spy that my country’s warriors brought back?” Her sweet voice had a noble tone which could make a person’s heart shatter.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Nope.”

“Then why did you come to my territory?” Her dignified manner along with her commanding inquiry made her look even more noble and domineering. Lei Yu felt like it shouldn’t be present in this frail looking goddess of beauty yet this queen, she still had it.

“My revered Queen Telephassa, I’m really not some sort of spy from another country. I just don’t know how I have arrived here and I can honestly tell you that I don’t want to be here. If you insist that I answer your question, then I can only say I have no clue.” Lei Yu understood if he tried explaining things clearly, this beautiful queen would not understand anything so it was best to stay silent.

“We are in times of war , since you can’t clearly identify yourself, then you can only blame this period of turmoil for your body’s harm. My warriors, send him to the mouth of Silo!”

As the Queen decreed this, the previous three warriors came into the hall but they didn’t dare raising their heads to look at the queen’s beauty that was similar to a goddess. They pulled the rope that Lei Yu was still bound by, intending to pull him out of the palace. However when Lei Yu used a tiny bit of strength, these people couldn’t budge him at all. Lei Yu smiled; he smiled because it seems like he only lost his perception ability to probe the strength of others, and it wasn’t because these people here were so strong that it was beyond his imagination.

“Your honorable majesty Queen Telephassa, can you please tell me what is this Silo?”

Telephassa had no intention of answering Lei Yu as she slowly stood up ready to leave. The warrior guy with the mustache said: “Hurry and leave! Don’t bother her majesty the Queen! You will know what Silo is once you get there.”

Lei Yu raised an eyebrow. He gave a few more glances at this intoxicating queen who could drive people to obsession before reluctantly leaving with the trio. Obviously, if Lei Yu insisted on staying, even if all three warriors combined their strength, they could only dream of moving Lei Yu half a step.

A series of neat steps lead them to a huge fighting arena. The center of the arena was currently empty. Lei Yu went into the arena through an iron gate at the side. here were quite a lot of people spectating from the benches as all their eyes were focused on him, watching him intently.

“What the hell is this place?” Lei Yu looked all around, he could tell from the eyes of the spectators which were were filled with excitement. Perhaps it’s been too long since they’ve seen a fight or something? But most of the spectators were warriors in light armor, and only some girls and women looked like housewives.


A loud cry of resentment was heard and the entire audience began boiling with excitement. All eyes were focused on an iron gate that Lei Yu was facing. The “bang bang” sounds of something smashing against the iron gate could be heard.

A “crack” sound was heard as the iron gate slowly opened. Lei Yu instantly stared with big round eyes. “What is that thing? Is this the Silo the Queen was talking about?”

Some sort of monster was rapidly running towards Lei Yu. To accurately describe it, the monster had two heads which made it look humanoid; a pair of legs supporting it that was covered with thick muscles like the patterns on a slab of granite; two pairs of sharp claws were swinging around in front of its chest as if it wanted to shred Lei Yu to pieces; the two heads looked somewhat like a snake’s head but each head had two ears and a horn;from the fangs inside its mouth some type of viscous liquid was dripping, and finally, the bald headed monster was covered in gray colored skin that made it look pretty fearsome.

Lei Yu instantly took a few steps back since he couldn’t feel the degree of strength this monster possessed. Looking at its ferocious attitude and its sharp fang-like teeth, Lei Yu was a bit worried whether he could handle this thing or not.

Although this giant three meter tall two-headed monster looked very heavy and robust, its speed was not lacking at all. The monster had covered a hundred or so meters distance in less than ten seconds and it was already in front of Lei Yu.

Seeing the two-headed monster’s aggressiveness, immediately the spectators surrounding the arena were excited and started screaming:

“Eat him!”

“Rip him to pieces!”

“Silo, Silo, Silo!”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and started to rapidly condense his internal energy, getting ready to fight with this unknown two-headed monster. Was he going to become food for this thing?

In reality, whether it was in ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, or ancient Greece where we are in right now; the same thing will always happen. The goal was to allow their citizens or their warriors to know that their country possessed a fierce and bloodthirsty beast so there’s no need to fear the other countries.

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