Chapter 117: Flying Dou Technique: Eagle Wing

them to overcome their bond to the ground and fly amongst the clouds.

As for the Flying Dou Techniques, they were a strange secret technique that could enable the practitioner to form two small extensions that protruded from the veins on one’s back. With these two extension, one would be able to form a pair of wings and fly in the air even if one did not possess the strength of a Dou Wang.

Flying was something that was a great temptation to many. In order to fulfill this temptation, many strong people put in all their effort to reach for the unreachable dream of becoming a Dou Wang. At the same time, there were also many who wanted to find a shortcut by finding this rare and valuable Flying Type Dou Technique.

Xiao Yan slowly let out a long breath as he held the black scroll in his hand. He forcefully suppressed the happiness in him before waving his hand at the Fairy Doctor.

“I know. This goes to you right?” Having observed Xiao Yan’s action, the Fairy Doctor understood his intention and helplessly nodded.

“Haha, everyone takes what they require.” Xiao Yan grinned. His acquisitions today had almost caused his face to be paralysed from smiling.

“There’s still one more. Let’s hurry. We will leave once we open it.” the Fairy Doctor shifted her gaze to the last stone box and urged.

“Hum.” With his two acquisitions, Xiao Yan’s body was full of energy. He held the last key that was not used and prepared to open the stone box.

The spacious room once again became quiet. Just as Xiao Yan bent his body and was about to open the box, he suddenly stiffened. He quickly turned around and his face suddenly became dark.

“Someone’s coming!”

“What?” Hearing the words, the Fairy Doctor was also shocked. An instant later, she shook her head: “That’s impossible. Only the two of us know about this place.”

“I have not misheard. There are quite a few people.” Xiao Yan looked at the Fairy Doctor with a terrible face. A coldness flashed in his eyes.

“You suspect that I have called these people over?”

Seeing Xiao Yan’s expression, anger erupted on the Fairy Doctor’s face. “Had I wanted to harm you, you would have died many times over.”

Seeing that the anger on the Fairy Doctor’s face appeared genuine, Xiao Yan pressed his eyebrows together and quickly turned around. He attempted to insert the key in his hand into the lock but in his anxiousness, he repeatedly failed to do so.

“Dammit!” Letting out a cry of anger, Xiao Yan grabbed the stone box with both hands in an attempt to lift it. Unfortunately, he found that the container was stuck onto the stone table.

“Stupid.” Xiao Yan once again scolded with an ashen face before slowly letting out a breath. In a cold voice, he said: “They are here.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the Little Doctor quickly directed her gaze towards the rock door. Her ears had also picked up the sound of footsteps approaching.

“Ke ke, Fairy Doctor. Thank you for leading the way. It seemed that the information we managed to get was true.”

Over ten figures slowly entered from the darkness outside the door while the familiar and pleased laughter echoed within the room.

“Mu Li!”

Upon hearing the voice, the Fairy Doctor immediately clenched her teeth tightly.

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